Astrology and Your Soul’s Code and Calling – Interview on Sandra Champlain’s We Don’t Die Radio

Most people know me for my financial and geopolitical predictions, but they don’t know that I started as a psychological astrologer 30 years ago and that much of my practice is working with clients to get them back on track with their true selves, to individuate, and to help them stay on track. I recently discussed Astrology and Your Soul’s Calling with Sandra Champlain on her We Don’t Die Radio show. You can read the transcript of this rare interview below.

I will be giving a lecture on this topic at Soul Summit Scottsdale in September, as well as participating on the Ask the Experts panel moderated by George Noory of Coast to Coast AM.

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Sandra Champlain: Welcome to another episode of We Don’t Die. I’m your host Sandra Champlain, author of the international bestseller called We Don’t Die – A Skeptics Discovery of Life After Death.

On the show today we’ll be talking to a former professional classical musician and computer systems network engineer who is now a full-time astrologer, forecaster, speaker, teacher, and consultant. Our guest is William Stickevers. William is an astrological consultant, hypnotist, life coach and business strategist. He’s been advising clients from 28 countries for over three decades with strategy and insight to live a more fulfilled life. He’s also a trends forecaster. In fact, William’s annual global forecasts are backed by a deep study of economies, finance, politics, history, archetypal cosmology, and modern astrological forecasting techniques. Continuously interested in the most effective approaches to self-discovery and transformation, William has studied Jungian psychology, holotropic breathwork, and Life Between Life hypnotherapy. He’s also a psychic medium and has been immersed in the Tony Robbins Mastery University. William is going to be one of the speakers at the upcoming Soul Summit Scottsdale which will be held September 12-15, 2019. You can find out more on his website which is

William, a warm welcome to We Don’t Die Radio.

William Stickevers: Thank you for having me today. It’s an honor.

SC: Oh, I’m so glad you’re here and I got a little tongue-tied, in some of my episodes when I get excited like a girl on Christmas. So, to meet a new friend and find out about a world I don’t know much about. So, you’re coming to us today from New York, is that correct?

WS: Actually, I’m from New York. I was born and raised in New York and I lived in Manhattan for a good 15 years before relocating for a few years in Silicon Valley, and then relocating last year to Las Vegas.

SC: How nice.

WS: So, I’m really a New Yorker operating within Las Vegas for all intents and purposes.

SC: All right, I get it. Great place to be, though. So, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your story because you are into so much that I’m not aware of, and how it all started, going from being a classical musician and computer systems network engineer, now into astrology. How does it all happen?

WS: Well, basically when I was attending conservatory in Philadelphia I was studying with the principal clarinetist of the Philadelphia Orchestraattending Temple University. And they have a conservatory within the university for serious classical musicians. During the winter break of 1985-86, I had a friend insist that I go to an astrologer who happened to be booked up six months in advance. My friend was so insistent that I see this astrologer, he convinced him to see me before he officially started with his first client, sometime around 8:00 in the morning. This was on a really cold winter day, we had to get up really early, it was a 45-minute drive. Now, this wasn’t like a best friend I grew up with.  This is someone I knew quite well; we used to do occasional workouts because I was an amateur bodybuilder that competed, and he was very much part of that. But he wasn’t someone who was my best friend, so it was a little strange that he was so insistent. We didn’t really see each other or talk that much between high school and my first two years of college. And so, he drives me there, nonetheless.

Then I get my reading and it’s a game-changer. I didn’t know what to expect, but what I got out of it was very revealing about my upbringing, my psychological childhood had to do very much with the dynamics going on with my parents, particularly with my father, and very much to do with what was happening with my life at the time in college – certain decisions that I was about to make and certain conflicts and struggles I was undergoing. That was very well articulated in a way where it would be impossible for someone to get this information from any third-party source. There was no internet at the time, so no one could look at a Facebook page and say, Okay, this is what this guy’s up to. That just did not exist in January 1986.

SC: Right.

WS: So, fortunately the astrologer recorded it all on cassette tape. I took that cassette tape back and started playing it. Many of the things he discussed that would begin to unfold over the year began to unfold within weeks of when he predicted they would.

SC: That’s crazy.

