New Moon in Gemini


The May 22nd New Moon at 02°06′ Gemini in close aspect to Mars and Saturn augurs a period leading up to the June 5th Lunar Eclipse where focusing intent and concentrating one’s energies for the purpose of achieving a clear set of realistic outcomes or goal will likely dominate. This combination also bodes a period where mastering emotions, curbing one’s impulses, directing anger into constructive activities, and sharpening one’s personal power and self-mastery will be key. 

The New Moon also augurs a period in which one will tend to seesaw between confidence, faith, vision and high aspirations, and caution, concern, realism, or fear. For one cannot rely on good luck or grace alone and will need to accept the need for hard work and perseverance to achieve a successful outcome. 

The fixed star Alcyone at 00°15′ Gemini conjuncts the May 22nd New Moon. The star Alcyone (Eta Tauri) is a 2.9 magnitude greenish yellow star and the brightest in the Pleiades star cluster in the Constellation of Taurus. According to traditional sources, the name Alcyone comes the mythological daughter of Atlas, Alcyone. She is the Central One or Hen of the Pleiades sisters who attracted the attention of Poseidon and bore him several children. 

Based on traditional sources, the fixed star Alcyone combined with Saturn provides ambition and the aspiration to achieve eminence, resulting in advancement with honor and glory. Alcyone combined with Saturn also augurs enhancement of mystical abilities and clairvoyant visions. Therefore, this New Moon period augurs a period clarifying for clarifying intentions to discover an inner blueprint for success that is intuitively in alignment with one’s future. It also augurs a period of getting out of an oppressive or restrictive situation, reclaiming self-determination and opening to new opportunities.

William Stickevers is an astrological consultant, hypnotist, life coach, and business strategist, advising clients from 28 countries for over three decades with strategy and insight to live a more fulfilled life according to their soul’s code and calling.

A trends forecaster, William’s annual global forecasts are backed by a deep study of economies, geopolitics, archetypal cosmology, and modern astrological forecasting techniques. William’s predictions for the outcome of the U.S. Midterm and Presidential Elections are well documented on his blog.

In his Global Transformation Astrology (GTA) membership, William gives two webinars with Q&A every month with research and analysis of real world economies, finance, and geopolitics with an archetypal and traditional and modern mundane astrological perspective. Plus a monthly Ask Me Anything session.

William has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, The Unexplained with Howard Hughes, Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes and JV Johnson, The Jerry Wills Show, and Alan Steinfeld’s New Realities. An international speaker, William has lectured at the New York Open Center, Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), two Funai Media events in Tokyo, Japan, the United Astrology Conference (2018), for the National Center for Geocosmic Research (NYC, Long Island, New Jersey, San Francisco chapters), American Federation of Astrologers (Los Angeles), the Astrological Society of Connecticut, the San Francisco Astrological Society, and in Europe (Munich, Germany, and Bucharest) and Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama).

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    what i think of this poll?? i believe it is messed up and totally wrong ; poor JOe if he is stilll alive and if he gets lucky might secure only 200 delegates and president Trump will secure more than 380 delegates


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