2012 Prediction: European Recession Becomes a Depression as the Political and Sovereign Debt Crisis Escalates

The Blackbox graph above, measures all astrological alignments and  using both transit and solar arc movements to the horoscope of the European Union (EU) based on the – Treaties of Rome that was signed by: Belgium, France, , Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West Germany, in Rome Italy in 1957. The European Union (EU)horoscope has been highly stressed since the emergence of the “Cardinal Climax” T-Square in July 2010 (not shown), with increasing level of hits throughout 2011 – 12. The second negative downturned occurred in mid-June 2011 when  transiting Mars squared the EU’s Pluto, while transiting Jupiter, along with the transiting Mercury/Neptune midpoint, squared the EU’s Uranus. During which time serious discussion among EU leadership of the possibility of an uncontrolled  break-up of the Eurozone, as the crisis in Greece began to seriously threaten the stability of the Euro area.

The  2nd Blackbox downtrend  intensified as Mars conjunct the EU’s natal Pluto, just prior to the November 10th Full Moon and will reached bottom on the 21st, when transiting Jupiter squared the EU’s natal Uranus, only days prior the Solar Eclipse at 2 Sagittarius (which will conjunct the Mars/Neptune midpoint). During which time yields on Italian 10-year bonds surged dangerously close to the unsustainable 7 percent level. .

Then on November 27th transiting Pluto semi-squared Vesta (which rules securities such as pension funds that are composed  of stocks, real-estate, precious metals, and commodity markets), while the transiting Sun opposed the EU’s natal Mars (ruler of the 2nd House of banking and currency markets) which drove financial interactions out of control among the European Banks and the currency markets, that resulted in a number of near bank failures that had a rippling effect on the global equities markets across the globe. Shortly after this event a major meeting was called by the European to find a solution to the sovereign debt crisis as the fate of the European Union hung in the balance.  French President Nicolas Sarkozy said, “Never has the risk of disintegration been greater.”  He was also quoted saying there could be an “explosion” if a solution is not found in the next few weeks.  During which time the S&P threatened a credit ratings cut of 15 EU nations if the sovereign debt crisis was not fixed soon.

Prediction: Since 2010 the Eurozone has been facing a “slow but steady death” and has  reached the point of “no return”. The austerity measures in Italy, Greece, Spain, and Portugal will plunge all of Europe into a severe recession by the spring of 2012. Spain, Portugal, and eventually Italy will follow Greece into an outright depression. Italy and Span have nearly 500 billion euros worth of maturing debt in 2012, that will be nearly impossible to refinance — since bond markets are unlikely to renew loans at acceptable interest rates — resulting in default or need to be rescued from the European Central Bank. Either way, the Eurozone will face  greater austerity and deep recession that will lead to massive civil unrest and social revolution across the European continent.

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  1. watching the timing on the upcoming first waxing square of the Uranus Pluto cycle
    looks really hot for the Summer solstice.

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