America at War: An Astrological Perspective (pub. September 15, 2001)

America at War: An Astrological Perspective

by William Stickevers & Tracy E. Heston
September 15, 2001
8:00 pm EDT
New York, NY

This article originally appeared on William Stickevers’ website.

9-11 Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center in New York City

This article is an examination of the astrological elements behind the attack that occurred against the United States of America on Tuesday, September 11, 2001, in New York City and Washington D.C.

Based on the analysis discussed below, the following is a list of predictions generated from the astrological analysis of transits and profections of several charts: the natal charts of the United States of America, and President George W. Bush, the inauguration of George W. Bush, the attack on the World Trade Center and the next new and full moons.

  • Evidence pointing to multinational involvement in the attacks, specifically Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and possibly Iraq.
  • Bush and Congress declare a formal declaration of “war” on the fundamentalist militants and specific national sponsors of terrorism.
  • Large scale protest in the Arab world from ongoing U.S. military operations.
  • Financial markets tumble and require assistance from the Federal Reserve to avoid a full-blown recession.
  • Military action escalates into a full-scale air and ground deployment of troops in Afghanistan and possibly Iraq and Iran.
  • Terrorists continue to attempt to execute assaults in the United States.
  • The end of New York as the primary center of America’s Financial Institution and the beginning of a slow dispersion of the financial, banking, and trading institutions across the country.
  • The possibly of American troops is struck by chemical or biological warfare (weapons of mass destruction) in mid-February 2002.

Referencing first the United States of America Sibley Horoscope, it is noted that the Ascendant/ Descendant axis lies at 12° 21′ Sagittarius and Gemini. Transiting Pluto has stationed direct at 12° 38′, within 26 minutes of arc of the United States ascendant at 13°10′ Sagittarius. Transiting Saturn, which recently completed the first of three oppositions to Pluto on August 5, 2001, is now transiting the United State’s 7th house of open enemies. (Note on Monday, August 6, 2001, when the financial markets in the United States opened, they immediately dropped significantly in value and have continued to sink lower). On September 26, 2001, Saturn will retrograde at 14° 58′ Gemini and will begin applying for the second time to the United States Descendant. The third pass will take place on May 25, 2002.

  • Note: Sibly, an 18th-century British astrologer, published the first known horoscope of the U.S. for 10:00 PM GMT which equals 5:00 PM, LMT, the time of 10:10 PM has been rectified by several other astrologers in the 20th century, notably Dane Rudhyar who proposed an inception time of 5:13:55 pm, LMT in Philadelphia, which puts 13Sag10 on the ascendant, just 2′ from the MC of 13Sag12 drawn on Ebenezer Sibly’s horoscope.

The attack and destruction of the World Trade Center that took place on September 11, 2001, which is at the heart of the world’s financial system, is a manifestation of the wrath and cathartic forces of Pluto/Saturn. The intelligence gathered during the past several since the attack occurred strongly suggests that it was carried out by terrorist forces under the control of Osama Bin Laden and had been in the works for well over a year. Additionally, this specific attack is only the worst in a string of attacks that began in 1993 when the World Trade Center was initially attacked. Transiting Pluto has been traversing the 12th house of the nation’s horoscope for the past decade. Pluto is quite at home in the 12th house, where it can orchestrate profound changes in secret. Transiting Pluto, the modern ruler of the 12th house, crossing the Ascendant of the United States horoscope suggests that there will be more shattering revelations to come.

It also suggests that one of those shattering revelations could very well be negligence on the part of the various intelligence agencies – FBI, CIA, and NSA (government agencies are ruled by the 12th house in the horoscope of a nation), led to the attack. It has been learned two men of Arabic origin, strongly suspected of piloting at least one of the planes, had been enrolled in flight school in Florida since the summer of 2000. Furthermore, the relationship between the CIA and Osama Bin Laden began many years ago when his organization, begun in the 1980s, the MAK, received large amounts of capital from the CIA to assist Bin Laden and the Afghan rebels in their war with the USSR (foreign government operatives are also governed by the 12th House).

