Corona Consciousness – Interview on Spirit Guides Radio

Spirit Guides Radio: Episode 108 Corona Consciousness with William Stickevers

Host Arizona Bell and Co-host Sara
Airdate: March 23, 2020
Spirit Guides Radio
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Arizona Bell: Happy Monday, Spirit Guides radio listeners! We missed you over the weekend. Maybe you missed us too. A lot’s changed over here and in the world in general. For starters, our 15-day lockdown was extended to 30 days.

Co-host Sara: Yep.

AB: We all about lost our mind over that, not that we didn’t see it coming. 

CS: Yep.

AB: Well, mostly you. 

CS: Yep. Yeah, and really I think it could even be on small islands it could be more and more extended. It looks like nothing’s going to get back to normality until July. 

AB: Yeah. 

CS: And the kids are not going back now obviously until September. So–

AB: To school.

CS: We’re in for the long haul.

AB: That’s September in the UK, no?

CS: Yep. 

AB: Yeah. So, everything’s kind of been pushed out, extended. We did have the spring equinox over the weekend, which of course it signifies lighter days to come. Hopefully that’s a metaphor. 

CS: [laughs] It’s got to be. That’s the only way to go now. 

AB: [laughs] Not too sure how how that aligns but we’ll get into that today because today we have on a special guest with us… somebody who we have had on the show in the past. However, we discussed a very lighter topic that we’re going to be discussing today. So today we have with us mundane astrologer William Stickevers. He was on Episode 79 with us in the past, so you probably have heard that — if not please go back in and listen to it because it was a great episode. We talked about, you know, astrology and life’s purpose and our calling and finding that all within the chart.

So today we’re gonna be talking about something completely different because William is also very much into the geopolitical world and financial world with his predictions and his astrology. So we’re going to be talking about that today because obviously — it doesn’t take a psychic or an astrologer to understand that we’re we’re in some financial shit right now. 

CS: [laughs]

AB: So everybody wants to know what’s going on. And so, William, welcome to Spirit Guides Radio. Welcome back.

William Stickevers: Thank you for having me again, Arizona.

AB: Happy to have you. I know that, you know, you’ve been making some predictions for quite some time that aren’t necessarily always popular opinion, but I want to remind people that you do have an 87 percent track record for predicting Primary Elections and 92 percent accuracy for predicting Electoral College, etc. You did predict Trump’s win in 2016, and more than that you have actually predicted a lot of stuff about that we’re gonna talk about today with this financial crash. 

So what’s the back story for you on how long you’ve seen stuff coming and predicting and kind of getting some pushback on them?

WS: So I’ve been doing these global webinars which actually predict out the year based on the Aries Ingress which is the astrological new year which always occurs on March 20th, 19th or 20th depending on the year, when the Sun ingress is into Aries we take a snapshot of the horoscope for the capital of that city or empire or who the predominant empire or country is. In this case would be Washington D.C. in the United States, and that would give us a very good idea of what’s going to be happening in the world. And using that approach that traditional approach that astrologers have been employing for over two thousand years, what I noticed back in 2014 was there would be this large alignment, a convergence of two major — actually three major planetary alignments with Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in tight conjunction while the Uranus-Pluto alignment was still operative and that would all occur in 2020. So I knew there was going to be a massive game changing event that would be equivalent to a collective psycho spiritual death rebirth event, or it would trigger and invoke one in order to move the world along in terms of shifting the civilization from what scientists would call — or physicists I should say — a Type Zero civilization to a Type 1 civilization. And that’s really what’s happening right now. 

CS: And how do you see, or which planet do you feel like is being more dominant than any other?

WS: Well, there’s no planet that’s dominant. It just has to do with the particular alignments and what we have seen. Now, in looking at what’s happening in 2020, there’s several alignments again. We saw the Saturn-Pluto alignment that was coming into formation in 2019, and for many people 2019 was a rough year. And 2019 actually was from March 2019 to March 2020, and we just started officially 2020. And 2020 is feeling now like an overwhelming onslaught. And this has to do with that Saturn Pluto alignment and if we go back — so that Saturn-Pluto alignment, before I go back in history, started in February 2019 and will extend into February 2021. So that correlates with periods, epochs historically if you go back 2,000 years and you go back every time that Saturn-Pluto was conjunct and in the sign of Capricorn as it is now. We’ve seen a correlation of large-scale war and military conquest, pestilences, contagious epidemic diseases that were virulent and devastating, changes in currency, bank panics and crises. It correlated with Military Coup d’etas, martial law, periods of global cooling, destruction a breakdown of large cities resulting in their transformations, proliferation of repression, slavery, mass control and also the emergence as a result of these crises of a new belief system correlating with massive cultural transformations.

