US Protests Spread to 1,000 Cities

Widening US protest rallies against the prevalence of top-level corruption, poverty, and social inequality in America, which began in September in New York, have now spread to more than 1,000 cities across the country. Rallies have spread from Freedom Plaza to McPherson Square, where “Occupy DC” is being staged by people that are younger and more grassroots.

The widescale US protest movement support a prediction I made in the summer of 2010 that reads as follows:  “Currently more  than 80%  of Americans see problems with America’s two-party system – with 31% believing  that it is seriously broken and that the nation needs a third party. This  figure, along with a fragile economy whose fiscal capacity  is all but maxed out, increases the prospect for social revolution as a  daunting possibility. The political fallout of the Cardinal Climax may be the  rise civil unrest, tax revolts, and large-scale protest and dissent. New York astrologer  Michael Lutin also believes civil dissent is inevitable, saying “expect the  American public to split and take sides between those who refuse to yield to  change and those who demand it.  Due to unabated economic decline, growing unemployment and  public dissatisfaction with where the nation is going, the Cardinal Climax could  signify the rise of  a potent grass-roots  reform movement throughout the U.S.  that will come from a demoralized citizenry who feel abandoned by their  government. This movement will demand major economic reforms, a restructuring  of the tax system, strive for state sovereignty, and fight to reverse the  concentration of wealth and power from a deeply entrenched and advanced oligarchy  that is composed of an elite ruling class (members of either the Council of  Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, or the Bilderberg Group), who  command industry, commerce and U.S. foreign policy and act as puppet masters  for both major political parties.”

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