Clearly, the predominant transits to the United States chart are the Pluto/Saturn opposition lying on the ascendant/descendant axis. However, there are several other transit hits occurring.

The stock market, under the rulership of the 5th House, has been closed down. Mars, the ruler of the 5th, is receiving a trine from transiting Uranus suggesting sudden and unexpected events that will redirect the markets. The headquarters of some of the largest and most important brokerage and financial houses were hit directly during the attack, and the landscape of New York’s financial district has been forever changed. As we write this article, the twin towers of the World Trade Center and adjacent building 5, have been completely destroyed. The headquarters of American Express located one block away may tumble along with 2 Liberty Plaza. This a significant blow to the operating capacities of the companies located in those buildings. Although the stock market is scheduled to open on Monday, the logistics of trading have been further hampered by the proximity of the NASDAQ and American Stock Exchange to the attack site.

As a consequence, these companies will likely be forced to relocate at least in part, outside of New York City. Furthermore, transiting Uranus will be conjunct with the nation’s Radix Moon in April 2002. Using derivative Houses, the Moon is the ruler of the 8th House, 4th from the 5th, representing the home of our stock markets. Coupled with the events of this week, it suggests that the families of many of our market-related businesses and institutions will be permanently changed. There are other ramifications to Uranus conjunct Moon that will be discussed later in this article.

It is also noted that Jupiter at 13 degrees of Cancer is poised on the cusp of the 8th House and applying to a conjunction to the United States Sun, ruler of the Ninth House (representing foreign countries). On the positive side, this may denote that we can expect an influx of “other people’s resources” i.e. political and other forms of support, from foreign countries as a result of the attacks. During the writing of the article, news organizations are reporting that the heads of NATO, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, and other countries have offered their support to the United States in the form of fly over rights and military assistance.

Transiting Uranus, at 22 degrees of Aquarius retrograde, is sitting on the cusp of the 3rd House, suggests an unexpected and shocking breakdown of our communication and transportation systems. As this article is being written, the FAA is instituting stringent new security procedures for all airports and airlines. Uranus is due to make its third and last pass over the US 3rd House Cusp in December of this year just as Jupiter makes a second pass over the 8th House Cusp, suggesting a repeat of this week’s events at least in some respects. The transiting Pluto and Saturn occupying the mutable signs of Sagittarius and Gemini, respectively, also add credence to the idea that there will be numerous manifestations of these aspect patterns.

There are several other transit hits to the U.S. Chart on the day of the attacks, which should be noted. Transiting Neptune is conjunct the U.S. South Node, suggesting that these events have strong karmic roots. Transiting Mercury conjuncts radix Saturn, indicating a message is delivered to the country, and lastly, transiting Mars makes an opposition to radix Venus, ruler of the 10th, 11th, and 6th houses promising that the affairs governed by those Houses will also be profoundly affected by the attack.

Transits to the Natal Chart of George W. Bush on the Day of the Attack

Looking at the bi-wheel below we note immediately transiting Uranus is opposing radix Venus, ruler of the 4th House, indicating sudden disruptive events to the President’s direct relationship to his home (White House), or his family (the populace of the United States). At its most mundane level, this transit signifies a sudden and shocking event affecting one’s land – damage to buildings, a sudden need for repairs, etc. Transiting Jupiter applying to a conjunction to the President’s radix Sun suggests that he will have the exuberance, confidence, and energy to effectively deal with the challenges brought about by this attack. Transiting Saturn is making an applying conjunction to radix Uranus, suggesting that the President will be forced to confront powerful external forces that will coerce him to take on long-range projects of considerable difficulty and requiring great concentrated effort. Transiting Neptune applying to a conjunction to the President’s radix, Descendant suggests underhanded deception from an enemy who is elusive and difficult to define. Any direct confrontation with an enemy during this transit is likely to produce events that are completely unexpected and difficult to unsort. In a military conflict, it is likely that the enemy is will employ underhanded tactics that could hurt the President’s ability to achieve his military objectives.

