Will the Scots Vote for Independence?

Will the Scots Vote for Independence?
Question Understood by Horary Astrologer at 9/17/2014 at 1:23 pm PDT in San Francisco.


British Oddsmakers “futures market” data shows that the Union “No” Vote currently has a 64% chance of winning on Thursday, while the Independent “Yes” Vote has a modest 20% chance. Therefore, the Union “No” Vote is favored and assigned to the 1st House, and the Independent “Yes” Vote is the underdog and assigned to the 7th House.

The Moon rules the remaining Undecided voters, and the 10th House is the prize: the outcome of the Independence vote. Before we proceed with judgement, let’s list our Contest Horary Rules of Engagement:

Testimonies for the Favorite – Union “No” Vote

Jupiter weakly place in the 8th House –
Jupiter has weakly dignified by Face +
Jupiter in reception with Venus –
Ruler of the 10th House by Term +
Jupiter in applying square with Saturn –
Jupiter in applying trine to Uranus +
Jupiter in applying sextile to the North Node+

Testimonies for the Underdog – Independent “Yes” Vote

Mercury strongly placed in the 10th House +
Mercury dignified by Term +
Mercury in reception with Venus –
Ruler of the 10th House by Dignity and Term +
Mercury Rules the Day +
Moon Last Aspect is a Square to Mercury –

Testimonies for the Undecided “Scottish Referendum” Voters

Moon Dignified by Sign +
Moon’s Motion is Slow –
Moon weakly placed in the 8th House –
Moon Conjunct the Fixed Star Sirius +
Moon’s Next Applying Aspect is to Venus – ruler of the 10th House
Moon will square the North Node –
Moon’s Last Applying Aspect is the Mercury – ruler of the Underdog

Testimonies for the Election – the 10th House


The contest horary testimonies indicate that the Union “No” Vote is losing strength and the 5% remaining undecideds could swing it either way with just hours to go before polls open on Thursday at 0600 GMT.

The Moon, which rules the undecided voters, is in Cancer – in a very fertile and feminine sign; women ages 16 to 28 will be the key voting demographic group. The Moon makes an aspect by sextile to the ruler of the 10th House, and translates the light to Mercury – ruler of the Underdog by square – indicating that the remaining 5% that are undecided could potentially swing the vote to the Independence “Yes” Vote.  Since the Moon is well dignified on conjunct a beneficial fixed star, expect the voter turn-out to break records.

However the Moon’s last aspect is a square to Mercury, a testimony that augurs that victory is still out of reach for the Independent “Yes” voters.


Extremely Close “No” Vote Outcome.

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  1. I live in Scotland and voted Yes in 2014. I’m reading this article 5 years later and I’m astounded by the accuracy of this interpretation. I would be very interested your Brexit chart reading. Good work.

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