Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Convergence 2020

An excerpt from the Global Transformation Astrology webinar on October 3, 2019.

Transcript edited for print.

So we have here this conjunction I talked about, the 1285 conjunction that heralded the beginning of the end of the medieval age and the end of the Chinese and Mongol empires that were expanding — the sudden and unexpected collapse of those empires and the beginning of the collapse of the various different caliphates that were operative during that time in the Middle East. So just keep in mind that at the time, it wasn’t Europe. Europe was a bunch of struggling city-states that were certainly secondary or tertiary players compared to the Abbisad Caliphate and the Mongol Empire and Chinese Empire that existed during those periods.

Seeding Period for a Massive Geopolitical Reconfiguration

It was the collapse of those empires during this period– this was the seeding period that resulted in a massive geopolitical repolarization and reconfiguration with the rise of the European city-states that would eventually become nation-states about the time of the Renaissance, the emergence of the Scientific Revolution, and the Age of Discovery. This seeding period began here during this 1285 triple conjunction.

Now, we have that same conjunction occurring here. The triple conjunction in itself will happen around approximately mid-January, January 15th, 2020. But we can see here, looking at this horoscope, the Aries Ingress (the beginning of the astrological New Year) begins on March 20th-21st when the Sun ingresses at the 0 Aries point on the World Point. You’ll see a quadruple conjunction, Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto all in very tight conjunction between 22 and 29 degrees of Capricorn.

So what we’re seeing here is the convergence of titanic forces, and these forces are very similar to what drove the dynamics in the late 1930s and unlike any period since. And these three forces in particular have to do with the wealth and political gaps that are now pervasive and systemic through every nation on the planet, the limited ability for the world’s central banks to stimulate the economy in an event of an economic downturn where the central banks are essentially losing control of the global economy, and the rising power of China challenging the existing world power of the United States.

What we’re seeing here is
the convergence of titanic
forces …very similar to
what drove the dynamics
in the late 1930s and
unlike any period since. 

Renewal, Regeneration, Awareness, and Transformation

I talked about the positive side to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto – the unceasing impulse towards renewal and regeneration, the awareness of the growth promoting value of painful experiences or setbacks, a recognition of the positive side of adversity and suffering for some form of transformation followed by transcendence to occur.

However, there is a very powerful negative side.

Shadow Element of Saturn-Pluto

There is a shadow element to this conjunction, and the nature of Saturn-Pluto in itself is not an easy one for most people to accept. Jupiter has very much to do with philosophy, with a world view or a philosophical approach. So what we’ll see here with this Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction, that will be operative. And remember, folks, it is coming into place now. It is formulating; it is within very tight orb. In mundane astrology we use much larger orbs and we look at those larger orbs, and anything within 10 degrees that is culminating is already in effect.

So what we’re going to see is a philosophical justification for ruthless pursuits and hard and ruthless ambition where the ends justify the means. This will happen on both sides of the spectrum. This is going to happen with the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the Democrats and the Republicans. It’s going to happen where there’s going to be a philosophical justification for ruthless, hardened, ambitious pursuits where the ends will justify the means.

The ethic of the survival of the fittest, the desire to raise one at the expense of others is going to prevail at this time. And this is going to play out not only within this country, but it’s going to play out with the European Union in regards the British exit. It’s going to play itself out with how China and the United States are playing their political chess moves with each other. And we’re seeing here a systematic and calculating opportunism that is going to be pervasive and systemic in the body politic of not only the U.S., which we’re seeing now with the impeachment or the so-called impeachment process — there’s still no impeachment yet, by the way, let’s get that straight — and the state of being dominated. There’s a state of being dominated by inner energies and at the same time that we see this systematic calculating opportunism for ruthless pursuit where the ends justify the means and the survival of the fittest is the end game. Then we’re also going to see at the same time a breakdown of the fractional reserve system, the fiat money system or the fiat currency system, fractional reserve banking system, fractional reserve lending system. And we will also see the constricting effects of the mechanistic materialistic scientific worldview on humanity and human evolution begin to break down as well.

There Will Be Revelations

There will be revelations — revelations within industry where the breakdown of the mechanistic materialistic means of production and economy will begin to break down and go through a transformation. The constricting effects of the mechanistic materialistic scientific worldview will begin to break down based on new revelations and breakthroughs. A breakdown on what we believe how humanity actually came into being. I believe there will be revelations that will destroy the whole premise of evolution as we have been taught to understand it in our primary and secondary education.

So we’re going to see that play out. Also there’s going to be an awareness of the greed and aggression as civilization destroyers. People are aware of this now, but it’s going to become blatant where greed is not our friend, aggression has its limits. And the greed and aggression that has been so pervasive and systemic for the 20th century, the fallout from that is going to come up very strongly. So we’ll see the breakdown of the materialistic compensation in modern life is wholly inadequate for the soul.

We’ll see more suicides, we’ll see more people having more near-death and attempted suicides, or suicides especially in the Baby Boomers population where they believe that materialistic compensation for the type of modern life that they were duped into living is going to fall short. They’re not going to have that retirement they were planning. We’ll see the beginning collapse of the investment, the traditional establishment systems. All of this is going to happen.

So there’s going to be an unceasing impulse to renewal and regeneration, a stupendous need to be disciplined in service to this vast evolutionary wave. And it’s very important here to keep your perspective that what is happening now is unprecedented in history. Unprecedented.

So let’s go into the particulars real quick…


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