Now we will take a look at the Astro*Carto*Graphy of the natal chart of President George W. Bush in order to determine which countries and areas of the Globe will predominate in this matter.


Astro*Carto*Graphy map of G.W. Bush natal chart

G.W. Bush A*C*G World Map

The obvious candidate topping the list likely to harbor and aid terrorists here in Afghanistan, although Iraq is a close second. This is supported astrologically in Bush’s natal Astro*Carto*Graphy map. Bush’s radix Mars Midheaven line, a reliable indicator of areas of military action in past presidential administrations, runs directly through Afghanistan where terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden is said to be operating. Bush’s natal Astro*Carto*Graphy radix Pluto MC Line runs through Iraq and his Uranus/Neptune Astro Locality line is within 111 miles of Baghdad,d and 51 Miles of Tehra,n indicating that his administration is highly susceptible to being drawn into covert power plays due to politico-religious fanaticism.

Based on these astrological indicators, it is likely that the evidence will point to the fact that Afghanistan, Iraq, and possibly Iran participated in aiding the attackers. By the logic of this proposed hypothesis and the Bush administration policy of responsibility, the United States could find itself in a state of war with any of the above-mentioned countries. This would be a war the United States could win in a conventional sense, however, the central question over the next several days for the Bush administration and the Joint Chiefs of Staff will be if is it in the national interest to wage war against any of these countries.

Additionally, how should the military wage an effective war, through economic sanctions and building international coalitions, classic cruise missiles, and air attacks, or through conventional ground intervention?

As these questions are being addressed and answered by the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs over the next several days, during the next 2 week,s Mars in Capricorn will be making an applying opposition to Jupiter in Cance,r both making an exact 2nd harmonic hit to Bush’s radix Sun. The Bush Administration will likely direct its energies defining the attackers, building an international coalition, and employ the use of CIA Directorate of Operations and U.S. Special Operations Command — combining intelligence gathering capabilities from throughout the intelligence community but using covert operations as the primary means of implementing a military response.

The new Moon on the 17th of September at 6:27 am EDT in Washington D.C. will be squaring Chiron with Saturn and Pluto conjunct the MC/IC axis. The international crisis will intensify, as there will likely be an official statement verifying the identity of the nations that harbored or aided the attackers. On the 21st and 22nd, Venus, Mercury, and Pluto will be conjunct by declination semi-square Saturn through the 25th. The Bush administration will be fighting a battle on both the domestic and international fronts. This configuration will also reveal bad economic news and corporate earnings and create financial uncertainty invoking a strong market sell-off. This market sell-off will cause the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates even further in order to restore American confidence and prevent a full-blown recession from occurring.

Shortly before the full Moon on October 2nd at 9:48 a.m. EDT Washington D.C., the Bush administration and Congress are likely to formally declare war on the fundamentalist militants and specific national sponsors of terrorism. On October 14th the Sun will be conjunct Mercury and square Mars. The nation will be eager to wreak vengeance and that retaliation will no doubt be of comparable magnitude to the nation’s mood. The Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff will obtain the necessary authorization from the House and the Senate during this time to allow the President to launch a broad but unconventional military attack on the terrorist groups and countries responsible for the attack. It is likely that the military will begin with a series of massive, powerful, and devastating surgical air and missile strikes employing highly classified sophisticated weapons. This will be followed by sustained air and ground operations once in-theater basing for extended operations has been established. The initial destruction to the enemy will be swift, and thorough. The Presidents Astro*Carto*Graphy Mercury MC and Pluto MC lines run through the middle east so there will likely be a series of massive protests from the Arab world concerning the use of military force and destruction caused by ongoing American military operations.

