U.S. Transformational Crisis 2015-16 [Part 2]

Continued from Part 1
Transcribed from “Mark The Rabbit Hole” with Mark Metheny on WithInsightsRadio.
(Airdate: July 31, 2015)

William: Again, this goes all the way back to what we initially started talking about: Pluto.  Fascism — the merger of private and corporate state operating as one functional unit for the benefit of both private parties and that basically is the oligarchy.  What America [has become] is a nation run by an advanced oligarchy that operates at the deepest levels of the national security complex and [controls] the fractional reserve lending system which we call the Federal Reserve.  Which by the way is not federal, nor a reserve, but essentially a private banking cartel whose stock owners and members are secret. That is the reality that most of us [astrologers] refuse to acknowledge.

Mark:  Agreed.  My favorite quote on that I’ve heard is “The Federal Reserve is as federal as Federal Express is.”  It’s a private corporation and I was trying to think back about who I voted for Federal Reserve chairman last time and I remembered, oh, we don’t get to vote on it.  (Laughs) Those are the scary ones you have to watch, these people who get appointed and you have no say whatsoever on the job these people do.  You know, to me, I consider the job of president to be similar to America’s Top Model; it’s just kind of a figurehead to be pretty up there in front of the public.  The people that concern me are these people who show up over and over again as the head of these large banks and financial institutions and as members of different presidents’ cabinets regardless of what party they are.  So I think those are where the real, I don’t want to say the real power structures, but higher up on the power totem than the people that we sort of-kind of-not really get to vote for.

William:  Exactly.  So what you’re basically saying is that we have an oligarchy.

Mark:  Yes.

William:  Yes, we have a private, elite group who has the power and the access to [control] all levels of government, of national industry, and capital finance, to ensure that they work [together] congruently to implement a [domestic] policy that we [the populace] are not aware of, and does not support [the values of] America’s middle class, or long-term American interests abroad, but rather serve transnational corporate interest.

Mark:  Totally agreed.

William:  And as a result of this [oligarchical rule], what I am seeing — and by the what I’m about to say is just not about money or the nation’s finances — is that the nation is on the verge of [social] revolution. True revolution, in where we are going to see a major upheaval with the [two major party system] body politic. Therefore, I believe all bets [based on the forecast of mainstream political pundits] are off after this fall with the [upcoming] 2016 election. Again, all bets are off!  Everyone at this point who says, yeah, it’s going to be Jeb, it’s going to be Hillary, it’s going to be this [establishment candidate], or it’s going to be that — nobody knows. Why? Because when certain events begin to play themselves out [on the world stage] in the forthcoming weeks and months ahead, I can assure you that much of the mechanisms of establishment politics, in the guise of another [well scripted] presidential TV reality show that’s been played out on us since World War II, will no longer work. For I believe we are seeing the nascent phase of a [growing] populist movement which will result in some populist leadership [in one or both parties] that will awaken the compulsive grassroots instincts (Pluto) throughout the nation-state. And as a result, I believe we are going to witness a collective power struggle when this occurs. So we’re going to see something play out that we haven’t seen played out in some way since the American Civil War. Ultimately we’re going to see a convergence and combination of a lot of things [that have been brewing within the nation’s collective unconscious] really start to happen.

Also, I believe the ongoing Uranus and Pluto complex — which by the way is still very active as it is still within close range of orb to each other — an escalation and acceleration of political grassroots movements that initiate and invoke massive sweeping reforms in nations’ political structure and financial system. At the same time, we will also possibly witness a near collapse of the United States. By the way, I’m not the only one who’s been saying this; there are a lot of European and especially Russian analysts, very bright Russian analysts who actually came here [shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union to start a new life] and speak in very intelligent and compelling ways that say the U.S. is in the first and second phase of the five stages of “empire collapse.”

In fact, many of them were actually writing this way [about the Soviet Union] in the mid-’80s when they were working for the Soviet government.  Let me make it clear that Gorbachev was well aware of the fact that the Soviet Union was in the second or third phase of collapse when he took power [in 1985]. The CIA [as we understand it today] was also well aware of that. Many of these very same people, who worked for the [Russian] intelligence agencies and now work for many American think tanks [that create government policy (like Brookings or RAND)], are saying the same thing about the U.S., and that is that we have gone from the first into the second phase of collapse.

