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GTA Members have said…

"Accurate mundane astrology that isn't biased or super woke. Also really excellent predictions about the financial markets. Watching these webinars helps me to improve my own mundane astrology skills as I do pick up some odds-and-ends with the techniques William uses throughout."

-Heather Eland, GTA Member, May 2023

"Your amazing insight proved invaluable for us during this crazy time."

-Sonya, GTA Member, March 2021

"What I get from GTA that I can't find anywhere else: deep dive of mundane astrology combined with actual knowledge of geopolitics and the market."

-Patrick Doty, GTA Member, May 2023

"William’s presentations on mundane astrology have broadened my view and comprehension of astrology, history, and geopolitics in a vast way. Someone (WS) willing to go against the dominant paradigm and 'tell it like it is', few others do that. It’s hard to emphasize how rare this is."

-Finnska, GTA Member, May 2023

We prioritize clear interpretation and precise forecasting,
ensuring our insights are both accurate and enlightening.

We resist blindly following the mainstream media narrative,
choosing instead to uncover the truths that lie beneath surface-level reporting.

We tell it like it is, guided by the celestial wisdom of the cosmos
that transcends conventional perspectives.

An excerpt from a GTA Webinar:

Global Transformation Astrology (GTA) Membership

Astrological Analysis that doesn't blindly repeat the mainstream media narrative. that doesn't follow a political party line. for independent thinkers.

Ready to transcend mainstream astrological narratives and gain clarity?
Join us at Global Transformation Astrology (GTA) and unlock the cosmos’s true insights.
Navigate your world with clarity and confidence. Take the first step today.

GTA Members have said…

"GTA provides thorough detail information combined with William's exceptional knowledge of astrology. You can't get this anywhere else."

-Robyn M., GTA Member, January 2022

"The GTA content provides me with insights not delivered from any other source. I am able to relate the information to my life and create strategies to implement as I move forward."

-Maija E., GTA Member, January 2022

"GTA is constantly helping me see the big picture, the big cycles, the outer planet transits to understand the global macro environment, as I have clients who seek portfolio allocation advice from me. Very few astrologers are good or know much about financial astrology, that is why I came to GTA."

-Ron K., GTA Member, January 2022

To truly thrive, individuals need a clearer lens on the world’s events—a lens free from bias and broadened by genuine astrological understanding. 

In today’s astrological landscape, there’s a heavy tilt towards basic sun signs and simple astrological analysis of world events. These often eclipse the depth and richness that predictive and geopolitical astrology can offer. This shift overlooks tools and mundane astrological analysis that could be crucial for discerning choices in our professional, financial, and personal worlds.

At Global Transformation Astrology (GTA), we champion a deeper cosmic insight, sidestepping the cookie-cutter narratives echoed by major media players. It’s not about what’s trendy; it’s about what the astrological indicators are shouting.

To truly thrive, individuals need a clearer lens on the world’s events—a lens free from bias and broadened by genuine astrological understanding. The GTA Membership is for those who hunger for this deeper insight. We prioritize clear interpretation and precise forecasting, ensuring our members can navigate life’s complexities with confidence.

Remember, in these changing times, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

GTA Members have said…

"GTA has helped me understand more of how the astrology plays into current events or rather how it sets the stage for events to play out, with unbiased and thorough analysis of current and future events."

-GTA Member, January 2022

"GTA helps me understand what may be going on in world events and gives warnings, with frank and understandable information backed by astrology... the real world wording of explanations help understand the astrology, even though I don't know much about astrology!"

-Bruce, GTA Member, January 2022

"The depth and variety of well tested methods has increased my proficiency in astrology. In addition, Mr Stickevers has amazingly detailed and a well researched data base. GTA provides the most proven accurate mundane and economic predictions that you can't get anywhere else."

-Marilyn, GTA Member, January 2022

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About William Stickevers

A master astrologer providing in-depth, global astrological insights to help individuals navigate their world

  • 30+ years combining astrology & counseling
  • 85% Accuracy Track Record for the Predicting Over 460 Races in the U.S. General and Midterm Elections since 2008
  • Consulting for business, investing, and personal development in Europe, Asia, and South America
  • 1000s of clients internationally, in 29+ countries
  • Featured guest on radio shows & podcasts with tens of millions of listeners
  • More about William


Navigate Today’s Complex World with Confidence Through Astrological Insight

In an era where uncertainty prevails, the GTA Membership emerges as a beacon of guidance. By viewing the world’s ever-changing narrative through the lens of astrology and examining the timeless archetypal forces manifesting on the world stage, we equip GTA Members with the essential tools to not only endure but excel in their endeavors, whether in business, finance, or everyday life.

Time is of the essence in these turbulent times, and every moment holds significance.

Don’t wait to get a clearer understanding of your path. Embrace the insights provided by the GTA Membership today, and take the next step toward an enlightened future.

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