CS: Yeah, I can see that, I mean, at some level. I’ve got a feeling a lot of people are feeling  that within the psyche whether they was aware of astrology or not, and that alignment is very very powerful. But I do feel this more sort of prescient energy coming. You know, when you think of Mars, for instance, and the essence of Mars and how you feel that’s going to affect these alignments as it comes up. And the anger and the aggression and the suppression maybe that’s going to bring with this planet.

WS: Right. Well, Mars has also been historically associated with diseases that kill very quickly, that have a very devastating almost a weaponized effect on a population. In fact, we what we saw is a conjunction of Mars and Jupiter to the Saturn-Pluto alignment. On the Aries Ingress that occurred on March 19th, so that would tell me based on that signature — and I’ve been saying this now since January — that we are seeing the effects of a bioweapon that somehow got released into the population. And that’s one of the reasons the Chinese, who have 1.3 billion people, locked down their economy, at the center of their industrial hub, completely put their economy into a negative net zero. Net zero, almost completely collapsed it in order to contain this. And they didn’t do it to save 3,000 people. They didn’t do that to save 3,000 people. In fact they could lose 60 million people and it would be a drop in the bucket compared to the overall population. So they could lose 60 million people without a problem. They could lose up to 200 million people without having much of an impact in terms of their population. So they knew; this is not how the Chinese roll. The Chinese knew what was really going on, and they have not been forthcoming about it. This is not “just the flu, bro”. This is not just another variation of SARS or the influenza epidemic. This is not just another version of what we saw happen in 1918, which also correlated by the way with a another Saturn alignment, Saturn-Neptune. When it was Saturn-Neptune conjunction we saw the Spanish Flu which killed 50 million people inside of 12 months that correlated at the time of the outbreak of World War 1 — again, large scale wars. So, the issue is now is that we don’t have just two planets in alignment. We have four planets in alignment.

And what we’re seeing now is the collapse of the global economy on a scale happening much faster than what happened in 1929 and 2008 combined. So we have a double whammy. And as I predicted and I’ve been telling this — I think when I was at the Soul Summit I mentioned the fact that we would have a black swan event that would trigger an X-Event. So the coronavirus is not the X-Event. The coronavirus is the Black Swan that’s going to trigger a larger event that is now coming that we don’t–

CS: And have you got a time on that? Have got a time on when you see this X event happening?

What we’re seeing now is the collapse of the global economy on a scale happening much faster than what happened in 1929 and 2008 combined. So we have a double whammy. And as I’ve been predicting that we would have a black swan event that would trigger an X-Event. So the coronavirus is not the X-Event. The coronavirus is the Black Swan that’s going to trigger a larger X-Event.

WS: Yeah, so we have this massive solar eclipse occurring at zero degrees on the World Point in Cancer. And anytime you have an eclipse on a World Point — if you just go back in history every time — something major happened. Now, it may not be on the scale of what’s happening today. But what you have to factor in is every eclipse is as powerful, or depending on the level of alignments occurring in the sky. So, if there’s two major alignments and you have an eclipse at zero degrees Aries that would probably result in a recession, an assassination of a world leader, let’s say a type of Vietnam conflict, etc. But what we are having today is a massive convergence of a Uranus-Pluto alignment, Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment occurring simultaneously while this eclipse that approaches on June 21st is at 0 Cancer, injecting all of that archetypal energy onto the world stage with massive force speed and intensity. 

CS: Fantastic. That’s my birthday. [laughs]

AB: I was just going to say that’s your birthday, right. [laughs] Right, right there. Ready to go. That’s why you’re feeling it so hard. 

So would you agree then — I know you posted something on Facebook when I said about the lockdown here extending that 30 days — would you agree that about more of it being three months or 90 days?

WS: Yeah, I see, in terms of the crisis– we’re in the second wave of this pandemic. So pandemics operate in three waves historically. The first wave of the Spanish Flu, by the way, didn’t kill that many people. It was considered an epidemic at that point. It’s the second wave of the Spanish Flu that killed the most people and we’re in that now. We’re now officially in the second wave of the coronavirus and we’ll have a third wave later later this year. So I suspect that the coronavirus, the intensity of infection will peak sometime around late June / early July as we approach the eclipse, but that’s not going to be the big event.

AB: Do you know what the big event is, or do you have a feeling on it? I mean, I know you have a lot of things that you’ve looked at, but what kind of thing would we be talking about, would you say?

WS: Well, you know one of the things I talked about was, it somehow or other, what we see is something will occur that will set off something that we never thought was connected to it in any way. And one of the things I’m seeing is some disclosure event. 

AB: Woohoo!

WS: Now I don’t know how coronavirus and the collapse of the economy is going to invoke some type of government disclosure of the alien presence on Earth, but I believe that is imminent. And when I say imminent, not tomorrow but it’s not five years away. It’s more like a year or months away. Now I’m going out on a limb and I could be wrong on that, but that’s one of the things I see. 