Here are the five states of collapse. First, you have financial collapse. Then you begin to have political collapse. Then you have commercial collapse. This is followed by social collapse and then the fifth collapse, hmmm…I don’t remember it off-hand but I believe it’s something like cultural collapse. Regardless, the first phase is what happened in 2007-2009, and now we are seeing a major breakdown in the partisan political system [in 2014-2016]. Because for the first time, we have more people that are registered Independent or do not affiliate with either party. And, with the way that trend is going, that number will surpass the combined level of [registered] Democrat and Republican voters by 2020.

The 5 States of Empire Collapse:
1. Financial Collapse: faith in “business as usual” is lost. Financial institutions become insolvent; savings are wiped out, and access to capital is lost.
2. Political Collapse: faith that “the government will take care of you” is lost. Government officials attempts to mitigate the widespread financial deleveraging by the middle-class fail to make a difference that results in the political establishment losing its unquestioned legitimacy.
3. Commercial Collapse: faith that “the market shall provide” is lost. Money become devalued through deflation and becomes scarce. As a result, commodities are hoarded, retail chains break down, and the beginning of shortages of basic necessities become the norm.
4. Social Collapse: faith that “your people will take care of you” is lost, as social institutions, be they Church or other charity groups rush in to fill the power vacuum of depleting resources and capital.
5: Cultural Collapse: faith in the goodness of humanity is lost, as families disband to find scarce resources.

Mark:  Yeah, and some of the stuff may sound scary to people but — this is going to sound wrong but — to me, I’m all for things collapsing.  I think the system is so corrupt and so beyond fixing at this point that I think these things need to collapse.  And just real quick, I had an interesting subject that came up at my monthly class a couple weeks ago, and we were talking about the upcoming election.  And what’s interesting is that transiting Saturn will be opposed to the Mars in the U.S. chart which is at 21 Gemini.  So, Saturn takes 28 years to go through the zodiac, every seven years Saturn is going to square where it was previously, and so we looked back at the U.S. chart and to where Saturn had made these previous squares every seven years.  So next year Saturn will square the U.S. Mars; we have a presidential election.  We went back seven years from that and we had the economic collapse and the TARP bailout.  Then we went back to 2001; we had 9/11.  We went back to 1994; we had Oklahoma City [bombing] where literally thousands of new laws were passed.  And before that, 1987, we had the previous financial collapse.

William:  Those are very good insights.  And we also have transiting Saturn in December 2016 opposing [the U.S. natal] Mars, which really correlates very closely to what we were saying earlier, as Pluto opposes the U.S. Sun right on the 2nd House cusp [Sibly Horoscope].  Also, Saturn will still not be far away from the Ascendant which is very telling in itself. Yes, I’m totally with you.  I believe we’re going to see some major, major shifts in the body politic that’s very closely correlating with the major unwinding geopolitical and macro global economic events, and the rumblings of those seismic movements are now in play.

Mark:  Yes, I agree, there’s big stuff coming up in the future.  And one of the encouraging things I see are a lot of people are waking up.  A lot of people are starting to figure out that the two-party system is just one party disguised as two, and they’re finally starting to see this.  We’re just feeding the beast by allowing the one-party-disguised-as-two to keep running rampant as it has been.

By the way, some of these charts that we’re talking about William has posted on his Facebook page and I’ve shared it on mine.  I’ve also got his website up in the chat room and on my Facebook page as well so be sure and visit those.  And he’s got some YouTube videos out there as well, so lots of great information he has out there.

So what kind of advice do you give to clients that come to you?  What can people do during this time?  How can they just in general safeguard themselves or make this less painful?  What kind of stuff do you recommend?

