Shadow Banking System in China – The Next Banking Crisis Has Started

The following is a transcript of an excerpt from the Global Transformation Astrology (GTA) Membership Webinar on June 1, 2023.

We know Pluto rules everything that deals with the underworld. But as we know in the banking system, we have what they call the shadow banking system. And the shadow banking system, particularly in China, indicates the next crisis has started as defaults are surging.

We have to remember here in the United States, if you just go back to 2007 to 2009, shadow banks played an important role in the modern financial system and are arguably the source of key vulnerabilities that led to the 2007 to 2009 financial crisis. They were the trigger.

The shadow banks were the ones that lit the match that set off the fuse. Thirty-eight percent of all home loans almost tripled their share in 2007. So what we’re seeing now with the shadow banking system in trouble in China are suspicious lending practices, including zero or negative down payment schemes, negative down payment. You don’t have to put any money down. This surfaced in China’s real estate market, reminiscent of the pre-financial crisis practices of 2007 and 2008. These practices artificially inflated prices and attracted marginal buyers, exacerbating the risk of an overinflated market.

Now, you need to realize that China’s real estate market is bigger than America’s real estate market and European Europe’s real estate market combined because it makes up over 30 percent of its economy. In the United States, real estate makes up about 22 percent of the economy.

The situation poses the threat not only to China’s financial system, but also to the global economy.

Again, in China, the real estate market is 30 to 33 percent of the economy, and it’s much bigger in terms of its valuation compared to the American and Western European valuation of real estate. So China’s shadow banking system is witnessing a surge in defaults now, surpassing the records since 2018. And the situation poses the threat not only to China’s financial system, but also to the global economy.

The shadow banking system problem serves as an early warning sign of an impending crisis. You have to remember: it was the shadow banking system that first triggered the Chinese stock market meltdown in the beginning of 2008. And then we saw it bleed over, particularly with the real estate market and the commercial real estate that resulted in the beginning of a failure of too big to fail banks, that being Bear Stearns in March of 2008.

So the surge of defaults and declining consumer spending highlights the fragility of the global financial system. If you look at the biwheel chart of China’s national horoscope and the May 6, 2023 Lunar Eclipse, you see transiting Pluto at zero degrees in Aquarius right on the Ascendant of China, right near its Moon. And we see that Jupiter-Pluto Square coming into formation. You can see it’s right on the MC-IC axis, not too far off. Uranus is about to cross the IC. The IC rules real estate. What is Uranus rule? Massive disruptions, major breaks where we see the shadow banking system. Pluto has been over Jupiter; it’s been heating up. It’s been heating up and inflating the shadow banking system that has been responsible for creating all these zero or negative down payment schemes. Everyone’s getting rich, everyone’s buying a place, they don’t have to put any money down. And what we’re seeing is now as Pluto is moving onto the Ascendant of China and onto the Moon; now we’re seeing a rise in defaults. We’re seeing major defaults with loan payments here, and these loan payments are directly impacting the shadow banks because we have to remember shadow banks write nearly 40% of all home loans.

So, this is producing fragility in the global financial system, and there are inflation expectations. We have a Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction coming up that will be hitting right on the on the IC of China which rules its real estate. So you can have a Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction right on the IC of China which rules its real estate. You’re going to have the Jupiter Square Pluto that’s hitting its shadow banking system, which also it affects its energy market trends.

So we’re seeing inflation, energy, market trends, housing market indicators are indicating an inflation, hitting this peak level. Remember, when anything touches Jupiter-Uranus, Jupiter-Pluto, what do you have? You have more inflation. So there’s more and more inflation. And inflation now is going to create much more fragility in the system, particularly with China. So as the crisis unfolds, the involvement of government and central banks become crucial. Remember, too big to fail, right? Jupiter and Pluto rule too big to fail.

The Jupiter-Pluto alignment. The consequences. The blowback. The hubris. The consequences of hubris of too big to fail. A too big to fail corporation is one whose size, complexity, interconnectedness and critical functions as such that such firm, such a firm to go unexpectedly in liquidation, the rest of the financial system in the economy would face severe adverse consequences.

It basically means that the interconnectedness of these entities will severely destabilize the global economy and necessitating government massive intervention to keep propping them up to prevent systemic failure.

So this goes back to the Jupiter-Pluto alignment. We’re going to see too-big-to-fail politicians, who basically are protected and shielded by the CCP who are operating and overseeing all of this. They’re basically the ones that are pulling the strings with the shadow banking. Too big to jail, too big to fail, too smart to fail. We’re going to see that impact China in a very big way, because we’re looking at a crisis unfolding. And one of the things I’ve said is that I see a Black Swan event hitting China, and it could be that China, just like it triggered off the Covid crisis, China could end up triggering the larger recessionary crisis.

So there’s going to be a lot more coming up on this. So while the U.S. goes through its own Pluto return, Pluto in China’s chart is becoming very active with Pluto moving over the Ascendant. Now, Pluto rules war as well. Pluto rules conflict, war and recession and crisis. See where I’m going with this?

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