Webinar Recording: The Astrology of E.T. Disclosure in the Trump Era
Recorded Live December 16, 2018 – 5 hours

Being a researcher myself, I’ve been following this topic for many years and am very well versed on most of the info you presented… however you touched on a few things that even I wasn’t aware of.

“I watch a lot of History Channel’s UFO shows, but I found your presentation clarified and brought information together.

So whatever is going to happen is going to shock. It’s going to invoke a massive collective parapaleptic shock on a scale. Now, if that were to happen, most of the New Age community would be celebrating, but most the world would go into a state of shock. And that’s one of the things I see, and it’s probably not just going to be that. 

So let me give you a little reference here. When you had the Bubonic Plague, which correlated with both the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction — which we’re in now — and the Uranus-Pluto alignment back in 1348 — which basically collapsed Christendom which was basically being run off a feudal system, an economic feudal system, it collapsed the feudal system, it collapsed the High Middle Age completely, and it invoked the breakup of the Catholic Church, it shook the foundations of the Islamic caliphate, it collapsed the Mongolian Empire or it stopped its expansion, and it ultimately resulted in the Protestant Reformation, the Renaissance, the beginning of mercantilism, etc. We’ve seen a major paradigm shift, the emergence of the scientific Enlightenment Movement and again the breakdown of the power of the Catholic Church which basically was the dominant world power at that point. So it wasn’t so much the Bubonic Plague, although 60 percent of the world population died within, what, a year. What we’re seeing here is the geopolitical after-effects. So the real X-Event wasn’t the Bubonic Plague. That was the trigger.  The X-Event —  if you would have said back then that we would we would no longer see feudal lords running the show, kingdoms providing tithing to the Pope. Remember, they had to provide 10 percent of their GNP to the Pope — that was mandatory. If you would’ve listed out all the things  in 1285, if went back a year prior to the outbreak and said ‘Within five years after this event, this will be the scenario,’ no one would have believed it. It would be unthinkable. So I believe this is going to trigger and set off a set of things about the world that we just wouldn’t believe could be possible in our place.

CS: I agree with that. I see that and I think a lot of it’s got to do with the…  It’s interesting, but it’s going to be a breakthrough on religions and I think a lot of the religions now may go by the wayside and it’s those sort of things that you didn’t think could happen. But when your faith really hits the bottom in a sort of situation like that, you know, is Jesus actually helping me with my bank account, I’m not too sure about that anymore. So it’s a little bit I see it shifting a lot to do with religions and religious faiths and theologies and that sort of thing and travel you know the amount of travel that we can do freedom and the freedom that we haven’t travel will not be the same again. And I do see a little bit of that being a lot more restrictive. 

Now I don’t know how coronavirus and the collapse of the economy is going to invoke some type of government disclosure of the alien presence on Earth, but I believe that is imminent. And when I say imminent, not tomorrow but it’s not five years away. It’s more like a year or months away. Now I’m going out on a limb and I could be wrong on that, but that’s one of the things I see.

WS: Well, definitely this Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment when it occurred in 1284-85, we saw a complete breakdown, the first global depression occurred, a collapse of the banking system. And we saw a major emergence and cultural transformation in religion where we saw a proliferation of new religions like the Protestant movements. There wasn’t just– there was Martin Luther, but there was a number of other people that were contesting the Catholic dogma that was being pushed down into the populace. We saw the printing press come out. And so with the innovation — disruptive technology, by the way, often occurs during these alignments — the convergence of this disruptive technology, at the time of this type of broader crisis invoked the emergence of a cultural transformation — a cultural transformation in religion, a cultural transformation in thinking, in politics, a cultural transformation in the approach to business, the approach to life. So we’re going to see massive cultural transformations come out of this. And, again, like you stated the questioning of religion up to this point, especially if we have a disclosure event and we’re told that there is an alien or E.T. civilization that has an ongoing presence on Earth that’s significantly more advanced than ours that doesn’t use fossil fuel, that doesn’t worship God with a white beard who who makes proclamation and decrees by commandments, etc. That’s going to shake the foundations, particularly in the Middle East, especially the fundamentalism — Christian fundamentalism, Jewish fundamentalism, Protestant fundamentalism. All the fundamentalism, especially the more rigid ones. That doesn’t mean it’s the end of those religions. I’m talking it’s a complete, let’s say, existential crisis for the establishment religions and those who are more fundamentalist in their views.

CS: Well, I think financially if they’ve been working as a charity and they’re already in financial situation and we know what’s happened with this. Again, you know, if you’d be willing to put your money behind it, it may work; if you don’t, then it won’t. I think religion is going to feel that. 

AB: Definitely.