WS: Yes, it got me very intrigued and I said, Hmm, there’s got to be something to this, where there’s smoke there must be fire, as they say. And so, I called the astrologer and he recommended some books. There was a Barnes and Noble in downtown Philadelphia, and at that time there was no metaphysical book section. This was not at the point like today where we have two or three sections full of tarot books and astrology books and become-a-psychic-medium books.

SC: Right.

WS: They didn’t exist. And there was only one book out of list he recommended. It was an encyclopedia on how to create your own birth chart. It included all the tables and all the references, the ephemeris, and a number of other things you need to do to erect your own natal horoscope. It demonstrated the mathematics and it also provided a very well-written delineations of the symbolism.

So it became my hobby, and within a year of working out of that book, I started doing little mini readings for my friends and then my professors, and then I had a little waiting list and I started charging $15 and I was able to pay my rent and my car and my gas money. It was just a fun thing and I never thought about doing it very seriously because I was planning to become a musician, which I did. I went to New York, played on Broadway, played off-Broadway. I did some substitute teaching in music as a music teacher for junior high and high school for a limited period as well, and was basically auditioning and playing music as much as I could.

But at the same time, I continued my astrology studies and eventually I went back to that original astrologer and started studying with him, not knowing at the time he was a Jungian astrologer. He had a background training in Jung studies, Jung psychology, and I got very immersed into that world, that Jungian psychological, astrological world. And from there I continued developing my skill set studying various different other forms of astrology.

What eventually came out of it all was I wanted to start using astrology with computers. At the time there were very few options out there. The software was very expensive, it didn’t work very well within the certain PCs that were coming out in the early ’90s. So I embarked on going back to school, went to Hofstra University and got a degree in computer programming with the intention of writing my own astrological software. I ended up hooking up with Alphee Lavoie, who is the president of AIR Software and the Astrological Institute of Research (AIR), and started working with him and developing and beta testing software. I started touring and selling the software, along with learning how to be a professional astrologer.

And then around that time, I opened my own office. I thought it was just going be something until I made it big – until I won a big orchestra job, this would be something I could do. I quit doing the substitute teaching gig and decided to open my own office and I was busy. I was busy enough to basically cover my needs, pay my student loan, and then from there it really just began. It had a life of its own. I eventually met up with other people who would sponsor me to go speak and tour and give readings in Japan and that became a business within itself.

Elvis Presley Local Space Map
Astrolocality Map for Elvis Presley

And then I got later on into financial astrology and astrological magic. I studied with particular people who are experts, the top in their field, such as astro-locality for helping people relocate in retirement or which school to attend, what areas of the country would be best suited for them depending on what stage they were in life. I got later on into geopolitics, which is called mundane astrology, and financial forecasting using macroeconomic models. There is a very strong, long history in astrology that deals with world events, predicting world events with a fair degree of accuracy, and economic forecasting that goes beyond stock market trading.

So, I basically covered the gamut. Recently I got very interested in mediumship and PSI and precognition, and I’ve been working with that quite a bit, along with Life Between Life studies based on the Newton Institute. Also, learning hypnosis, integrating the hypnosis, the Life Between Life studies, the precognition, the mediumship. In the process of taking a course in mediumship two years ago, I discovered that I was an evidential medium.

SC: That’s pretty cool.

WS: Yeah, I probably would have done that right from the beginning if I knew I had that talent and skip the astrology. [laughs]

SC: Somehow it’s all perfect.

WS: Although there’s limits to evidential mediumship where astrology – you know, astrology is very effective at telling you who you are and what you need to do to self-actualize. That’s something mediumship falls short of. So I think where we merge all these different skill sets and tools and paradigms is where we can become more effective as practitioners and really help people find their way.

SC: And you studied with Tony Robbins which tells me you’re somebody who’s really into personal growth and transformation and us living the most powerful life while we’re here.

WS: Right, right, so during that process when I moved to New York City I realized I was dealing with a much higher demanding quality client and these people were on top of their game, they knew their outcomes they were very committed. If they were given a strategy, they implemented it, and these were things that I had to learn. In order for me to be an effective coach, advisor, strategist, I had to learn those technologies and help optimize people’s performance. So I had to. The only way I could do that was to totally immerse myself in the Anthony Robbins training and immersive results coaching program, which is really at the core NLP and optimal performance technologies.

