Spring Equinox March 20, 2019

According to traditional sources, when the Sun ingresses into 00°00’ Aries at the site of a nation’s capital city (on March 20th at 6:01 pm EDT, Washington D.C.), the horoscope provides a comprehensive image of the archetypal energies and potentials that will likely unfold and constellate on the world stage throughout the year.

Sun in Aries 2019

Astronomically speaking, the Vernal Equinox falls on March 19 or 20 every year, marking spring’s beginning in the Northern Hemisphere (whereas it announces fall’s arrival in the Southern Hemisphere). The equinox happens at the same moment worldwide, even if our clock times reflect a different time zone. At the Vernal Equinox, the Sun crosses the celestial equator on its way north along the ecliptic. All over the world, days and nights are approximately equal. The name equinox comes from Latin words which mean “equal night”—aequus (equal) and nox (night).

The Super Full Worm Moon

Traditionally, the Vernal Equinox signals the beginning of nature’s renewal in the Northern Hemisphere. Worms begin to emerge from the earth. Therefore the March Moon is traditionally called “The Full Worm Moon” for this reason.

February’s full moon – “The  Snow moon” – was a Supermoon, while January’s full moon –  “The Wolf Moon” – was not only a Supermoon, but also a Total Lunar Eclipse.  What makes the March Full Moon significant not only is it a Supermoon as well but that it occurs on the same evening as the Northern Hemisphere’s Spring Equinox occurs – where day and night are of the same duration – with the full illumination of the Moon taking place a few hours after the Equinox itself.

When this happens, the glowing face of the Moon will be in direct opposition to the Sun, which also happens to have entered Aries today. The Moon will also appear exceptionally brighter and larger-than-usual because it is a Supermoon position, being near its closest orbit to Earth.


Based on these portents, we can therefore expect 2019 to be a watershed year in which there will be “peak” intensity in the realm of geopolitics such as – escalating instability in North Africa an the Middle East, the breakdown of the post-World War II international order that enabled today’s political, economic, and security arrangements and institutions, activism in the United States around critical issues such as healthcare (as a directly result of Obamacare),  a rash surge in populism in Europe threatening the E.U. rule-of-law due to widening societal and class divisions as a result of pervasive income inequality and economic crises.

We can also so expect this year a surge in extreme weather such as a dramatic spike in powerful storms with heavy precipitation, damaging winds, dry electrical storms the spark fast-spreading wildfires, and much higher then normal moderate-to-severe seismic activity (including Richter 5+ earthquakes, tsunami and volcanic eruptions).

Geopolitical Forecast

The larger mundane portents in the Aires Ingress Horoscope augurs the continuing saga of the global power struggle between the political class and the general populace, as it continues to accelerate and intensify. For history often repeats because the passions and vices of humanity never change — just those in power, from one century to the next.

The constellating Uranus-Pluto/Saturn-Neptune/Jupiter-Saturn/Jupiter-Pluto Square alignments that in orb throughout this year, that is a prelude to the triple Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Alignment in January of 2020, makes it clear we are moving ever closer to absolute social/political/financial oppression as the Global Governance agenda continues to accelerate, that in turn will galvanize the collective (the 98.5% known as the silent majority) to get angry, demand change, organize and revolt.

What To Expect

Expect upsetting, traumatic, and even revolutionary revelations to follow from a new set of government whistle-blowers, from America’s national security complex, that will being to pose a serious threat to the current power structure of government, and will radicalize progressive “counter-government” forces across the nation.


From Fox News (May 18, 2017):

Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) said the “deep state” within the bureaucracy is trying to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency.

“The political process of the United States of America being under attack by intelligence agencies and individuals in those agencies,” said Wednesday night.

Kucinich said Americans must put party politics aside and acknowledge that the federal government is “under attack from within.”

“You have politicization of agencies that is resulting in leaks from anonymous, unknown people and the intention is to take down a president,” former Rep. Kucinich said. “Now, this is very dangerous to America. It’s a threat to our republic, it constitutes a clear and present danger to our way of life. So we have to be asking, what is the motive of these people? Who’s putting these leaks out? Why doesn’t somebody come forward and make a charge and put their name and reputation behind it, instead of attacking through the media and not substantiating their position?”

“Our first allegiance is to our country,” Kucinich said. “This isn’t about one president, this is about the political process of the United States of America is under attack by intelligence agencies and individuals in those agencies, yes, as you said there might be good people in there, but there are certain individuals who are lifers who want to be able to direct the policy of the country. And if the president stands in their way whether it’s a Democrat or Republican they’ll just try to run that person out.”


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3 thoughts on “Spring Equinox March 20, 2019”

  1. Another aspect of the aspects cited in your article, general, revolves around the breakdown in the Empire’s network of vassal and minion states. That is, her allies and slaves have entered the early stages of a revolt against the Empire’s control. She is the mighty tree whose limbs and roots will be severed. A lightning strike of her own devices will then burn her to the ground. Her fate is sealed. She has already lost the Great War. Her wealth and might will do her little good. God has begun the process of destroying the former and infecting the latter with the maladies that will render such feeble….

  2. January of 2020 will also include the beginning of a global rebellion against the Empire. News about wars will also begin to become more abundant, as will natural disasters. I hear volcanos rumbling and see soldiers guarding bridges and frontiers. They are on alert. Figures in capitols fret and scheme. The savages are getting restless. Riot duty again, dammit….

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