WS: Agreed. Yeah, so that’s what I see. Now, in terms of the economy, we’re seeing a complete breakdown of the fractional reserve system and the fiat money system that’s been basically in operation since 1913, and we saw the beginning of the Federal Reserve and the creation of large scale international centralized banking based on a fractional reserve banking, fractional reserve lending system. Then we saw an evolution away from gold-backed currencies to fiat or government decree backed currencies, basically where governments say the price of X, Y, and Z is this because we say so and you got no say in it. Where we see private cartel of bankers basically running the show using the global reserve currency as a weapon for control. Both at a local level and and at a larger geopolitical level, we’re going to see a breakdown in all of that. And this correlates with this Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto where we see the zenith period of empires, and we see massive reforms in government, massive reforms in social systems, economic systems, financial systems, and again reforms in belief systems and religious dogma. And we see it correlate with populist movements, where we’re going to see populist movements gain sufficient political momentum resulting in movements for greater sovereignty. I’m not just talking about — what’s the part of Spain that wants the breakaway —

CS: Catalan, Catalonia, yeah.

WS: Catalonia. I’m not just talking about the independence movement of Catalonia, although that’s a good example. We’re talking about self sovereignty movements in terms of money. You see this with the Millennials. They’re all going to crypto, they’re all going to Bitcoin. They use it every day using their phones, in terms of commerce, trade, transaction. They’re using it the way people were using Craigslist 10 years ago. So Craigslist was the Gen X phenomenon, right, where the Baby Boomers were like, ‘What’s a Craigslist’. And now we’re seeing that with the Millennials who are driving, who are basically setting the course. Now it’s surprising, some Millennials are completely clueless about what crypto is, but cryptocurrency is a decentralized platform where true price discovery is determined by all the participants and every transaction is is viewable. In other words everybody knows who has what. They may not know who they are, but it is a completely open, decentralized platform that operates with no third party intervention, no central bank, no government. There’s no fees, it’s instantaneous. Try and move $10,000 from one bank to another. It’ll take you at least several days. It’ll be substantial fees. You could move a billion dollars in a fraction of a second across the world from one crypto address to another. That’s the power of what is now happening and that’s part of the type of sovereignty, or independence and self-sovereignty that movement that is now in operation, that’s unfolding at a dramatic rate while the fractional reserve fiat currency-backed instruments such as stocks bonds and all of this debt is beginning to collapse.

CS: Yeah. I have myself looked at a lot of, had a lot of clients in the financial market and then you could see this coming, coming, coming, coming, coming. And even talking to them up to about a year they knew it was coming but didn’t understand exactly where it was coming from. And I see the market breaking, I see two markets coming on and I think the market will be completely– the only way to bring banks and the currency in that is to actually take out the market that we’ve got now to actually introduce that one and I see that being the most significant thing I think will come this year will be the change of currencies and the way that we manage it. And the way, how do you bring the old-minded way of people’s thoughts, that’s been the biggest problem and get them into some sort of cryptocurrency and I feel this is a big awareness that’s coming to us this year.

You could move a billion dollars in a fraction of a second across the world from one crypto address to another. That’s the power of what is now happening and that’s part of the type of sovereignty, or independence and self-sovereignty that movement that is now in operation, that’s unfolding at a dramatic rate while the fractional reserve fiat currency-backed instruments such as stocks bonds and all of this debt is beginning to collapse.

WS: Right, most most Americans are clueless about this. I’m not talking about the Millennials. There are a number of Gen Xers, I would say about, and you know, I’ve been doing crypto since 2011. I knew about it, I’ve been talking about it, I’ve been investing in it and getting my clients engaged, invested in it, and getting, you know, with the Baby Boomers kicking and screaming along the way. But I would say about 50 percent of Millennials have a crypto account with multiple coins that they’re using for trade settlements. I would say it’s about 30, 35 percent for Gen Xers, maybe a little bit more. And I would say for Baby Boomers it’s about 10 percent or less. So the ones who are most vested in the system since 1974 with their pensions, who are now on the verge– most of them are retiring. We’ve actually hit with more Baby Boomers retired than are actively working as of this year, by the way. They’re the ones that are going to get impacted the most and be the most in shock when we see a breakdown in the financial system, which is already underway. No matter what they inject into the– they’ve injected what $4 trillion?

CS: I know! [laughs]

WS: And every adjust the stock market keeps dumping. Bear markets are collapsing. They just said today, We’re going to inject everything we have. Trump said we will inject everything, they moved interest rates to zero, and we’re going all out to prop it up. And as soon as they announced that, the Dow Jones Industrial dropped another 4 percent. 

CS: There you go.

WS: So it’s I’m not making a swipe against Trump because he’s only doing what he’s trying to do to keep the markets inflated. He’s trying to reinflate them, and no matter what they do, the market is dying. No matter how much they inject that adrenaline into that patient in ICU, he is not coming back, right. So that is essentially what is happening here, and what we’re seeing here is the emergence of, again, of this self-sovereignty independence with money, people want to break away from– Look, we’re also going to see that with the Eurozone. The Eurozone is toast. Toast. 