SC: Wow, really interesting. I want to talk a little bit about astrology. Years ago, somebody recommended an astrologist, and my brain went to “I’m an Aries. What are they going to tell me?” And so, I trusted my friend because she says, You’ve got to talk to this guy. And I spoke to him just briefly on the phone, just gave him some details about myself, and he sent me two CDs that were so specific on so much about my past and my future. I’ve kept these CDs and the things that he said were so right on. And you talk about Jungian psychology. This man seemed to me so well trained in psychology and life coaching and I thought this is not the world that I assumed was astrology. So, can you just talk a little bit about what astrology is.

WS: Yeah, this is not an easy thing to explain —

SC: I get that —

WS: — because we’re really dealing, it’s almost like explaining what is physics, right.

SC: Right.

WS: So, what we’re really dealing with in astrology is the psyche. Astrology is a symbolic system of determining the status and contents of one’s psyche and how that psyche is likely to manifest and self-actualize during the course of one’s life. So that’s the core of it. Astrology deals with the archetype, the realm that has been defined so clearly by Carl Jung – which started with Freud but Carl Jung really developed it out – is the realm of the archetypes, the domain of the archetypes. So that has to do with looking at archetypes in themselves. For example, Mars would be an archetype, the Sun would be an archetype, Aries would be an archetype, the zodiacal signs would be an archetype. They represent a certain set of intelligence, a certain set of quantities and qualities that are immutable and timeless. So, the qualities of the Sun in terms of the principle of manifesting destiny, the sense of destiny. The Moon in the sense of nurturing, in the sense of connecting, the sense of mothering. These are universal principles.

Drawing by Carl Jung in his Red Book

So, when we talk in astrology, what we’re really dealing with is the archetypal realm. But that archetypal realm has many different levels and layers. It deals both with the personal psyche but also with the collective or transpersonal psyche. It deals both with the conscious and the unconscious. It deals with the ego, and it also deals with the shadow. These are different components. There’s many different aspects and components to one’s psyche. How the construct of it, the mapping of it is, the symbolic system of astrology and its methods and techniques all are based on this archetypal invisible ordering principle. This is something that has been continuously developed; the concept of archetypal astrology in itself goes back about 5,000 years. It’s something that Jung started finding. He started seeing correlations between people’s particular neuroses and their astrological charts. In fact, he would draw up an astrological chart and use that chart as a reference in his treatment and analysis with patients and clients.

SC: Wow, I didn’t know that.

WS: Yeah. He was quite an in-depth astrologer. He would also look at particular transits when certain planetary bodies in the sky are going to make an aspect to one’s own planets in their own natal chart.

So, one’s natal chart is immutable. The planets in your chart are a snapshot at a particular moment, time and date, and the chart never changes. But what does change is the planets over time will be making aspects to the chart, the symbols in the chart. And we happen to know, because of astronomy and mathematics and calendrics and our computers, we know when certain events will occur, certain astrological archetypal events will occur that will correlate with developments, intimations, behaviors. It will trigger certain events or it will draw and attract certain people and events. We know when that will happen and we can describe with a fair degree of accuracy of what that will be. That would be called a prediction.

Carl Jung
Carl Jung

This is essentially what Jung was doing. He knew what the psychological complex, the psychological history was going on during the childhood of an individual based on their birth chart. He knew what the source of neurosis was. He had the context based on what the client was telling them in the therapy, but he knew when a particular period where certain personal breakthroughs would occur or breakdowns would occur based on the current transits in the sky. And he would then be able to modify or to frame out how he was going to do the therapy. His therapy, Jungian therapy is very unique for the individual, and astrology is a good chunk of how that is achieved, how that is determined, what is the pathway for one to come to integrate these elements to their psyche that are causing all this all these problems in their life. And what Jung was good at, unlike modern psychology today, is he would bring out the person you’re to become. In the therapy you would become that person, not the person that’s supposed to just pay his taxes, be compliant, vote only Democrat or Republican, never ask questions, do what he said, basically reduce the individuation. In fact, Jung would say, Well, maybe with this type of chart you shouldn’t be married, or Maybe with this type of chart you really do need to be living in a city where people are experimenting and it’s much more liberal, in a much more socially liberal area, where someone else would need to be would be more appropriate for them to live in a completely different environment, or Maybe the partnership would not be appropriate based on the type of chart, that they would have to seek certain different types of partners based on what they believed was appropriate for them, in terms of their upbringing, in terms of their religion.

