Romney vs. Obama: Who will win North Carolina?

North Carolina: Democrats regard North Carolina as so important to the president’s reelection that they are holding their national convention there this summer. However, Romney has moved out to an eight-point lead over Obama in the Tar Heel State.  However, according to Intrade, the worlds largest prediction market, Romney has a 56% chance of winning North Carolina, with the President having 39% chance respectively.

So what does astrology say about the presidents prospects of winning the Tar Heel State in November?

North Carolina: Romney vs. Obama?

Romney is the Favorite – 1st House: Mercury Obama is the Underdog – 7the House: Jupiter Electoral College Delegates – 10th House: Mercury The North Carolina Electorate – The Moon

Romney: Ruler of the 1st House Under the Sunbeams: Weakening condition for the favorite.

Ruler of the of the 1st House rules the 10th House: Strengthens the condition for the Favorite.

Ruler of the 1 House Conjuncts Jupiter the “Great Benefic”: Almost assures the Favorite wins.

The Moon Conjuncts the Ruler of the 1st House: The Favorite Easily Wins.

Obama: Ruler of the 7th House is Combust: Certain Defeat of the Underdog.

Conclusion: Romney will decisively win the Tar Heel State come the General Election in November.

1 thought on “Romney vs. Obama: Who will win North Carolina?”

  1. Who will win North Carolina? The only viable answer to this question is: Ron Paul. Romney is only the “presumptive” GOP nominee, and he is that only because the corrupt RNC is breaking its own rules and Federal law by supporting and promoting a single candidate (Romney) while another candidate (Ron Paul ) is still in the race.

    This very blog addressed and analyzed the Ron Paul/Mitt Romney contest way back in January when the Iowa Caucus has yet to take place. It was as apparent in the astrology surrounding that event as it was in the polls leading up to the Iowa Caucus: Paul was positioned to win. Even the lamestream pressitutes knew it; they were lost for words.

    Then, following the Iowa Caucus, when this inevitable outcome was unfolding behind the scenes, and Ron Paul’s numbers threatened to beat out Romney’s and Santorum’s, all hell broke loose. First Romney was announced the winner; weeks later, it was determined that Santorum won. The entire GOP election cycle ever since has been a smoke and mirrors pony show in state after state. Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon. . . you name it! Across the country, time and time again, election integrity has been met with lies, cheating, and shenanigans in order to prop up Romney as the presumptive nominee.

    GOP/Romney thugs have broken Ron Paul supporters bones at state conventions; duly elected Ron Paul delegates have been disqualified from their positions without cause, Romney cronies who were not running as delegates have been appointed (not elected) to serve, Romney operatives have stolen and removed ballots from the state convention premises; elected Ron Paul officials have been falsely arrested for trespassing upon convention grounds, walls have been moved to physically force Ron Paul supporters out of convention areas; lights have been turned off ahead of time, and convention meetings have been adjourned prematurely in order to force Ron Paul supporters out of the election process. Meanwhile, the five bought and sold media companies that control everything being feds and “news” to people fail as dishonorably at reporting any of this as they fail to cover the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement.

    “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” It’s a game of monkey see, monkey do.

    Anyone who has managed to ween themselves away from the BS entertainment that is sold to us as television news and has been following instead the unfoldment of real-life events via alternative media sources knows that the RNC has not been playing with a full deck. The fat lady has yet to sing at the Tampa national convention on August 27 – 31, 2012. The GOP presidential nominee has yet to be announced, and it’s NOT going to be without a fight.

    Still, the game ain’t over til it’s over. Who will win in North Carolina remains to be seen until the chips fall as they may, and we know who will be running for president in North Carolina. Right now, my only bet on Romney is to bet that he will NOT be the GOP nominee. Stick around. More will be revealed.

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