The Jupiter-Saturn Waning Square 2015 – 2016

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle can be aptly described by the following quote,

“Capital increases when the community produces more than it consumes. Capital decreases when the community consumes more than it produces.”

-Karl Marx

In mundane astrology, the fundamental Jupiter-Saturn archetypal dynamic in regards to national economies is capital formation and growth. There is a tendency for corporate revenue growth and stock market operating earnings to peak between a conjunction through the opposition phase of the cycle.

However, the fundamentals of capital and sound policies that spurred the economic growth during the conjunction are often ignored leading  to the mismanagement of capital and policies that discourage necessary reforms, or hard work during the waning 270 backward square (e.g. Too Big To Fail…).

This often leads to overcapacity and excess inventories, thus lowering production that leads to crisis

.Jupiter 90° Saturn Orb=0 08.03.2015

Historical Crises That Occurred During the 270 Backward Square:

1637: Tulip Mania High
1797: Recession – French Hostilities
1816: British Export Panic
1817: Post War Recession
1837: Land Panic
1857: Financial Panic of 1857
1896: Silver Depression
1995: Barings Collapse

Saturn-Jupiter 90 Backward Square Graph

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