So it’s very much about individuating, not just simply integrating and becoming better behaved — not behavioral modern psychology, but it’s really an archetypal psychology of individuation and fully developed self-actualization.

SC: This is pretty cool, William, and I don’t think the world as a whole has really embraced the power of astrology like this. And I am really excited that we’re talking and of course my mind goes back to my astrology reading many years ago that it’s like, holy cow. At the time, I thought, Oh, I don’t know, and then it’s all coming true. I assume that back in the day you started with the book and now you probably have computer software and you get information from your clients and create a chart that way.

WS: Yes, you know, my only books I have are reference books —

SC: Right, I know, 2019…

WS: It’s all computer-driven. Yeah, 2019. So, with the software, we could do today what astrologers, even the best astrologers in the world, even Nostradamus can’t even come close to what astrologers can do today — the ones who are trained, ones who are talented, ones who are intuitively gifted or work on their intuition, and combined with the type of astrology software that we have and the data sets of the research.

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley’s Natal Horoscope

With today’s software, today’s computer with the Internet, we have we have tremendous data sets with tremendous research, resources that we can access. We can correlate, for example, what makes a great musician. We can look at the chart of 500 world class musicians and we can determine very quickly what particular portents in their horoscope they would have to have against what was consistent about all 500 of these world class musicians’ horoscopes, and what’s the probability that they would have these testimonies against a random group. Then we could run a Blackbox —  those particular aspects and quantities and portents that they had and then run that against an entire group, or against the client or against the group of people and say what’s your propensity of becoming the next Elvis Presley or the next John Lennon. We can do that. We could do that with scientists, we can do that with politicians. What’s the probability you become a great president if you were to be president.

We could do all of these things now. For people who’ve lived over a hundred, what’s in their chart that’s not in other people’s charts; we can look at life expectancy. We could look at divorce probability; we could look at business success, business failure. We have now reached a level where we can quantify these things statistically and then through the computers, encapsulate them, blackbox them for forecasting and diagnostic purposes, for vocational assessment. We could look at this stuff now.

From that standpoint we can look at where the Dow Jones Industrial has been for the past hundred years and see every time when it’s gone up 3 percent, 6 percent, has made 6 percent drops, and we can find out when the next crisis is going to happen or when the next big boom is going to happen. We could look at all of these things today. We can look at people who commit suicide, what is driving them to do that astrologically — not only important in their chart, do they have a propensity for it but when did it occur, what transits were occurring in the sky that got them to take action to drive them to suicide. We could see that as well.

We can determine these things and once we have those data sets and we understand the rules as they say, we can then help people get more informed about where their strengths or their weaknesses are, what they’re good at, what they their life calling is likely to be. That’s a big one today when automation, A.I., and computers basically take out 60 percent of the workforce by 2030, not too far away.

Do you still believe that we have
free will, William?

To a degree, but most people
don’t execute it.

And then the most important thing is really, what is your soul’s code and calling? Because really, that’s what the chart is. We were talking about what is astrology — astrology is the symbolic system of the soul, of the soul itself. And the various different components of soul would be the soul’s code and calling. Everyone has a set of mission parameters, challenges, lessons certain things they must achieve. This is all encoded in to the chart and we know when those particular periods of life are going to be more fated than others and certain periods where we’re called upon by fate, by destiny, by our soul’s code and calling to fulfill and self-actualize our life according to what we originally agreed to come in and do, prior to birth.

SC: This is all very, very cool and I’m so glad we’re having this conversation. And for our listeners, William has been rated with a very high accuracy. So, I think it’s that it’s wonderful and I don’t doubt that you use your intuition and all that stuff to just put the icing on the cake with the stuff that you get from the charts. Do you still believe that we have free will, William?

WS: To a degree, but most people don’t execute it. Many people execute only a small percentage of their free will.