William:  Well, I really believe what people need to do is [come to terms with] with a few major facts that are very uncomfortable, and that has to do with dealing with the possibility of a major financial dislocation occurring [in this country]. Where you go to your bank or your ATM to swipe your card and no transaction takes place. I also believe there’s a possibility for bank bail-ins. Keep in mind they closed the banks in 1933 for 4 days, when they confiscated gold. That was a form of a bail-in. So they closed the banks [back then], in order to avoid a bank panic. They will do so again most likely.  We could also see the banks go into receivership due to an economic bond apocalypse scenario, which is possible.  So we all must be prepared for that. And that means getting really informed — the more informed you are, the more likely you are to take action.  Start talking about it with people.  I think the day of “let’s not talk about this or that” among friends and family has to come to an end.

Mark:  Agreed.

William:  And as for the astrological community, we need to start talking about it too! Why? Because these days there are so many astrologers that keep saying “well, you know, if Jupiter transits such and such it’s all going to work out,” or “it’s all going to be fine.”  Sorry, it’s not all going to be fine. The other thing is, for those folks who are aging Baby Boomers and have retired or are on the verge of retiring, I suggest that wealth preservation needs to be their foremost concern.  They should not assume that their pension is going to be there.  They should take matters into their own hands to secure and preserve their wealth, because the next thing I see going is the pensions.  Yes, the PENSIONS! I think I might write an article called “It’s the Pensions, Stupid.”

Mark: (Laughs)

William:  Why? Because all the pensions are connected to the bond funds (which is debt) and most of those bonds are worth zero now, or they’re worth pennies on the dollar.  And many of the Baby Boomers, (including the Baby Boomer astrologers) still believe they are going to get that big fat $1.1 or $2.1 million pension [based on their 401K contributions since 1974] while the Millennial and Gen-Xer’s will continue paying into a pension system that they know is essentially insolvent since the 2007 crisis, are deluded!  In fact, many of the Baby Boomers are unaware that the latest statement in Social Security states by 2029, you will only receive as of today, 77% of what the projected number is. So they say by 2030 you’ll get X amount per month. However, if you can only expect 77% of that number (it’s an asterisk on the bottom of the Social Security statements). This should be major news. So, I advise people [who seek my counsel about their long-term financial future] that no matter what the establishment candidates say — that being Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush — they have no solution to this problem [or to most any of the intractable problem we have as a nation]. For they are both paid off by Wall Street.  They are both puppets to an oligarchical elite that serves another agenda.  So I tell my clients this stuff, and when I do some get very upset and choose to take action; others walk away and think I’m totally [out of my mind] crazy, despite the compelling secular evidence and trends.  However, most of my clients come around a second time and say, “Okay, I’m ready to hear what you have got say. What asset allocation will survive this, should I buy gold, how do I buy silver, how do I preserve my wealth no matter what happens?” They also ask, “How do I prepare if we have a dislocation occurrence, how long will it last? What websites can I go to?  How can I get more informed?  How can I take action in my local community and start speaking up and presenting this information to others?” So that’s the advice I give, and encourage them to follow up with [massive] action.

For those folks listening to this interview, I suggest that you don’t just listen to this show, say these guys are crazy, and that I’m going to go back and vote for Hillary and Jeb because no matter what it’s all going to work out. I’m asking people to take action [at some level] and do your own research. Try and prove us wrong.  Try and prove that the secular data is not there, that the financial data is not there, that the historical data is not there, and then prove that the astrology is not there either.

Just as an example, for those skeptical astrologers who are listening, every Uranus-Pluto alignment which was using a 10-degree orb, there’s always been a market or bank panic; that’s always been a [following] recession or a depression however you want to define it. There’s always been a massive recapitulation in political power. So this has gone on perfectly since 1790, since the inception of this nation’s government.  These are things I try and stress with people, I talk about it, I try and weave it into a reading even if they come to me when they want to know if and how they can get back together with their millionaire boyfriend. Whatever it is, I try to wake them up; showing them there’s a lot more going on in the world right now  than meeting narcissistic, immediate gratification needs.

