2009 Predictions: 2008 Minnesota Senate Election Outcome

This prediction was originally posted on my website www.williamstickevers.com on Januray 1, 2009.

Minnesota Senate Election 2008

  • Former Saturday Night Live actor and comedian Al Franken will emerge victorious over Senator Norm Coleman from the protracted Minnesota recount. (Jan. 01, 2009)

NOTE (04/10/09): The absentee votes that the three-judge election panel ruled as legal were counted yesterday and Al Franken‘s lead expanded from 225 votes to 312 votes. At this point, Norm Coleman has virtually no chance of winning the election contest. Coleman is likely to appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court and probably to the U.S. Supreme Court if he loses that one. Now the question is whether the Minnesota Supreme Court will order the governor and Secretary of State to sign the certificate certifying the election and how they respond to such an order if it happens.

2 thoughts on “2009 Predictions: 2008 Minnesota Senate Election Outcome”

  1. Gerald W Guenther

    I was born and raised on a Minnesota farm. Fifty years ago I moved to Illinois to attend college. I’ve been in Illinois continuously ever since then, but Minnesota is still in me. I’m a Gofers fan and a Vikings fan for life. I also have very liberal leanings politically, and I’ll be pleased as punch when Minnesota finally has it’s Senator Franken finally seated. Pack it in, Coleman. It’s over.

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