The George Bush Administration Inauguration Chart Next we will reference the horoscope of the inauguration of George W. Bush, (representative of the current administration) (Jan 20, 2001, 12:02:43 pm, U.S. Capitol Building, Placidus House system). This chart has many significant placements and aspects, which have been discussed at length by many astrologers. First, Radix Mars is in its own sign of Scorpio and enjoys angular placement in the 7th House conjunct the Descendant. This is an assertive Mars and promises that the current Bush administration will at some point, become involved in a dramatic and powerful projection of its military power abroad.

The 7th House placement (the House of open enemies) further suggests that the use of power would be in response to a military attack from a subversive force such as a rogue government and/or terrorist organization. Mars is accidentally debilitated by opposition to radix Saturn (ruler of the 9th, 10th, and 11th Houses) in Taurus in the 1st House, suggesting the development of a severe politico-military conflict that would likely escalate into a full-scale protracted armed conflict. Also, radix Mars is squared by radix Mercury and radix Uranus in Aquarius in the 10th House. This suggests that military action is likely to be decisive and swift to employ the use of advanced technology. As suggested earlier by the transit of Pluto over the Nation’s Ascendant, there is a strong possibility that the existence of highly classified weapons will be revealed. We will likely see the use of highly unconventional aircraft, missals, lasers, and other advanced weaponry.

The morning following the attack the President used the word “war” and stated clearly that any nation that harbored or aided the attackers would be regarded as an enemy of the United States. The question of course was when such a state of war would begin. Clearly, the Saturn/ Pluto transit to the 1st and 7th House angles has set the stage for the conflicts suggested by the chart of the inauguration.

Profecting the Inauguration Chart

Using a Medieval technique known as Profection, we can identify future dates of importance to the current Administration. Knowing the exact length of the life of the Bush Administration- 4 years, we can calculate exactly how long it will take for each planet to take a complete trip around the wheel and return to its Radix position. The Administration will last from January 20, 2001, until January 20, 2005, or 1461 days. Accordingly, each planet will direct forward .2464 degrees each day for the next 1461 days in order to travel 360 degrees during the length of the administration. Using this method has yielded some exciting results.

On March 2, 2001, the 42nd day of the administration, Vice President Dick Cheney began experiencing chest pains and on March 5th, 2001, the 45th day suffered his fifth heart attack. As a result, doctors implanted a pacemaker in his chest. Using the method described above, we multiply 42 by .2464, and we arrive at 10.34 degrees. By profection, the following aspects occur: directed Ascendant conjuncts radix Saturn, directed Neptune conjuncts radix, Mercury, directed Pluto conjuncts radix Chiron, directed Midheaven conjuncts, Radix Neptune, Directed Descendant (Ruler of the Vice President) opposes Radix Saturn, directed Nodes Trine and Sextile Saturn. The Neptune Midheaven and Neptune Mercury aspects suggest that there may have been deceit involved. Most likely, the true extents of Cheney’s health problems were significantly downplayed to the public. It is worth noting a large number of planets and angles are separated by roughly ten degrees. Given the large number of aspects, which completed on or around that day, we may, in the future, discover that several other significant events and decisions took place on that date.

The next significant event in the Bush Administration was the defection from the Republican Party of Vermont Senator Jeffords on May 24, 2001, the 115th day of the Administration. Jeffords’ defection ended the 50-50 party divide and resulting deadlock in the Senate and thereby ended the Republican’s control of the Senate. After that, it was much more difficult for the Bush administration to push through their initiatives, and their strategy had to be revised.

By profection, on May 24, 2001, the radix planets are directed forward by 28 degrees 20 seconds of arc. Looking now at the aspects completed by profection for May 24, 2001, we find the following: profected Mars Conjunct Pluto, denoting an upset in the balance of power, directed Uranus conjunct radix, Venus, intercepted ruler of the 11th house which has rulership over the Senate creating an unexpected change in the balance of power. Additionally, directed Moon conjuncts radix South Node.

