“Senator Kamala Harris of California is the one to watch.” (January 4, 2019)

From the 2019 Prediction Panel at the New York Open Center, hosted by Alan Steinfeld of New Realities, on January 4, 2019.

The full live-streamed event is available to watch on the New Realities YouTube Channel.

William Stickevers: Trump is a Lunar Eclipse baby.

Alan Steinfeld: A Lunar Eclipse baby?

WS: People born during a Lunar Eclipse have tremendous prowess and power. They don’t break easily; in fact, it’s almost impossible to break them. And here’s the thing that most astrologers are overlooking. Transiting Jupiter is going to be hitting that Lunar Eclipse point all this year. All this year, when everything is coming to a head. There will be a moment when you think Trump is down and out, but that’s not what Eclipse Babies do, People do. He’s been down and out in the ’90s, and he came back stronger than ever. So I really do see Trump playing some pivotal role. He’s not fading out, [and not] going away at all.

AS: Is he coming back in 2020?

WS: I believe his probability right now, because I don’t see Kamala Harris– now, based on what I’m seeing– it’s premature, don’t hold me on it totally– but if you put a gun to my head ‘who’s going to be the [Democratic] nominee?’  Kamala Harris. They want her. She is being positioned, and her chart shows the strongest overall political indicators.

AS: Former U.N…

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WS: Senator Kamala Harris of California is the one to watch. Democrat. But here’s the thing. Presidents don’t easily lose reelection. Seventy-two percent probability [that a president will be reelected]. If you want to play the [betting] markets, you have 72 percent chance of a president getting reelected. That is a fact. The question you need to ask is, is Trump’s probability 72%, 78%, 80%, 60%?  Or ZERO, like most people in the astrological community [continue to] say.

AS: But George H.W. Bush wasn’t reelected.

WS: Yes, agreed. But– well, first of all, George Bush, the first George Bush did not have the same type of chart that Trump has. Also, we had the Perot factor. The Perot factor really upset that election.

So, look, I’m not making a final prediction on this, because I look at these things a little differently. I don’t look at winner-take-all; I look at the Electoral College. That’s how you win elections, since 1800 on. Electoral College. That’s Constitution.  We don’t look at popular vote. Right now, Trump has about a 68-70 percent chance [of being reelected]. That could go down, it could go up. It’s about there.

I take a convergence of
historical probability,
looking at the current states,
looking at the current results
of the Midterm Election…

AS: What do you base that on? Just the reelection transits…

WS: Based on the transits, based on– I take a convergence of historical probability, looking at the current states, looking at the current results of the Midterm Election…  Look, the Republicans did not get devastated [in the 2018 Midterm Election]. The “great” Barack Obama, the eighth greatest President of all time, according to presidential ranking polls — hah — basically, he got demolished, he got a shellacking, he lost 63 [seats] in the House. He lost the Senate and the House. Trump got nowhere near that and they claim Trump was defeated, the Republicans were pulverized. But the Republican base is just as strong as it was two years ago. So here’s the fact.

The facts are, Trump’s probability of getting reelected is as good as any other president who got elected in recent history.

AS: And the Mueller factor?

WS: The Mueller factor. There will be nothing impeachable. Yes, they will find this, there will be revelations. Some of this may never even come out. I mean, it’s up to the Judiciary to even declassify that. But, the particular things stated in the Constitution that gets a president impeached and removed from office does not fall within the spectrum of what is emerging, or has been emerging from the Mueller investigation.

William Stickevers is an astrological consultant, hypnotist, life coach, and business strategist, advising clients from 28 countries for over three decades with strategy and insight to live a more fulfilled life according to their soul’s code and calling.

A trends forecaster, William’s annual global forecasts are backed by a deep study of economies, geopolitics, archetypal cosmology, and modern astrological forecasting techniques. William’s predictions for the outcome of the U.S. Midterm and Presidential Elections are well documented on his blog.

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William has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, The Unexplained with Howard Hughes, Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes and JV Johnson, The Jerry Wills Show, and Alan Steinfeld’s New Realities. An international speaker, William has lectured at the New York Open Center, Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), two Funai Media events in Tokyo, Japan, the United Astrology Conference (2018), for the National Center for Geocosmic Research (NYC, Long Island, New Jersey, San Francisco chapters), American Federation of Astrologers (Los Angeles), the Astrological Society of Connecticut, the San Francisco Astrological Society, and in Europe (Munich, Germany and Bucharest, Romania) and Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama).

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