2009 Predictions: Obama Administration

These predictions were originally posted on my website www.williamstickevers.com on January 10 and February 19, 2009.  The paraphrased comment by Catherine Austin Fitts was posted on February 8, 2009.

Obama Administration

  • President-Elect Obama will offer a stimulus package to states and cities around the nation are already slashing budgets and services as the deepening economic downturn dramatically shrinks their coffers. (Jan. 10, 2009) 

  • The Obama administration will be operating in a state of crisis, managing an empire that is now in a rapid state of decline. (Jan. 10, 2009) 

  • The Obama administration will make massive government reforms in both domestic and foreign policy and purge old outdated government programs. (Jan. 10, 2009) 

  • The Obama administration will institute a bank holiday followed by a nationalization of troubled banking and lending institutions to restore confidence in the economy and ensure liquidity in the credit market. (Jan. 10, 2009) 

  • The Obama administration will disclose that nation’s critical infrastructure related to manufacturing and production of goods and services asР’В obsolete and dysfunctional due to decades of inadequate investment and maintenance, and propose a large-scale infrastructure upgrade project for the nation. (Jan. 10, 2009) 

  • The $775 billion economic recovery plan laid out by the Obama administration will not be sufficient to restore the health of the U.S. economy. (Jan. 10, 2009)
    NOTE: Financial advisor Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner during the Bush “41” administration, briefly commented on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory on February 6th 2009 on the news that the U.S. Senate is slated to vote early next week (week of Feb. 9) on an economic stimulus package totaling at least $780 billion to prevent the economy from sinking into a deeper recession. She suggested the impetus to push through a package so quickly had much to do with the economic meltdown in California. “If that [municipal] system breaks down, then control top down gets lost,” Fitts warned, adding that she does not think the stimulus plan will have a big effect. (Feb. 8, 2009)


  • There will be a extraordinary increase of UFO activity on a global level that will prompt an official change in U.S. government policy of ridicule and debunking to openness, enquiry, and scientific investigation concerning the extraterrestrial presence. (Feb. 19, 2009)

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