US Betting Odds Favor A Clinton Presidency in 2017

Looks like Vegas Oddsmakers have been very busy as of late on the upcoming Presidential Race in 2016. Seems oddsmakers are much more optimistic of Hillary Clinton’s political future in 2016 than they are of Jeb and the rest of the GOP wannabe’s. Now the the question is what do they know that we don’t that makes the great Hillary such a early favorite?

US Politics Betting

Could it be someone in Vegas has deep-state connections with America’s Advanced Oligarchy and knows no matter what goes down with the economy in the forth coming months ahead,  Hillary Clinton will be the star of the upcoming presidential reality T.V. show?

Commentary: From my perceptive there’s no discernible difference left between Democrats and Republicans, other than in spin language that is pre-polled and pre-cooked for the sole purpose of faking the concept of elections. What once was a proud American democracy has been turned into a more civilized version of professional wrestling that rolls into town every four years, where the candidates pretend to fight each other with over the top issues, but sleep in the same bed once the reality T.V. show is over and the audience has gone home.

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