Mark:  Right.  That’s very interesting.  One thing that I see a lot of times in the astrological community too is, we just have the last of the seven Uranus-Pluto squares so we get through that and then people expect that that energy is done.  Well, it’s not done.  Sometimes there are things going on in the background which we said Pluto rules conspiracies and secrets and hidden agendas, so there’s a potential that big things happened at that point, they just have not hit the mainstream of our collective consciousness.  So some of these things may not have been found out yet.  And as we go through, we’re getting ready to start a Saturn-Neptune square cycle and we’re going to have Jupiter in Capricorn a couple years down the road, and that’s going to be forming squares to the Uranus-Pluto conjunction — squares to Uranus and conjunctions to Pluto.  So, some of the stuff that has happened, maybe has just not hit the light of day yet.

William:  Well, here’s the thing.  We have Uranus-Pluto, if you use the 10-degree wide orb, it went into effect back in February 2007 when the Chinese markets dropped 461 points and we saw the collapse of Bear Stearns, one of the largest banking institutions in the world, shortly thereafter.  That basically set off the 2007-2009 Great Recession which we have not really recovered from.  Since that time we’ve had escalating geopolitical breakdown, escalating global financial contraction, and monetary intervention by central banks to buck up [and prop] the system. And using that orb we will not be done [feeling the impact Uranus-Pluto until 2020. Now during that period, you are going to have the Jupiter-Saturn square this August [2015]. And, if you use a 5-degree orb, it’s already in effect, and will continue to be well into 2018.  As you know the Jupiter-Saturn cycle has much to do with the political and social establishment, also the creation and development of capital, and heavy capital investment in infrastructure for the purpose of expansion and development of the broader economy. However, when it’s a backward square, what will be exposed is the collapse of capital formation occurring in the system due to the gross malinvestment of money directed into defunct industries and the propping up of Wall Street banks with the Federal Reserve bailouts and quantitative easing [QE] programs 2007-2013.  As a result, we will witness the ramifications of this insane strategy by the Fed. As the recovery and expansion of Wall Street hasn’t resulted in the expansion and development of the broader economy on Main Street.

And then we have the Saturn-Neptune cycle, and then we begin the Saturn-Pluto cycle which actually begins in late 2016.  So all these planetary alignments are converging in their effect lead to some “big event.” That’s the point.

Mark:  And we have an exact Jupiter-Saturn square this Monday morning [August 3, 2015] at Jupiter 28 Leo and Saturn at 28 Scorpio.  So that’ll be one of the fist exact squares in this cycle.  And some you’ve mentioned a couple of times and I forgot to chime in there, about how they’ve been feeding money into the banks and they’ve been holding on to it.  This is like when they expanded the fractional reserve lending which allowed banks to originally loan 5% of what they actually had in hand, and then they boosted it to 10% of what they had in hand.  Now I think it’s probably unlimited, but instead of floating out debts it’s like they’re holding on to that extra amount that’s being floated to them, instead of lending it out to keep the economy flowing.

William:  That’s correct.  Yes, that’s correct.

Mark:  Okay.

William:  So I think the bottom line is that people have to just wake up and realize that what’s happening in Greece is going to happen to America.  It will not happen immediately, but between now and the next five years, we can see an economic collapse [unfold].  Right now Greece is in the midst of a total collapse.  Retail sales plunged 70%, doctors have fled the country, people are now bartering.  This is not mainstream news.  This is something nobody wants to talk about.

Mark:  Right.

William:  And another thing is we don’t need to wait until the U.S. stock market starts to crash before we can ask “oh, so when is it going to collapse…?” Folks — it’s already begun.  The collapse [on a global scale] has already begun.

Mark:  Right.  And this is not to scare people, this is to help people be prepared so that you already have things in place and things going in the right direction when this does happen.  It’s just kind of a wake-up call.

William:  Exactly, yes!  So, the bottom line is that we’re going to see a major reconfiguration. A [collective] psycho-spiritual death-rebirth event and a major reconfiguration of the United States. It will be the end of the United States 2.0 [1900-2020] and the beginning of the United States 3.0 in the following decade. Right now we’re actually going through more of the death and the first early stage of the transformation, and we are not going see much of the rebirth yet. That will happen more in the early 2020s from my long-range perspective. Also, I believe we will witness the death of the two-party system [and rule of government], along with the breakdown and death [through a deflationary] implosion of the fractional reserve lending system that will be followed by a middle class revolt. Folks, what we are going to see is not Occupy Wall Street but rather Occupy All Street! It’s coming and that’s something neither Jeb Bush nor Hillary Clinton want to address or talk about.

