Tonight, the Earth will slide directly between the moon and the sun, creating a total lunar eclipse. This first full moon of this New Year 2019 is also a “Super Blood Wolf Moon” since this full moon will look about 10% bigger than it usually does. These “Super Moons” happen because the moon’s orbit is an ellipse, not a perfect circle. Its distance from Earth can vary by about 10% as it travels around its elliptical orbit.

Native American tribes and early American colonists referred to January’s full moon as a “Wolf Moon,” due to the howls of wolves heard this time of year. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, full moon names have come from the Algonquin Native American tribe. The Algonquins thought that naming full moons would give the intent of the named active energy to each month. And the word “blood” refers to the deep red-orange color that total lunar eclipses can become when the Earth’s shadow completely covers the moon for about an hour.blood wolf moon eclipse jan 21 2019 horoscope

The Total Lunar Eclipse will begin its partial phase at 11:41 pm EST Sunday, January 20th. That’s when Earth’s blood shadow will begin to cover the Moon. Totality – when Earth’s shadow completely blankets the Moon – will occur at 12:03 am EST Monday, January 21st, when the Eclipse reaches its zenith at 0 degrees and 51 minutes of Leo, with the full moon passing through Earth’s darkest shadow. The Moon will exit the Total Eclipse 12:44 am EST, with the total duration being 62 minutes.


super blood wolf moon total lunar eclipse path map

Lunar eclipses last much longer than solar eclipses because the Earth casts a very large shadow relative to the smaller Moon and can be seen from anywhere on the night side of the Earth. The Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible in North and South America, as well as Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, and the French and Spanish coasts. Everyone living in those nations will be able to watch the entire lunar eclipse event wherever there are clear skies.

Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Astro*Carto*Graphy

The zenith of the Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse A*C*G Map line crosses North Eastern United States, within orb of both Washington, D.C, and New York. The Total Lunar Eclipse is in hard aspect to Uranus by square, indicating the intensification of willful political partisanship and unwillingness to cooperate and compromise in Washington.

super blood wolf moon total lunar eclipse acg map

The dispute between President Trump and the Democrats in Washington over the building of a $5.7 billion wall – “steel slates” over certain zones along the U.S.-Mexico border – has resulted in a partial government shutdown now in its 30th day. Trump, meanwhile, has threatened to declare a national emergency to bypass Congress and reallocate federal funds for the project if Democrats reject his offer of temporary protection for immigrants along with millions of dollars for humanitarian aid and drug detection technology.

The Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse indicates that government dysfunction will likely get worse with each major political party taking extreme positions. The hyperactive and pervasive manic mood in the body-politic of the nation will have a direct impact on the economy, making harder to be optimistic to believe that the nation is just going through a rough patch for the global order of things.

Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse and UK Referendum – Brexit

The Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse makes a direct hit on both the Ascendant of the “UK Referendum: Leave the EU” horoscope and to the United Kingdom’s natal Jupiter, mundane portents that augur an intensification of political uncertainty and greater unpredictability in resolving the acrimonious stalemate in regards to Brexit from the EU. With Britain’s Brexit stalemate deadlocked and EU leaders restating again that the withdrawal agreement won’t be renegotiated, the Eclipse augurs the real possibility of Britain leaving the EU with no deal – a scenario that will disrupt and possibly crash the British economy.

uk horoscope and super blood wolf moon eclipse horocope

Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse and the Markets

The Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse zenith line near New York indicates that that the Markets will no longer be able to ignore geopolitical events (like it was able to last year) as populism in the Eurozone will worsen in the coming months and the prospect of a hard Brexit occurs. The Lunar Eclipse hard aspect to Uranus indicates that the market volatility that was actively suppressed by the Federal Reserve will no longer be sustainable nor have the impetus to supplement Wall Street banks with fiscal stimulus and artificially suppressed interest rates.

The United Kingdom is the 5th largest economy in the world and the 4th largest export destination for American goods and services. If there is no Brexit deal, a weakened British pound would make U.S. goods more costly to buy in the U.K. As a result, U.S. farming and manufacturing sectors could be hit hardest, with the biggest exports including aircraft and machinery, as well as wine and beer, tree nuts, and live animals. Therefore, any so-called Wall Street market rally will be running in defiance of the underlying worsening fundamentals which are likely to “matter” sooner, rather than later.

Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse and the Yellow Vest Movement

The Yellow Vest Movement, the Gilets Jaunes and a Surprise Crisis in France, a political movement resulting in a nationwide protest in France over increases in the fuel tax by lower-middle-class French citizens who feel they are paying to much in taxes for what little they get back, started in France on November 17, 2018 at 12:01 am CET, when over 300,000 people across France protested rising fuel prices, the high cost of basic living expenses (due to hidden price inflation), claims that a disproportionate burden of the government’s tax reforms is falling on the working and middle classes, and a carbon tax on fuel that French President Emmanuel Macron touted as evidence of France’s leadership when it comes to mitigating climate change.

super blood wolf moon total lunar eclipse - yellow vest movement

The Yellow Vest protests quickly evolved into a general anti-government movement – with hundreds of thousands of angry working and middle-class French citizens taking to the streets for ten straight weeks of protests marked with pockets of violence, and mayhem. The emergence of the Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse direct hit to its Nodal axis and hard aspect to Uranus – the universal planetary ruler of political revolt, large-scale strikes, civil defiance, and protest, will likely galvanize the anti-government movement to go global as rising economic and social inequality, corporate influence over government across the globe.

Note: The Yellow Vest Global Insurrection Movement Will Not Be Televised




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  1. Françoise Moderne

    Thank you William for sending your analysis of the last Moon eclipse. As usual it’s rich and well documented. I read with interest your interpretations of the charts of Yellow Vests movement since I meet them often in driving . Have you made the chart of Emmanuel Macron? he was born on the 21st of December 1977 at Amiens (49N54 2E18) at 10h40 am. May be you did and i have not seen it. His Sun, Mercury and Ascendant are all occupying the last degree of their respective sign (29° Sagittarius and 29°Capricorn). In my humble opinion I would say he seems to be an old soul, but not “finished” enough to be a good politician.. Regards . Fançoise

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