CS: Yep. Yeah.

WS: You know, the British did the smartest thing by exiting that because they were paying out a lot more than they were getting back. 

AB: You just said that this morning I’m pretty sure you did. 

CS: Yep.

WS: And it was only special interests, an Irish backstop and all of that, that was sort of holding it together, keeping it together. So, look, what you saw with the British exit is just the beginning. Italy is next. They are out. And I think if Spain had their act together a little more they’d be out too right away. Maybe Spain finally will go will join Italy in trying, but I don’t see that happening and Spain’s government is very weak compared to Italy’s. Italy may be, you know, Italy has a lot more gold. Italy has a lot of gold. So they could actually break go off and go back to printing. But it’s not just going to be simply about printing money again. They’re going to go back to more of the type of country they were where certain prefectures or counties, there are these localized economies with a powerhouse for the larger nation, where right now one-size-fits-all approach isn’t working. It’s never worked. Europe was never that way. What they’re basically trying to do is make it the United States of Europe, and that just doesn’t work for Europe. So we’re going to see more of that. So this is all part of the breakdown. It’s not just the DOW is going down no matter what they do, they pump it up, the debt’s increasing, they roll over the debt, they go to zero percent interest rates — steady as it goes. Now, this is all part of a larger collapse, a larger movement for independence, self-sovereignty. You’re going to see these populist movements. And also, unfortunately, I hate to say this, we’re going to see where Millennials and Baby Boomers are going to start coming to a head just like we saw back in the ’60s, where we saw the G.I. generation and the Baby Boomers fighting it out, especially during the counterculture revolution which was essentially a protest by the Baby Boomers of the world they grew up in that the G.I.s fought to establish after World War II. So we’re going to see a very similar thing play out now. Hopefully it’s not as violent. But I will tell you, once everyone knows that this thing is not coming back, meaning the way of life that you’re living, that’s when you’re going to see this slide. We’re going to see this clash of cultures, clash of generations. Each having a valid argument but until its until common ground is found and until a new operating system, that new paradigm gets fully installed — right now it’s being deployed but it’s not fully installed — it’s going to be a very very rocky, tumultuous period.

AB: Well, now is the part where we offer people hope! No, I’m kidding. And, you know, it sounds to me that it’s, like you guys have been talking about, it’s this massive shift in life as we’ve known it, and that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. I mean, as we’ve seen as we’ve seen from history and from the way that things evolve, so how can people kind of lean into this? Especially people that are really nervous about what what’s happening with their money right now.

We’re going to see this clash of cultures, clash of generations. Each having a valid argument but until its until common ground is found and until a new operating system, that new paradigm gets fully installed — right now it’s being deployed but it’s not fully installed — it’s going to be a very very rocky, tumultuous period.

WS: Yeah, I totally agree. I don’t see it as a negative thing. You know, I think if we just go back to think when we went through puberty, right. One day we were totally involved playing with G.I. Joes or Barbie dolls and we couldn’t care less about what other people thought of us or how we looked. And all of a sudden that just ended and we’re looking at ourselves in the mirror, and we’re starting to become very self-conscious, and we start having crushes on someone. And all of a sudden, Whoa, you know, things are changing in our body and–

AB: And you don’t want to back to the G.I. Joes. [laughs]

WS: [laughs] You know, I still play my G.I. Joes but don’t tell anyone that. [laughs] 

AB: [laughs]

WS: I’m still a big kid, and I still have a few of my toys from back in the day, and that’s a good thing too. Because you know what, I think it’s important for adults to engage their imagination and that’s one thing we sort of leave off when we stop playing with those Barbie dolls and G.I. Joes, right. Because that was when we were working out our imagination in the gym. That’s one thing that children really exercise and I digressed for a moment, but here’s the thing. There was that moment right where we leave childhood and we enter puberty and it seems to happen almost overnight. Where if you look back, you can you probably think of a moment, Yeah, you left this and went into something else. I mean, boys start fighting with each other, really fighting. This is like men’s initiation to it is quite different, but I can remember all of a sudden wanting to win. Winning was more important than anything, you know. I was never like that as a kid. So I think that disruptive emergence of hormones that basically restructures the brain. Men and women or boys and girls have very similar brains up until the moment of puberty and then the brain goes through a massive restructuring the whole entire neuro complex gets rewired. And when those hormones activate it brings out a proliferation of specific neurotransmitters that are part of that rewiring process that direct it. And that’s why men and women have very different experiences even though they’re having the same experience, they’re — in their brain — having very different experiences. Now married couples would definitely agree on that. Right. So what I’m getting at here is that that transition and when you’re in it, you don’t know what the hell — you hate your parents now, you used to love your parents, you thought your dad was great, now you hate him, whatever the specific storyline was for that person or you, or you start fighting with your mom. You don’t want to follow the rules. You wanted to go to school, now you want to sleep in, you don’t get up fast enough to catch the bus. All these things is happening. There seems to be a rebellion going on, and a breakdown. So kids, right — when do kids get into trouble, when do they run away, when do they commit suicide, when do they get into drugs. This is all part of this change. Now it’s not bad, it’s just we happen to know this is what happens during puberty in adolescence. We are going through our own adolescent change right now.