[In regards to] the election of 2016, we may get a really dynamic leader — like I mentioned earlier with Pluto, you may witness a very powerful, grassroots leader emerge.  That has happened before as we saw happen in the ’30s with Hitler.  But unless we get a really powerful grassroots leader, populist leader to emerge, what we’re likely going to see is an election that looks like a “don’t ask and don’t tell” presidential reality TV show, or campaign.  And if you want to participate in that [type of establishment campaign], you are basically setting up this country to self-destruct at a much faster pace. We can have a crisis followed by transformation, or we can have a crisis followed by death.  It’s really up to you at this point. If you believe that it all can be fixed by somebody else by pulling the [establishment Hillary-Jeb vote] lever, as you continue living in debt, believing they are the only viable solution for the nation, then you have essentially made the decision to choose to allow the nation to implode economically, politically, socially, and spiritually.

Mark:  Yes.

William:  It’s up to you.  The choice is up to you.

Mark:   Yeah, I totally agree.  And that’s what I try to tell people.  When you see a big energy coming down the road, Uranus station or a Pluto transit or whatnot, you can sit in the corner and be afraid or you can throw something into the middle of the road that you want blown up.  So we can use this energy, this transformative, destructive energy to our benefit to change the things that are wrong with our country and out financial system.

William:  I totally agree with you, Mark.

Mark:  Awesome.  Awesome stuff.  I know I told you I’d only keep you here an hour, is there any last messages or anything else you want to share with people?

William:  Well, I’m just letting people know if they go to my blog or my website, I have a lot of articles on this.  I present the data, both secular and astrological; I use a lot of graphs, I keep it short and sweet because I know it can get boring and I know most people’s attention span is no more 30 seconds per blog post.

Mark:  Right.

William:  I plan to be writing more now. I’m writing another article on the upcoming Shemitah.  The prophecy of the Shemitah and how that correlates historically with the death, destruction and rebirth of economies, and how that correlates within a modern astrological context.  Also, I try and get people to think about things that most people are not thinking about, especially within the astrological community.  And I plan to make it very clear to the leadership of the astrological community that pontificate for their podiums, that I am not intimidated by their continued passive marginalization of what is happening out there.  I have been collecting the evidence [and doing my homework] seeing these mundane trends to playout.  Also, I’m making myself very clear to the astrological leadership that if you want to keep saying “it’s all okay,” that’s fine, but you’re also going to hear from me and other astrologers. For I’m not the only one out there — there are other astrologers out there, using all different systems of astrology, that are coming to a very powerful counterpoint consensus of saying “it’s not okay; we are in a major global crisis.”  For the continued level of denial is now going to present a really big credibility issue within the larger astrological community if this keeps up that keeps saying “steady as it goes, the only thing to really be concerned about is global warming.” That is not totally true, and by the way I’m not playing down the ongoing ecological collapse.  In fact, I’ve written many articles on Fukushima and the growing radiological crisis that the Obama Administration doesn’t want to tell you about. I have presented that data over and over.  But the astrological community by and large doesn’t want to present this subject matter at a conference. And this is what needs to be discussed because this is our moment.  We are one of the few people out there that can define, educate, and forecast what’s really going on.

Mark:  Yeah, I agree.  I believe if we stay asleep during this period, we will miss our opportunity.  I’m giving a lecture at the Universal Life Expo in September [2015] called “Generation X: Time to Awaken” and those of us born in the mid-’60s — well, throughout the ’60s but especially in that ’65-’67  time period — I mean, we’re going to have unprecedented power at our disposal that 99% of the people who’ve ever lived will never experience.  We’ve got that Uranus-Pluto conjunction in our chart, we’re going to get an exact trine from transiting Pluto in Capricorn and a conjunction from Neptune in the North Node, and we’re going to get this in the middle part of [2016].  I mean, that is a powerful, powerful alignment, and the Generation Xers have been known as the slackers but, you know, we’re just late bloomers.  And so if we miss this opportunity where we have this incredible power at our disposal, we will not have that opportunity again.  So time to awaken.

