Prelude to WW3 Europe?

An excerpt from the GTA Member Webinar on April 15, 2022.
Transcript edited for print.

So Russia decided that taking out Kiev is really not going to do too much other than take down the government and destroy morale. Most of the incoming Javelin missiles and all of these exotic state-of-the-art weapons systems to Ukraine that are coming from NATO is actually being pushed through Dnipro and into this Izium area, and from Dnipro down into this Mariupol region of Ukraine where their forces are. 

So the Russian military is now taking out Kharkiv and they’re moving down into Izium, and then moving to Dnipro and moving their forces up where they’re going to basically besiege.

This works exactly in accordance to what I’ve been saying all along

If we look at the astrolocality map, you could see that the Mars-Saturn Conjunction is moving in accordance, that Mars-Saturn Conjunction over Kiev. You could see how they rerouted their forces back down into here and are going to implement the first phase of this military campaign with the main goal of liberation of Donbas, where a good chunk of the Ukrainian army is currently at.

Astrolocality Map. Mars-Saturn Conjunction over Kiev.

So we see that Mars-Saturn line going straight through the Kharkiv-Dnipro-Mariupol region of Ukraine, where the current military engagement has been. 

Now, I do have some ideas of what’s going to happen next, but I want to wait until we get closer to the eclipse to make forecasts. In the next GTA Membership presentation I’ll go into the eclipse, it’s going to be a deep dive into the eclipse. Not just in terms of what it’s doing to Ukraine, but also in terms of what it’s doing to the world, especially because we have that larger Jupiter-Neptune alignment.

Jupiter-Neptune and the April 30 Eclipse

So there’s a lot of commentary online about the Jupiter-Neptune on Facebook, etc., That’s all well and nice. But the real Jupiter-Neptune effect is coming to a theater near you, especially in Europe, especially in Ukraine, and especially for the rest of the world when the eclipse comes. 

If you have a large planetary alignment within 30 days of either side of an eclipse, especially just prior, that’s when the eclipse energy will powerfully expose the meaning purpose of that archetypal planetary matrix.

That’s why I wasn’t so big on what’s going to happen in mid-April. I knew that we’d be seeing it more in late April, in May. We’re going to see it with the markets. We’re going to see it with what’s going to happen next — it’s a prelude to what’s coming next. 

This April 30th eclipse is very much connected to the Solar Eclipse path of October 22nd, 2022, in a sense that when you see this April 30th eclipse hitting this chart here on Uranus in the chart of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, we also note that the upcoming eclipse in October will be right on the midheaven of this Russian Invasion of Ukraine horoscope.

Bi-Wheel Chart: 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine and April 30th 2022 Solar Partial Eclipse

So these eclipses are all very much connected together. 

And what I’ve been looking at here is especially what that October 22nd Solar Eclipse will mean in relevance to the Ukraine chart. And here’s the eclipse path for October 22nd, 2022. You can note here, all of Europe and Russia get lit up by the eclipse path.

Eclipse Path for the October 22, 2022 Partial Solar Eclipse

And notice that the eclipse is most visible as we get deeper into Russia where borders with Siberia. The eclipse path goes from Iceland, brings in all of the European countries, Middle Eastern countries, goes into the Eurasian area all the way down into India.

Massive Disruptions of All Types – DEFCON Level Conflicts Map

So I believe we’re going to see massive, massive disruptions of all types, especially with the fact that we see looking at this world conflict map using the DEFCON levels. Where are most of the conflicts occurring, whether they’re involved in a war, currently in a civil war or heavy conflict, moderate conflict, light conflict. 

In this region here, look what’s being lit up. That’s all going to go from yellow, orange to red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red. Right. And that’s not just military.

Supply Chain Disruptions – Dependence on Goods from the War Zone

What we’re talking about here is supply chain. I’ve been talking about the Saturn-Uranus being the supply chain disrupter for COVID, but we also have a bigger supply chain disruption happening: the supply chain dependence on goods from the war zone. 

Just as the supply chain issues caused by the pandemic was starting to ease up a bit and the stock market came back and happy days are here again, right? The next crisis, the Ukraine War presented itself and the war in Ukraine is making clear that large parts of the world dependent on Russia, Ukraine and Belarus for basic necessities such as food, energy and other commodities is going to come to a head.

Global Supply Chain

Europe depends on Russia, Ukraine and Belarus for its energy imports, but also for some chemical oilseeds, iron and steel, fertilizers, wood, palladium and nickel, amongst others. The energy dependency is a vulnerability. Now that Russia is demanding ruble payments for its exports, it is unlikely that Europe would be able to replace Russian natural gas in the short term, whereas most of the Russian oil and solid fossil fuels could be replaced by the United States. The United States exports more oil than anyone, and yet there’s no discussion thus far about Europe depending on the United States for its oil.

So besides energy goods, disrupting the supply of neon gas. Neon gas is a big one, folks. If you understand how to make tech chips, China cannot make tech chips, Taiwan cannot make tech chips without neon gas. A majority of neon gas comes from Ukraine. That’s right. If you want to make chips, you need neon gas.

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