I’ll give you an example. I was a bodybuilder and I still am a bodybuilder although not competing today, I still enjoy going to the gym, try to stay in phenomenal shape and do everything I can to stay fit right. I’m committed to health and fitness primarily. However, there are people that I’ve trained back in the day and even advise to this day and they’ll go to the gym and they’ll quit within, you know, halfway through the workout, where others will complete the work out. Someone else will exceed that, they’ll really push themselves and make sure within a half hour on training day they give nearly 90 percent of what their capacity is every time they’re there. And within three months they transform their bodies. And the other people who’ve been there, they stop going after two weeks or a month and go back to eating junk again. They know better but they don’t do better.

So that’s free will. You are given the advice, the counsel, the instruction, but how much do you execute? How consistent are you in your behavior?  Most people execute very little. That’s my opinion. People go, Oh, well, we have such free will. Well, maybe you do. But how much? What are you really doing with your time? And most people are not outcome driven, they don’t have any clear sense of purpose by what they’re doing. What are they doing and why are they doing it? Most people cannot even tell you that. Ask most people what they really want — What do you want to achieve in the next three years? They’ll go, Uh, well, you know — they don’t know.

SC: So unhappy, totally no idea.

WS: Right, no idea. They have no idea what happy — well, what does that mean to you? And first of all, happiness is really more of a purpose; it’s not an outcome, right.

SC: Right.

WS: So, this is what we’re talking about here. When we talk about free will and I say, OK tell me what you want the next three years, and you cannot tell me within four sentences, in 30 seconds, you’re not executing very much free well in your life.

SC: Gotcha.

WS: So, I help people execute the free will that is indicated based on their chart, within the constraints of their chart. Because no matter how much you want to be the next Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, that’s probably not fated or destined for you. You’re barking up the wrong tree. I don’t care how talented you are.

What I’m getting at is that most people are not being all that they can be because they’re executing very little free will. They put their lives, their charts, their psyches into default mode and let society and their parents and their religion and that eighth grade teacher who just saw no value in you, determine what you could and could not do. And that’s the level most people — and I’m not trying to sound elitist here. I’m just telling you.

SC: No, no, I get it. I’ve seen people transform and I can just imagine people that are told, Oh, you need to be a doctor or do whatever the family business is, and then you work with them and you say you’re really prone to art, and I see you working with your hands, etc. And that person going, Oh my God, I’ve always felt that way — because that’s what’s in their chart. And I see you getting people back on track or putting them on the track they were meant to be. And then they can enjoy a life obviously with free will and hard work, and you’re not just given things, you’re given opportunities, I think. But you get people on track to who they are what their life purpose is. I think it’s a huge gift.

WS: Thank you. And I believe that’s really what astrology is about. Now, astrology is not limited to that.

SC: Right.

WS: Astrology can also forecast about what’s going on in the larger world, such as the body politic of the nation or the or the body politic of the world in terms of the larger geopolitical and economic cycles, and to give people a perspective and a framework — what is really allowing mainstream media, corporate-controlled news determine the world view about what’s how the world is and how it ought to be.

That’s very important as well because astrologers used to do that over the past 2,000 years. Then what happened is the ’60s counterculture movement took over. Astrology got revived by that movement but the hippies, who eventually became Republicans and Democrats and activists as they entered middle age, decided to be anti-political because of the very roots of when they discovered astrology. As a result, astrologers have veered away from looking at the larger geopolitical cycles, economic cycles, making statements about the world and the development of human civilization.

So that’s a new thing now, where we have in the archetypal transpersonal astrology we have today, we are also talking about things that deal with what we’re confronting — a world where we are becoming a technological civilization, where the awareness that we’re not the only civilization in the universe is going to be fully disclosed. It’s been partially disclosed but fully disclosed is eminent, and we’re no longer going to be operating on the same fossilized fuel driven, Adam Smith, macro fiat currency, fractional reserve lending banking model that we’ve been operating on for over the past hundred years either. We’re moving to a completely new way of life. The astrology has been predicting this. It’s demonstrating this and we’re able now to give people a perspective on when we’re in these transitions why such chaos is going on, why these types of breakdowns occur historically, before we have breakthroughs.

SC: We always have a breakdown before a breakthrough and usually a big one so that may rise.

