2nd Presidential Debate Verdict: Not A Game Changer For Obama

Although President Obama and Governor Romney scored points with each other in last night’s presidential debate, it did nothing to reshape the race. Although  Democratic voters  may find reason to celebrate based on the results of the CNN  poll showing split decision on debate, with Obama  (46%) vs. Romney (39%), the poll (along with the CBS News poll with a 37%-30% margin, that also indicated that Obama won the showdown) was released during a Void-Of-Course Moon, indicating the results of the survey will have NO IMPACT on changing the dynamics of the race.

Conclusion: Obama may have lifted Democratic morale but did not do enough to arrest the crisis and thwart Romney’s growing momentum.

CNN Debate Poll Released: August 16th, 2012 at 11:46 pm EDT, Hempstead New York.

2 thoughts on “2nd Presidential Debate Verdict: Not A Game Changer For Obama”

  1. Hi William – unfortunately I have to disagree with you on this one – The release of the polls themselves may have no effect but that does not make their results invalid. Since the polls were conducted immediately following the debates their collection of data was done before the VOC commenced. So the data is valid. What the VOC means, I believe, is that the actual publication of results will have no effect. That is not a surprise since everyone knows that there is another debate to come. Right now, if we were to view this as a best of three series, they are tied at one apiece – the third then becomes the decider.
    VOC, btw, is a great time to mail tax returns, answer questions when you want the questioning to end etc.
    Martin Stock

    1. Martin,

      I never said the poll results were invalid. I said that the poll would have no impact on the state of the race and not galvanize Obama’s troubled campaign that has been losing ground in 9 key swing states.

      Thank you for your commentary.


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