2014 Louisiana Senate Race – Cassidy vs. Landrieu: December 6th Runoff

2014 Louisiana Senate Race – Cassidy (R) vs. Landrieu (D)*


Senator Mary Landrieu actually edged out GOP Representative Bill Cassidy on Election Day, 42%-41% percent, a difference of just over 16,000 votes. But Tea Party candidate Rob Maness, who finished with 14% of the vote, is campaigning for Cassidy now. Although the Louisiana Senator is now considered the Underdog according to oddsmakers, Landrieu claims she has a path to victory in her Dec. 6 runoff. However, her GOP Opponent is so confident he has the race in hand that he’s only agreed to debate Landrieu once, instead of the six encounters Landrieu wants. So the political contest horary question is, despite the odds and the recent GOP mid-term election victories:

“Does Mary Landrieu have a prayer?”

Based the horary testimonies the answer is a resounding NO!

The testimonies of the political contest horary snapshot, taken November 16th, 2014 at 07:36 pm PST in San Francisco, CA,  point to a decisive victory for the GOP on December 6th.

Cassidy Campaign – The Favorite: 1st House
Landrieu Campaign – The Underdog: 7th House
U.S. Senate Seat – The Prize: 10th House
The Moon: The Lousisana Electorate and remaining Undecided Voters

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