[VIDEO Part 2] Solar Ingress 2016 and the Presidential Election


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Part 2:
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Read my January 26, 2016 prediction on the GOP nomination.


Part 2

So with the solar ingress chart we get a really good idea of what is on the horizon.  And when you look at the 2016 ingress chart you notice that we have an eclipse that occurs very close to the time of the Jupiter-Saturn Square. 

In mundane astrology, the Jupiter-Saturn Square has very much to do with “bread and butter” issues.  It has to do with job equality, economy, job growth, unemployment. It has to do with those things that are very much in play now among blue collar workers that are now defecting in droves from the Democratic Party and voting for Trump. 

Also, there is a certain amount of blue collar voters who will vote for Sanders but there are just as many, if not more, voting for Trump, especially in the Rust Belt area of the country.  And this is becoming a major, major issue simply because the Democrats really don’t have (or at least the establishment Democrats) an adequate response for this development.

So it’s something that astrologers need to factor in because that voter anger is increasing due to the slowing economy and many Democrats fear that Trump’s appeal to the working class voters can make him a formidable opponent in the general election. 

Based on this trend, I believe what we are going to see is a massive, massive outpouring like we’ve never seen before at these Trump rallies.  Also, we’re going to continue to see much bigger turnout by the demographics of people that could be defined as working class heroes.  Actually, it’s much more like we are seeing the working class tragedy that is now in play with this election.

And this is something that the establishment elite for both the Republican and Democratic Parties and their chosen candidates don’t have a sound strategy to deal with.

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  1. 2016 Aries Ingress with 3rd square of Jupiter to Saturn precedes the 2020 Capricorn Ingress conjunct Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction 0Aquarius, starting the the long series in Air signs.
    2020 Ingress will occur less than 2 months after the next US Presidential election in November 2020.
    New historical beginning for United States certainly, but also for the World of couse.

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