CS: We’re literally growing up. As an economy, as a collective conscious, we’re absolutely, I agree. 

WS: So we’re in freakout mode. We’re like, What’s going on, right. This used to be important but it no longer is. And we have yet to know exactly– I mean, I think the need for the rampant and systemic out-of-control need for, greed and aggression, where greed and aggression propels you up in the world, makes you number one. We’re going to see the consequences of that. And that will become less important. The need for greed. 

There’s a list of things I could push out here, but the main thing I want to say is that we’re going to see a series of things break down as there is an accelerating evolutionary thrust to break through consciousness, where there’s a breakthrough in consciousness that as a result of that evolutionary or accelerating evolutionary thrust we see the breakdown of values and beliefs that once were very important and that were elevated such as the materialistic or mecha-materialistic scientific worldview, the religious fundamentalist worldview, all of those different worldviews. The education-academic establishment worldview that basically was the predominant world view in the postmodern era 1945. We’re seeing that breaking down. We’re going to see that breakdown as revelations about our true origin, about our true evolution, about who we are and what we are and where we are going, where civilization is truly heading. And we’re in that adolescence, just the emergence of adolescent transition where we’re just like freaking out, we don’t know what’s happening to us, and the things that were once important no longer are.

CS: And if we look to the time limit on this, you know, the way I’m looking at it is a time limit of people freaking out because I don’t believe that everybody at this moment in time — I don’t know your side of the pond — is actually gone into meltdown or freak out. They’re starting to come aware what they’ve got to do is get more independent about that information and where they get their information from because the breakdown of the governments is definitely on the way out. So I think we’ve got a full month period, really, as people becoming more aware of even if they did have stocks what was their stocks invested in. They’re not going to trust anybody now and go, There’s my money, go invest it for me. Now everybody’s taking responsibility and that’s what the new system will give them is the responsibility of their own finances rather than giving it to a powerful source like a bank or a broker or etc.

WS: I totally agree and I think a lot of that’s going to go back into precious metals but more importantly into crypto. We’re going to see a convergence of new technologies with crypto that’s going to allow us to have insurance, to borrow money, to do all sorts of things we normally do with the fiat system. Instead, we can do it through, there are these type of exchanges, decentralized exchanges where you can get medical benefits, you can get you can get medical coverage, you can get insurance coverage, everything that you normally do with fiat you can do a crypto. And it’s much more honest, it’s much lower cost, it’s much more effective, there’s more transparency, etc. So it’s not just about where you’re gonna put your money and store it so you can have this lush, opulent retirement so you can play golf every day and spend $100,000 in spending, you know what I’m saying — have that very upper middle class lifestyle while you’re retired in the last third of your life. That emphasis too is beginning to collapse. Baby Boomers are realizing — who’ve been retired for three years — You know what, I play golf for three years in a row and watch Netflix and I’m tired of it, I need to do something, I need to have significance again. So all that’s breaking down. But I also agree with you that even though people are now waking up, we still have a sufficient level of cognitive dissonance going on, trust me. More astrologers than ever sending me e-mails, ‘William, what the hell are you saying, you’ve gone too far, it’s just another flu bro, this thing is a hoax, the economy will be fine as soon as we get Joe Biden in there, he’ll bring it back to the Obama policies and the world will just go back to where it was at. There’s a lot of that going on. Trust me. And I have to say this — the metaphysical world is disappointing me lately because instead of being ahead of the curve they are behind it. 

CS: Mm-hm.

WS: And I’m willing to put myself out there because I think history is gonna prove myself right — not because I’m right, because I believe the astrology is going to prove out what is really going on here. I’m just following what I see. 

AB: Right. And it’s even, it’s the astrology but it’s also I think if we do think of it on an individual level, we’ve all grown more towards the light in our darkest moments and that’s collectively what is happening now. And it would take a world shut down basically to get us to rethink the world. And– 

WS: That’s right. We’re going– Go ahead. I don’t mean to cut you off.

AB: No, no, you didn’t cut me off, I’m just saying it makes sense and I honestly — just as a critical thinking person — cannot see how we would go back to business as usual. And it’s a perfect time to you know fix things up and make a better world. 