WS: Right. You had to have the Black Death before you had the Reformation and the Renaissance the follow. You had to have some breakdown. We could go back in history and we could find this over and over again. And right now, we’re going through this type of breakdown where the 19th-20th century model is completely breaking down. The paradigm that defined the post-modern period is completely breaking down in medicine, in physics, in science, in economy and politics, the two-party system that says there’s no other way. That’s completely breaking down.

It takes a lot of moral courage.

A lot of people just want to sit back, get enlightened, and
get a mediumship reading, have their grandmother
tell them what they need to hear and then
go back to binge watching on Netflix.

It doesn’t work like that.

People are having neurotic breakdowns in coordination with this larger breakdown because it’s not only the fact that they’re not clear about what they are, who they are, and they’re 42 years old and everything’s just hit a standstill, and they’re on the verge of divorce or bankruptcy – but it also is correlating with the fact that we have the world basically coming apart at the seams. That’s correlating at the same time because the astrology is impacting both the personal and the collective.

SC: William, do you with everything you do — I know you’re one busy man — do you still make time to do personal astrology consulting with people if people are interested?

WS: Well, that’s the core of what I do.

SC: Ok good.

WS: Also, I don’t call it readings, I call them consultations. I mostly have retainer clients, many clients who want to work with me once or twice a month, sometimes once every three months. I have different types of retainer packages where I can help, be their adviser, their coach. I will also be like an objective third party analyst, in critiquing what they have planned because I let them know, I don’t think this is going to work or I think this is a bad idea; they know that when they work with me.

The most important thing is I help people self-actualize. When they decide this is it, I want to catch up to myself, I’ve been faking, extending and pretending my life for 40 years, and now I want to be who I want to be, then they start working with me or they go to me to get a reading and they really see, Hey, you are telling me everything I sort of know but now you’ve given me an idea of what or how I can make that happen.

And again, it takes a lot of moral courage. A lot of people just want to sit back, get enlightened, and get a mediumship reading, have their grandmother tell them what they need to hear and then go back to binge watching on Netflix. It doesn’t work like that.

SC: No, [laughs] it’s interesting because a lot of what we talk about on this show as the evidence of the afterlife, which is great. And if we don’t die, who are we and what is our life for? And I’m 53 now, I know the clock is ticking on my life, though when I shut my eyes the last time here on planet Earth I want to look back and say, you know, I gave it my all I really got my money’s worth out of life. So, I see who you are for people is when they’re ready and we get this like, How do I have the most of my experience here on Earth? Who am I meant to be? You help get them on track and you help nurture that and I asked you about being a consultant for people because I know the feeling I have inside and it’s like, Hey, I want to talk to you personally, I mean, and so I have a lot of listeners, I can’t help but think that there’ll be some people that go to and just find out more.

And then also it’s not just you just doing a chart based on your training and everything you’re up to. I mean I have a funny feeling you’re one fine coach of a person, who really help people be who they say they are and what the chart shows them as. So, I really giving kudos to all that you’re doing for mankind.

And I really do love this conversation but I want to ask you too, your belief on the afterlife and perhaps how on an astrology chart can you see that there’s going to be a real shift in mankind’s belief in the afterlife or really supporting it?

WS: I think that’s happening now. I think there’s a revolution going on in the afterlife. I mean, just based on the research of Michael Newton in the Newton Institute and we’re seeing a resurgence of mediumship now, and many people include reincarnation or Life Between Life and mediumship as part of their self-exploration process. See, the thing is that we have to realize that the mechanistic materialistic Cartesian paradigm that has defined a post-modern worldview, the worldview that we grew up in being educated in the ’70s, ’80s is completely falling apart. We know this. We see this with quantum physicists where they realize that there’s actually two quantum realities occurring when they analyze two bonded protons. They see how these quantum experiments, what they assumed to be true is falling apart. There is nothing deterministic about the universe to begin with.

So, we’re seeing a completely new world view emerge and part of that worlds is the non-local consciousness and the existence of non-local consciousness, so the continuity of non-local consciousness after death. I mean, it’s basically been established by para-psychologists, paranormal researchers that consciousness is non-local, and that non-local consciousness likely — based on all of the evidence they’re putting together — continues.