We will now look at the date of the attack on the World Trade Center, September 11, 2001, the 224th day of the Bush Administration. By profection the planets and angles move forward by 55 degrees 20′ of Arc, completing the following aspects: profected Jupiter reached 26 degrees 23′ to conjunct the IC, and oppose MC, which represents our Country; profected Uranus reached 14 degrees of Aries trine radix Pluto, and profected Venus reached 12 degrees 56′ Taurus within orb of a conjunction to the radix Ascendant. Oddly, these aspects are traditionally thought of as positive. Jupiter conjunct the IC seems to have brought our country together in unity. Venus on the Ascendant has made the world look at our Country in a more favorable light.

Looking forward by profection, we will now look for other dates in the future that should prove to be significant. The angular Saturn Mars opposition in the Inauguration chart is an ominous aspect, so we will look at that one first. We can expect that when profected Mars reaches a square to radix Saturn, significant events will likely occur. Using our calculation described above, we find that profected Mars will reach 24 degrees 05 minutes of Aquarius on February 21, 2002, the 397th day of the administration.

Directing the planets forward by 97 degrees 48 minutes (397 x .2426) degrees we have the following profected aspects complete: profected Mars (24 degrees Aquarius) square radix Saturn, profected Chiron (1 Degree Aries) conjunct radix Part of Fortune, profected Neptune (13 Degrees Taurus) conjunct radix Ascendant, profected Mercury (23 degrees Taurus) conjunct radix Saturn, profected Venus (25 degrees Gemini) oppose radix Chiron.

Mars-Saturn aspects are traditionally associated with martial activity, strife, and intense armed conflict. Profected Mars in the 10th house suggests a high level of military directives from the nation’s leadership. The profected square to Saturn indicates an effective deployment of force that is likely to have a visible impact. We could also say that it is possible during this period in time is the apex of the armed conflict that will likely ensue in early October, as discussed above. Also, February 21, 2001, profected Neptune will be conjunct with the radix Inauguration Ascendant. Having Neptune in this position can be quite ominous. In this particular scenario, it could mean several things: our ground forces are attacked by chemical or biological agents, an attack via poisonous gas, or an attempt to deploy a large-scale viral epidemic within our borders. It is also likely that the administration could be deceived by various foreign intelligence sources that could misdirect the overall military strategy.

Transits to the Nations Chart for February 21, 2002

We will now look at the transit to the Nations chart for February 21, 2002. We note the following transits: transiting Jupiter conjunct Radix Jupiter (a Jupiter Return), transiting Mercury conjunct Radix South Node, transiting Saturn conjunct Radix Uranus (the second of three passes) transiting Uranus applying to a conjunction to Radix Moon (1 degree and 53 minutes away). It is further noted that the Moons last aspect will be a trine to Uranus.

First, we see that the nation will be in the midst of a Jupiter return, traditionally considered a fortunate aspect indicative of a new cycle of growth and development. There could be sudden positive developments in the nation’s outlook, its economy, and military initiatives abroad. However given the profected Neptune Ascendant contact discussed above, there is a real danger of the military enlarging the scope of its operations, leaving itself vulnerable to underhanded tactics from the enemy. This is supported by the fact that Jupiter is retrograde, out of bounds at 23 26′ degrees of declination, inconjunct by Mercury, and opposed by Chiron. Adding weight to the possibility that the nation’s leadership could make erroneous decisions overlooking any elements that do not pertain to its expanded military mission.

The transiting Mercury at 6 degrees of Aquarius conjunct the Radix South Node is also ominous. Remember that on the day of the World Trade Center attack, transiting Neptune was conjunct with the Radix South Node of the Nations Chart, denoting there are Karmic forces at work. Further, the transiting South Node is inconjunct radix Mercury, intercepted ruler of the 9th House, which has rulership of foreign countries, and ruler of the Descendant, which has rulership over our open enemies. In Horary Astrology, any planet occupying the same degree of the Nodes, especially if it forms an aspect, has ominous and karmic implications. In this instance, transiting South Node trines Transiting Mars and transiting North Node sextiles transiting Mars.

