Analysis of the State of the 2012 Electoral College Race: Obama vs. Romney.

With less then 30 days before Election Day, Mitt Romney has sized the momentum by breathing new life into his campaign as a result of last week’s Presidential debate. The Rasmussen Swing State Daily Tracking Poll of the 11 battleground states won by President Obama in 2008 that are considered to be competitive in 2012 that hold 146 Electoral Collage votes which include Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

The 11 swing state report for October 7th, 2012 shows that the President ears 49% support to Mitt Romney’s 47%, with 1% preferring another candidate, and with 3% still undecided. According to Intrade, the world’s largest prediction market, Obama has a 66% chance of winning re-election, with Romney at a modest 33% probability of being elected. Therefore Obama is  the overwhelming favorite in the race and Romney the underdog.

To date, this closest the race has been seen September 29th with the GOP challenger gaining ground in the polls and the President losing it since Romney’s decisive debate win on Wednesday October 6th. Therefore the political “contest” horary question what is “Swing State Daily Tracking Snapshot – October 7, 2012: Obama 49%, vs. Romney 47%?” Horary question asked by the astrologer upon receiving the poll data upon its release on October 7th, 2012 at 7:00 pm EDT, New York, N.Y.


1st House – “the favorite”: The Obama Campaign
7th House – “the underdog”: The Romney Campaign
10th House – “the prize”: The Electoral College Votes from the 11 Swing States.
The Moon – “the electorate”: The voters from the 11 Swing States.

In the horoscope, we have a consideration before judgment present with the Ascendant is near the sign boundary with 0 degree of Taurus rising, a testimony that indicates it is still too early to render judgment on a winner in this political contest as there are still unforeseen developments to occur in this race that will impinge on the outcome. However, we can still gain insight into the state of the presidential race since a horary represents an informational discharge of energy at the moment the question on the basis of the Hermetic dictum, “Hermetic dictum “As above, as every now and again so below“.

The 1st House of the Obama Campaign is ruled by Venus. Venus is of neutral strength being placed in the 5th house but lacks composite dignity – peregrine and in the sign of her Fall – Virgo, testimonies that indicate that the foundation of Obama’s campaign is not as strong as they once seemed. Also the South Node occupies that 1st House, a harmful testimony that indicates shows that the President  is no longer “on message” and losing momentum.

The 7th House of the Romney Campaign is ruled by Mars. Mars is strongly placed in the his own domicile, the 7th House and in reception by ruler-face with Mercury, testimonies of a sharper, more coherent candidate then the caricature of a “one dimensional politician who’s out of touch with mainstream America” that the mainstream media and the Obama campaign has portrayed him as.

Mars’ next applying aspect is to Neptune, a troubling testimony that signifies that Romney must improve his “empathy index” – proving to voters that really he cares about the real issues and struggles of the average American, and something he must overcome to make a clear Obama victory in November unlikely.

However, Mars’ next aspect is to Uranus by trine, an auspicious augury indicating that his campaign is likely to begin to crack open the “Obama Firewall” that the President’s campaign team had effectively built, blocking Romney from getting to a 270-vote majority in the Electoral College. This will most likely manifest with Romney attempting to project a larger vision to the electorate to make up for the stature gap and articulate to voters why he would be a better President.

Mercury which is the universal ruler of the media, advertising, political pundits, predictions markets and the polling organizations, occupies the 7th House or Romney’s campaign and makes a sextile to benefic Venus and Pluto, testimonies that show that Romney’s media strategy will improve and will seize the moment an begin to make sharper footage for his ads based on the recent Presidential debate.

Also, Romney will begin to outspend Obama in the T.V. and radio advertising in the key swing states that are polling within the 4% margin of error, and thus improve his prospects of winning in states that Obama is slightly ahead but vulnerable in such as Wisconsin and Iowa.

Saturn which rules the 10th House of the Electoral College makes an exact conjunction the 7th House cusp, a very positive testimony for the Underdog – Romney that greatly favor an “Electoral College Vote” advantage despite all evidence by the various polling agencies to the contrary.

With Venus – Obama’s ruler sextiling Pluto we can expect a much stronger and impassioned debate performance from the President that will help his campaign recover from the previous debate. However, the Moon – which rules the electorate in the 11 swing states, is dignified in her sign and has neutral strength being place in the cadent 3rd House, testimonies of average voter-turnout on Election Day. However, the Moon makes an applying square with the Sun, universal ruler of the President, a problematic testimony for the Obama campaign – a testimony that his Electoral College firewall may be crumbling.

The Electoral Collage Map below is based on the latest political “contest” horary snapshots of the 11 key swing states that are in play. This map will be updated shortly after the scheduled Presidential debate on  Oct. 16 in New York and Oct. 22 in Florida.


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