However, the problem is simply this. I’m sure you’re aware of remote viewing.

SC: Yes, very much so.

Image result for third eye spies

WS: Right. A very good film for everyone to watch, I’m going to recommend this. This will totally enlighten you and inform you about what our government – maybe your senator or congressman doesn’t believe in extrasensory perception or a mediumship or life after death, but the government does because they are using it for espionage purposes, for mind

control, for political control. They’re using it basically for applied perception management of the population, and this was clearly articulated in, I think it was called “Third Eye Spies” based on the work of that came out of the SRI in the early ’70s, 1973 with Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff.

But the point I’m trying to make is that both physicists, that basically jump-started that program that was funded by the CIA, stated after the results were totally in, and after we basically bailed out the CIA and the president on certain missions on certain things that had to be achieved by the remote viewing team, and none of these people on a team were professional psychics, by the way. The people who basically did the majority of the work were not trained professional psychics at all and had a 78 percent or higher accuracy rating.

The problem comes down to this. What was occurring cannot be included in the current model of physics that quantum physicists, relativity theories, physics or Newtonian physics. The current understanding of physics today does not include PSI, the paranormal, the astrological effect, or astrological heredity. It does not include it. That’s the problem. Once we have a model that can include that, then it will be accepted by mainstream science. But that’s the problem — what they teach in school precludes any type of paranormal psychic phenomenon, completely, even the intuitive process of the brain because the brain supposedly generates consciousness so consciousness cannot be non-local.

So as long as we have this post-modern worldview paradigm dominating both academia, being pontificated over and over again by the mainstream media, it will never be accepted until there is a breakthrough in physics.

SC: Interesting. I’ve personally studied with Russell Targ on my journey of what’s possible and there were probably 60 people in the class and nobody knew anything about remote viewing. Everybody gave it a shot. Everybody could do it. Different degrees. But when I could tap into the past, the present, and the future, in my brain I thought, OK, what else is possible? So, I find this very fascinating and it’s interesting that you say we need a new model in physics is the way. Because it’s got to happen and hopefully you can tap into help with astrology, the tipping point will happen.

WS: Well, astrology is essentially remote viewing in a way.

SC: Mm-hmm.

WS: Because we know when in a particular aspect or a particular transit or progression is going to occur. We could look at the computer or open our ephemeris and say, In the year 2023, such and such person will undergo a particular astrological dynamic that will be occurring.

SC: Right.

WS: We know that. Then the astrologer uses intuitive induction in order to speculate what that future scenario will be. So, it is a form of remote viewing instead of getting a tag number, an eight-digit tag number and saying, OK what is this object, draw it out, where is it located, and you get this number and everybody draws it out and it’s and it’s something that hasn’t even been selected yet, right.

SC: Right.

WS: That’s the amazing part. Instead of that we’re looking at a birth horoscope. But better yet, we don’t even need the birth horoscope. We know when major our planetary alignments are going to occur in the sky and we know when that’s going to happen, but we don’t know what impact it will have on the world. So, we could give an astrologer a date and say, Here’s a date 2025, on this date Saturn-Neptune conjunction, tell us what that is going to mean for the world. So, they could do the left brain way and look it up what the Saturn-Neptune meant historically if we go back in terms of the economy, in terms of politics, in terms of social development, they could do that or they could do the right brain approach where they can intuitively infer what that would mean for the planet or for the country, for the economy, etc.

So that’s another form where remote viewing is not that different than astrology. It has an intuitive or I call a PSI component to it that the astrologers don’t want to talk about. But I’ll talk about it because you know I realized that not early but later in my development, my career.

SC: Is the chart that was done on you way back when coming true? Like you’re actually seeing yourself as this person and going, Holy cow, here I am?

WS: Well, you know in my case I ended up – I have a lot of different talents in different areas.

SC: You do.

WS: And so I’m not like a typical guy who just got a degree in something, decided not to use a degree and go into something else, and then basically rode that out until retirement, which is what I see most of the time.

I’ve always been very passionate about
improving the quality of life, getting people
to make better informed decisions,

and not only decisions but to take action on those decisions.

I think that’s the key thing because
you don’t find your destiny
unless you’re executing on decisions.