We will now look at the transits to the Natal chart of George W. Bush for confirmation that there will be significant activity on February 21, 2002. We note the following transits: Transiting Mars conjunct Radix Midheaven (and oppose the IC), transiting Sun ingressing the 8th House, transiting Saturn ingressing the 11th House, Transiting Mercury and Neptune straddling radix Descendant, transiting Neptune applying to an opposition to Radix Pluto and Radix Mercury, Neptune inconjunct Radix Mars, intercepted ruler of the 4th House, which has rulership over the Presidents Country, and ruler of the Midheaven, and transiting Pluto Sextile Radix Jupiter.

Clearly, given transiting Mars’ placement directly on the MC and opposing the IC, in its own sign of Aires, which has Rulership over the Presidents Country, there are suggestions here that the President will be involved in Martian activity in defense of his country on or about February 21, 2001.

The opposition of transiting Neptune radix Mercury is unfortunate. It may manifest by handicapping the President’s ability to think clearly and may increase his chances of being deceived. This is strengthened by the fact that Mercury is the ruler of his second and third houses, the 2nd house ruling his sense of self, and the 3rd, of course, ruling communications. Perhaps he will receive communications that are intended to confuse him and inhibit his ability to respond effectively.

By directing all of the Radix planets in the Inauguration chart we have arrived at the following remaining dates, which will likely prove to be significant:

October 9, 2001, 252nd Day:

  • Profected Pluto conjunct Radix Mercury (damage to transportation systems and further disruptions to the Market)
  • Profected Moon conjunct Radix Uranus (displacement of home base)
  • Profected South Node conjunct Radix Venus, ruler of Ascendant and 6th House
  • Profected Sun conjunct Radix Part of Fortune Profected Saturn conjunct Radix IC. Traditionally a sad day. May denote an event that will bring hardship to the Country. This may also denote that drastic measures are taken to protect our borders. Security may be further tightened at this time.

October 21, 2001, 264th Day

  • Profected Pluto conjunct radix Uranus suggesting powerful and sweeping developments in the international community.

November 11, 2001, 285th Day

  • Profected Mars conjuncts Radix Mid Heaven suggesting an escalation of military operations with great vigor.

November 28, 2001, 302nd Day

  • Profected Mars conjuncts Radix Neptune suggesting a defiant response from the Arab world

February 2, 2002, 378th Day

  • Profected Mars conjunct Radix Uranus suggesting the use of highly sophisticated weapons of mass destruction.

May 24, 2002, 490th Day

  • Profected Mars conjuncts radix Venus:
  • Profected South Node Conjuncts radix Ascendant
  • Profected North Node conjuncts radix Descendant
  • Profected Mercury Oppose Radix Moon, ruler of the 3rd and 4th Houses

Additionally, on May 24, 2002, transiting Saturn and Pluto complete their third opposition to each other. In the chart of the United States, transiting Uranus will have conjunct the radix moon, transiting Mercury conjunct Uranus, and transiting Mars trines radix Moon.

Expect the Markets to once again be disrupted.

Note that Pluto sits on the cusp of the 3rd House, which has rulership over transportation.  Uranus is retrograde on the cusp of the 5th House causing a major disruption to the financial markets. The moon is void of course, which suggests that unraveling the disaster will be a daunting task. Mercury on the descendant is representative of a message received in a mercurial way: via an airplane. Saturn, the ruler of the 5th House, is opposed by transiting Pluto. Most importantly Mars is exalted in Capricorn insuring any warlike attack carried out at this time is effective. Furthermore, Mars is the ruler of the 7th House of open enemies.

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