5 Things You Must Understand If You Want To Make Sense of the World in 2019 – Even If It Upsets You

1. Trumpzilla

Love him or hate him, Trump is the Uranus-Pluto disruptive political agent of change driving the narrative of this transformational period of a collective death-rebirth process. He is not fading out or going away in this period as most astrologers continue to state, predict, and hope for.


2. UFO Disclosure Is Happening

The 72-year truth embargo of the E.T. presence on earth is breaking down. UFO Disclosure will radically change the establishment world view. It’s necessary to be open to Disclosure, even if it completely rattles your beliefs.

“There are no unnatural or supernatural phenomena,
only very large gaps in our knowledge of what is natural.”

-Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut


3. Bernie Sanders Won’t Be the Next President

The next Democratic nominee for the 2020 election will be a vetted Deep State operative to further the globalist agenda. Sanders is not one of them.



4. The Global Economy Never Recovered

No matter how many times President Obama said it did, the economy did not recover. We are on the verge of entering a new global depression that can’t be stopped.



5. The Fourth Industrial Revolution Wave Is Coming

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Wave, A.I., robotics, nanotechnology, smart devices, and the Internet of Things is going to radically transform the global culture faster than any political movement or ideology over the next few years.


“The truth will set you free,
but at first you will hate it.”

-Dr. Steven Greer



“I was amazed at the detailed content representing multiple areas of critical concern worldwide and
William’s ability to pull the threads together into an understandable presentation.”

-J.E., Global Outlook 2018 Webinar Attendee

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  1. Excellent post. You are right on with the upcoming issues and changes the world and our society will be facing. Thank you so much for your time putting this together and sharing it. Applause!!!

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