William: I totally agree. I’m really happy to hear you’re doing that presentation on Generation X because its certainly not talked about enough, under-reported. You see the Baby Boomer astrologers continue to pontificate their contributions to the culture. They [overlook Generation X] and continue to talk about the promise of the Millennials.  And [while they do this,] Generation X is coming to power. I believe the next president in 2020 will be a full Generation X; I don’t buy into that Obama is a true Generation X president. And I’m not just talking about presidents; I’m talking about leaders. Yes, Mark, I believe you will be right as the shift [in power] into Generation X will have a dramatic impact over the next 3-4 years. But it certainly begins next year, no doubt about it, where many will come to power. And it’s going to be a major game-changer, a whole different paradigm shift. A whole different perspective. A whole different way of leadership. And we’re going to see that effect at every different level — the civic level, municipals, the federal level. We’re going to see it in government, in finance, in industry. We’re going to see it in the way global politics occurs. And, also, I believe that Generation X is going to be very aware of the oligarchy, very aware of transnational interests, very aware of Deep State. And I believe this new generation of leadership will confront the oligarchy very much in the same way Teddy Roosevelt confronted the Robber Barons and all those Capitals of Industry who were behind the railroad, steel, oil, and banking monopolies, where he took them on and he broke up their trusts and created powerful anti-trust legislation and really changed the country and in effect made this country into the world’s greatest economic and military superpower in the history of the world. So I believe that it’s possible and can happen over again. I even maintain and believe we can become an even greater Superpower, not necessarily militarily, but culturally and technologically that transforms the world, that makes it a better place. A Superpower that transitions us from a Type 0 to a Type 1 civilization where we create and integrate A.I. into society and alternative energy systems and  methods of manufacturing, and cleaner ways of production and growth. We can be the leaders again. But it cannot happen with this current group of leadership, and this current paradigm that operates as a kleptocracy, with a antiquated uni-polar 1999 world view, that controls and manipulates every sector in the nation, while pontificating democracy. Because of that we as a nation and people are paying the price at every level. It is now time, I believe, for the Generation Xers to come to power and to show the world, and the oligarchy what they got. It’s going to be their turn to come up to bat, and I am betting heavy that they’re going to hit some home runs over the coming decade.

Mark: I agree totally. This is a huge opportunity. And, too, a section of the Generation Xers are having their Chiron return. What a better time to heal the earth and heal the economy and heal our country than having your Chiron return along with the Jupiter-North Node-Pluto transit. The energy is… the wind is to our backs. It’s time for us to wake up and — this goes against what I’ve always preached but — maybe have a little less patience with things right now.

William: Right. Well, I’m in total alignment with you and I want to thank you for having me on the show. I have to get going now; I actually have to go back to my avocation. (laughs) I have to go to work, actually. But I want to thank you again and hopefully we can talk in the future about the election, go deeper into that.

Mark: Absolutely.

William: And talk deeper about some of the other things that are active in the U.S. chart and certainly what’s happening in the world.

Mark: Absolutely. I know your time is very valuable; I appreciate you taking some time to spend with us and going over some of these very important details that people may have missed. So I hope you have a great day at work, and we would love to have you back on in the future.

William: Thank you very much, Mark. I appreciate it. Talk to you soon.

Mark: Thank you, William. Okay, so there you go. Straight-forward. That’s the deal. William Stickevers, our guest there. I have his website in the chat room and on my Facebook page, so you can find him at WilliamStickevers.com and at WilliamStickevers.Wordpress.com and he also has some YouTube videos up there. So we want to thank him for all of the great information out there, and if we went a little fast on some of the stuff, the show will be up for archive listening in a couple hours. If you want to understand what’s going on with the economy or you want to be able to tell people about some of the info he shared, you can just go and download the show or re-listen at your convenience.


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