Webinars to Be Informed About Geopolitics
and Macroconomics and Thrive

Detailed Commentary Backed By Astrological Expertise and a Deep Study of Real World Data
Non-Astrologers Welcome

Global Outlook 2023

Geopolitical and Macroeconomic Trends That Will Shape 2023 and Affect Your Business, Finances, and Life

Research and Analysis Synthesized with a Mundane and Archetypal Astrological Perspective

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Regulus Financial Astrology Quarterly Forecasts

Sophisticated Astrological Analysis and Assessment to Anticipate of Future Trends To Make More Informed Investment and Financial Decisions

The Astrology of the Fatima Prophecy and the Russia-Ukraine Crisis Webinar

The Fatima Prophecies and the compelling astrological correlations between the three prophecies and the current Russia-Ukraine crisis, as well as what the mundane astrological indicators augur going forward.

The Astrology of E.T. Disclosure

In this webinar, we discuss the prospect of E.T. Disclosure and the clandestine nature of government secrecy and policies of denial, lies, and deception. We also discuss the current astrological mundane portents that augur the possibility of E.T. Disclosure within the current geopolitical landscape as well its possible impact on the collective and the course of human civilization. We will also address the "consciousness" and the paranormal aspects of this E.T. phenomenon to understanding this complex subject along with its implications for humanity’s future development.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction 2020 Webinar

Get informed about Key Geopolitical and Economic Developments over the next 20 years so you can make Better Long-Term Decisions with Increased Clarity, a Broader Perspective, and a Deeper Understanding of the upcoming Dramatic Transition and Global Reset of Civilization

Webinar description and registration coming soon. Stay tuned.

Geopolitical Financial Crisis 2020

PART 1: Rise of the Red Dragon: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap? PART 2: The Coming Global Crash and Financial Reset

Webinar description and registration coming soon. Stay tuned.

Great American Eclipse 2017

Total Solar Eclipse Effect on Society and Geopolitics and much, much more.

Webinar description and registration coming soon. Stay tuned.

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