Mitt Romney vs. Newt Gingrich: 2012 GOP Nomination Political Horary

Its 33 day from the Iowa Caucus and barring another unexpected resurrection of another GOP candidate, the GOP nomination will come down to Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. “From the beginning, the race for the GOP nomination has been between Mitt Romney and I’m not Mitt Romney,” according to Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports. “Currently, Gingrich is the leading alternative, and it remains to be seen if he is more than the flavor of the month. One thing in his favor is that Romney and Gingrich are the only candidates generally seen as qualified to be president by a solid majority of primary voters. Intrade, a futures market that harnesses the competitive passions in a way that becomes a reliable leading indicator of upcoming events, suggest the former Governor Romney has as 50% probability of becoming the Republican nominee with Newt Gingrich at 35% respectively. However, Gingrich now leads Romney by 0.6 points in the RCP Average Poll. Gingrich also leads in polling for the Iowa caucuses, and is, closing in on Romney in New Hampshire. So the question many pundits have is Gingrich the latest “flavor of the week” before the Republicans finally embrace Romney once and for all, or will GOP voters of four small quirky states (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida) throw some Gingrich sand into the gears of Romney’s well-oiled political machine before Super Tuesday – Feb. 7th?

Horary Question: Mitt Romney vs. Newt Gingrich: Which candidate will likely prevail to win the Republican Nomination in 2012?

The Favorite – Mitt Romney: Ruler of the 1st House.
The Underdog – Newt Gingrich: Ruler of the 7th House.
The Prize – the GOP Nomination – 10th House.
The Electorate – the GOP Electorate – The Moon.

In this figure Aquarius is rising, therefore Saturn rules the 1st House of the Romney campaign. Leo is on the 7th House Cusp; therefore the Sun rules the Gingrich campaign. Romney’s ruler Saturn is exalted in Libra a testimony that Romney is most favored by the GOP elite and is also a testament his strong debate performances to date, and his well-funded and tightly run campaign that continues to stay on message and polling well against the President among registered voters. However, Romney’s ruler Saturn is placed in the malefic 8th House and intercepted and indicator that his campaign has begun to lose traction and in a state of crisis, most likely due to failing to recognize his strongest GOP foe – Gingrich, until it is too late to stop his current momentum.

Gingrich’s ruler the Sun is only slightly dignified by triplicate and term, a testimony that shows that although he may not a favorite of the GOP establishment, he maintains a favorable sentiment among portions of it. However, the Sun is strongly placed in the 10th house, an indication of recent his surge into the lead in both national and early-state polls. However the Sun applies by square to Mars, ruler of the 10th House, and damaging testimony that indicates a problematic campaign ( his campaign nearly imploded in June), that lacks the strength and substantial campaign infrastructure to win a long-standing primary fight.

Neptune placement in the 1st House is problematic for the former Massachusetts Governor as it illustrates Romney as an extremely vulnerable primary candidate, and it has been only the political ineptitude of his opponents that resulted in their dramatic and swift decline (Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and now Herman Cain) that has allowed him to achieve and maintain his front-runner status. Neptune rules ideology, and its position here in the 1st House indicates that Romney, a centrist by temperament (Saturn in Libra) who has of late adopted a conservative agenda that is incongruent with his political track record. However Romney’s signficator – Saturn, is making an applying trine to Neptune. A favorable aspect that thate augurs well for his well-oiled campaign machine and indicates his potential to appeal to more moderate and Independent voters.  (Romney makes it a referendum on Obama; Gingrich makes it a choice). The Saturn-Neptune trine will also provide his campiagn with the necessary political discipline and resilience necessary to win long-drawn-out primary battle.

The Sun being in Sagittarius receives Jupiter – the universal ruler of the Republican Party. The Moon’s first aspect is a sextile with Jupiter, which will boost Gingrich’s prospect as the inevitable GOP nominee. However the Moon’s makes opposes to malefic Mars which occupies the 7th House of the Gingrich campaign, an adverse testimony that shows the propensity for the former House speaker to miscalculate, with voters (the Moon) by shooting himself in the foot.  The horary testimonies, is that Gingrich has his own set of vulnerabilities which are more characterlogical, than ideological (as in Romney’s case) which is for the present time an overlooked factor that could significantly undermine his campaign.

Conclusion: The testimonies in the horary indicate that both Republican candidates are significantly flawed front-runners, who are contesting an immensely complex and historically important election. Barring another economic crisis, foreign policy disaster, or political scandal, or the emergence of a viable Third Party candidate, President Obama wins. And if he does, he will take the country to a place from which it will not be able to return.

Projected GOP Winner: Mitt Romney


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