WS: Absolutely. We’re already going through our own dark night of the soul. There is a multi-phase process, there’s a number of books and solid material that had been written over the years since the 1940s about what the Dark Night of the Soul truly is and we’re in the first phase of that process. And, again, we’re seeing a breakdown, the systemic policies of aggression, hardened and ambition, malignant greed, malignant greed not just by world leaders but by corporations, by people, by the collective — based on the philosophical belief that the ends justify the means — that are acting, that are agents, that people and this type of belief system are acting as civilization destroyers, have now created an existential crisis for humanity, which is the first phase of a Dark Night of the Soul. So we’re in it. It’s ultimately necessary in order to transition us into a civilization where we collectively embrace far-reaching and progressive goals that will benefit humanity and ensure its long term survival and transform this civilization from a Type Zero to a Type One civilization by the end of this century.

CS: Yeah, absolutely, it’s going to cause a lot of stress in the system but the thing is we haven’t got a choice. The choice is we’re going one way and that’s the only way to go because we can’t go back. And I feel what will happen it’ll, people will take it on in a very intellectual level and not really take it on a very fundamental level. They’ll try to intellectualize it and, really, your health is your wealth, and you’ve got your health, that’s a good start. Let’s start there, and the whole system is going to change and I do feel that by this global virus the health system, a global health system is going to have to stop to look at itself at some level or another as well.

WS: Right, totally agree. So I think the metaphysical community — I mean, I’m being a little bit critical here, but you know–

AB: Now’s the time, now’s the time.

WS: –in a constructive way — is that we need to. We need to up our game. We just have to say, Okay, this is gonna happen, there’s no going back, as we’re all in agreement, what can we do to be part of the breakthrough instead of freaking out and being part of the breakdown? Because there’s going to be a breakdown. But as we break down, which is part of the second phase of the Dark Night of the Soul, there is a process of breakthrough that occurs. When when the breakdown is truncated and arrested, then we have neurosis that eventually becomes psychosis and then we have what we saw happen in the 1930s and ’40s as that resulted in World War II. So how can we make this transformation where we have the break down resolve into a breakthrough. And here’s the good news. It only takes 19 percent of the population to do that. Historically, how many people participated in the Renaissance, how many people in Europe at the time participated in the Renaissance? Nineteen percent. How many people participated in the American Revolution, actually went out, sent their son to war or went out to war, put themselves at risk, while everyone else stayed home and it was life as usual? Nineteen percent. Alright. I can go back to every major movement and development in history, and it was only 19 percent. So the metaphysical community needs to band together, realize we’re in this and it’s only gonna take 19 percent of people to get informed, to be committed, and to become aware and shift their consciousness, and this world instead of going through the breakdown, we will not only break, we will go through the breakthrough but we will go through a breakthrough followed by an enlightenment followed by a rebirth and a renaissance to follow much faster than anyone could anticipate.

AB: Absolutely. And it’s almost our jobs now in a spiritual metaphysical community to step up as leaders and in a new world because as you guys mentioned, a lot of systems and structures including religion are going to be seeing breakdown and reformation for sure and, you know, that consciousness will be expanding. And we in this community, that’s what we’ve been fucking learning. So we need to put it into practice now. You know, we went out and got all those certificates and it all these things. Well, you better step up now.

WS: The rubber is going to hit the road really hard and really fast by the time we approach this eclipse. 

CS: Oh yeah, it’s written in the stars. What is coming it’s totally written in the stars. 

WS: Totally.

AB: Okay, so the next few months, y’all buckle up, it sounds like it’s gonna be a wild ride but I think, you know, what you both have been saying and what history teaches us, and our own personal lives is go with the flow. Go with it. Go with what’s happening.

CS: Yep.

AB: Oh– she has it written down on her paper, go with the flow. I didn’t even know that. I mean, we don’t need to resist what is right now, we need to make it better and be a part of that transformation and it has the potential to be massive.

CS: Yeah, it’s a game changer. And we want to live in a better world, we don’t want to live in a world that is, at the end of the day, controlling in taking the sense of free will from us. That’s the awakening. And it’s the monkey syndrome that you’re talking about, the 19 people, it’ll change. There’s no going back. And the more they accept it, the quicker you accept this, as energy follows thought, the easier this process becomes. The more we hold onto it, the harder it becomes.

WS: Totally agree, absolutely. That’s why it’s so important to get more outreach, to get back to fundamentals. I mean, one of the things I suggest to people is while you have this time off, why don’t you meditate. Meditate today. You know, people say, I’m so spiritual, I follow all these blogs, I go to all these conferences. Yeah, but how many times do you meditate. ‘Oh, yeah well, I do it for a couple of days and then I’m off of it.’ No, no, no, no, no, no.

