Prediction 2012: ‎Black-Swan Event In Progress

$600 Trillion Derivative Time Bomb Explosion Imminent

Physicist George Hart of the Merlin Project discussed on Coast-To-Coast-AM about the Timetrak technology, which reveals future trends and changes, as well as information about the election, the economy, war, and climate. He got to speak with Ron Paul directly during the recent NH Primary campaign, about the $600 trillion derivative debt time bomb, with the Congressman saying grimly, “…that I’m scared to death what I believe is likely to occur far sooner than anyone was anticipating.” Closing that its something that he didn’t want to talk about on the campaign trail and quickly changed the subject matter. For the record a fallout from a $600 trillion implosion of several banks that went down at once would eclipse the collapse of Lehman Brothers…Tick…Tick…Tick!

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