AB: [laughs] I’m really bad at it, I’m really bad at it. Everybody’s bad at it, it’s a crisis! [laughs]

WS: This is the time to meditate in order to engage with the larger archetypal forces that are operating in the collective unconscious so you become an agent rather than a victim, where you are responding and becoming an agent rather than reacting. So that’s part of what, you know, the rubber hitting road is like saying, Okay, I’ll meditate just once a day, I commit myself to 10 minutes. Ten minutes! Many people have no problem committing one hour a day going to the gym; a lot of people, at least in America, do that. The gyms are packed. But yet those very same people with only 18 percent body fat at 40 years old, very impressive, they argue with me that ‘I don’t have time to meditate 10 minutes.’ And yet they think they’re really spiritual. Okay, well, maybe they are. But right now, while you have all this time available, it’s the most profound thing you can do is to get re-centered, is to meditate. I’m doing it twice a day; I do it in the morning, I do it at night. But the most thing I think — besides getting out nature, by catching up on material, there’s a lot of stuff that we can now work on. One of the most important things is to meditate and it’s not just to meditate to meditate. It’s because we, as a result, will be formed and informed by the archetypal energies that are now proliferating and injecting their force on the world stage. And by quieting the mind and engaging — even if our mind, you know, we tend to lose it, we have to always sort of refocus ourselves — in that process, we are now downloading that intelligence, that material, that program, that directive. And within a few days, we are now operating from a deeper place, from a more informed place and from a place of certainty. The way to get certainty now is to connect with the deeper aspect of yourself. It just takes 10 minutes a day, and my call for everyone out there watching this is, When are you going to start? Because now is the time to put everything you know, everything you’ve been listening to and following into practice.

AB: Absolutely. Mic drop right there.

CS: Roger that.

AB: I couldn’t have said it better myself. I mean, we talked last week on this show about how what you do with this time matters and, you know, the choices you make during this lockdown — it’s like forced solitude. Well, that’s grounds for spiritual knowledge right there. It’s where you find it, so go inward. You can’t go outside, go inside. I saw that today and I couldn’t agree with you more. 

CS: Yeah.

WS: Yeah, that’s my recommendation. Go out to nature there’s nobody stopping you from taking a hike. 

AB: They actually are in Spain, man.

CS: In Spain, yeah.

AB: I think America might be too big to govern that way, but on our little island, we can’t go on any hikes.

WS: Righ, well, do what you can do. Connect with nature in any way that’s possible for you. Take your iPhone, there’s a lot of meditation apps, run it for 10 minutes, set it for 10 minutes, and just go into a place– your mind is gonna wander a little bit in the beginning, it will, but within a few days or within a week, certainly by week, you’re gonna get a lot more focus, a lot more centered, you’re gonna be a lot more responsive, you’re gonna become extremely intuitive.

AB: We need that, we need that right now.

WS: Everyone out there listening to this you need to be operating from an intuitive place, not a place from intellect. The intellect is failing us because that postmodern 1945 world that we created is all based on a mecha-materialistic intellectualization. So the excessive intellectualization that has resulted in this policy of aggression, greed, you know, this excessive thinking, excessive intellectualization is resulting in the very crisis we are in. It’s where we need to amplify and integrate the intuitive.

AB: Absolutely… So you all go find William Stickevers. It’s, I believe,

WS: Yes, williamstickevers.com, and I also have a Patreon channel where I go into great detail with predictions and current events, and I post a lot on Facebook.

AB: I’m obsessed with your Facebook page right now. [laughs]

WS: So that’s where you guys can reach me.

It’s coming fast, it’s happening folks. This is not going away. So take action. Listen. Meditate. Get connected, get informed, but take action on your intuition. If your intuition is telling you something, take action and take action now. Whatever that might be.

AB: Inspired action is the way forward, I agree with you. Thank you so much, William, for being on Spirit Guides Radio. It’s been such a pleasure and I’m hoping we’ll hear from you more in the future since we’ve got all the time in the world right now to talk about this stuff. Thank you so much for being with us today.

WS: Thank you, Arizona. I really appreciate the opportunity again to be on your show.

AB: Of course… Thank you so much again, William. And we will catch you all on the flip side. 

William Stickevers is an astrological consultant, hypnotist, life coach, and business strategist, advising clients from 28 countries for over three decades with strategy and insight to live a more fulfilled life according to their soul’s code and calling.

A trends forecaster, William’s annual global forecasts are backed by a deep study of economies, geopolitics, archetypal cosmology, and modern astrological forecasting techniques. William’s predictions for the outcome of the U.S. Midterm and Presidential Elections are well documented on his blog.

William has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, The Unexplained with Howard Hughes, Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes and JV Johnson, The Jerry Wills Show, and Alan Steinfeld’s New Realities. An international speaker, William has lectured at the New York Open Center, Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), two Funai Media events in Tokyo, Japan, the United Astrology Conference (2018), for the National Center for Geocosmic Research (NYC, Long Island, New Jersey, San Francisco chapters), American Federation of Astrologers (Los Angeles), the Astrological Society of Connecticut, the San Francisco Astrological Society, and in Europe (Munich, Germany, and Bucharest) and Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama).

More information on Consultations and Forecast Webinars are at his website

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