And that’s the biggest problem.
Most people make a decision and let it sit.

SC: Right.

WS: I had like three or four different careers. And so, you know, my chart showed that, that you needed to be all these things. And how are you going to explain that to a 21-year old or 20-year old?

SC: Right.

WS: I was 20 at the time. So, how do you explain it to a 20-year-old, how things are going to turn out. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s chart. What is Arnold Schwarzenegger? Is he a bodybuilder? Is he a politician? Is he a producer?

SC: Exactly.

WS: Is he a real estate mogul? Is he a celebrity? He’s all these things. Is he a billionaire? Yes. He’s a movie star. So, how could you tell him at 20 years old, this is what you’re going to be?

SC: That’s true. What gives you the most passion these days? What are you most passionate about?

WS: That’s a good question. I feel that people go through the life and they find different passions for them.

SC: Definitely. I know that for myself, definitely.

WS: Yeah, so, I’m sort of rediscovering what that is. I think for me, it’s really working with people and seeing them really bring their life up a few notches. That’s one of them. I’ve always been very passionate about improving the quality of life, getting people to make better informed decisions, and not only decisions but to take action on those decisions. So, I think that’s the key thing because you really don’t find your destiny unless you’re executing on decisions. And that’s the biggest problem. Most people make a decision and let it sit.

The biggest problem is getting people to make an informed decision. The second biggest problem is getting them to take action on it. And that’s where the free will comes in. How many people are really executing on a decision?

And here’s the other thing. The difference between a Bill Gates and someone who is basically struggling with low aims and a regular paycheck is that Bill Gates will make a decision and take action immediately or within minutes. Someone else who’s, you know, moderately successful will take a couple of days. Someone else, most people will take weeks to months, and some people will never make a decision. So, it’s not just taking action, but how soon do you take that action. That’s where free will comes in as well.

So, I think that’s the big thing. It’s like if I make a decision because I know what I know and because I practice what I preach, I execute that decision within minutes or hours or within the same day. Sometimes it’s not always possible. For example, Mercury is retrograde right now. So, Mercury Retrograde periods — for the past three weeks  — it’ll be that way until the 28th of March –are good periods or good times to reassess things, to do research. It’s generally a period where we have to reframe what we’re doing. Not a good time to make a decision and take action on a decision, It’s actually a time when we have to go and address those things on the backburner that we were making decisions on, on the verge of making decisions on and reviewing them one last time before we go forward again. One step back, or two steps back, then one giant leap forward.

So that’s an example of how you can integrate astrology, knowing when the Mercury Retrograde periods are and not taking action on making a decision, on where we need to probably get more informed. On what we’re hearing in the news, for example, about the latest report that came out. Probably because it’s Mercury Retrograde, we’re not going to get that information. We’re going to find out what they say forthcoming is not going to be accurate when we look back later on. So, what we’re hearing now ultimately is not going to be historically accurate or decisive or politically relevant to what’s going to happen a year from now. We know that just because of the astrology. This is all ways astrology can be utilized with other practices, other methods of self-actualization.

SC: William, this is really great information and you’ve done so much work. I know you’ll be speaking at the September Soul Summit in Scottsdale. Can you tell us a little bit about what you’re going to be speaking about there?

WS: Yes, so what I’m going to be talking about there is a little bit on what we touched on in this interview today, and that’s going to be going into the nitty gritty of what the soul’s code and calling is in relevance to my understanding of it both as someone who has a certain degree of training in mediumship, experience as well and someone who’s been an astrologer who’s been able to look at thousands of charts of people over the years and how their charts unfolded, how their destiny has unfolded based on their birth charts and how that very much correlates with the part. They call it a “priory doctrine” of the of the soul, of the soul in terms of how the Greeks looked at it, the Greek philosophers in antiquity, in particular.

So, I’m going to basically put it within a 21st century context or framework and present to people that the most important thing in your life is self-actualization according to YOUR soul’s code and calling according to your chart. And there’s all different ways to do that, and we have all these wonderful tools. I think what most people want to know is, besides the fact that there is an afterlife and connecting with a loved one on the other side, I think after that initial process is achieved and they come to recognize that, then the next question always becomes, So, what do I do now?

SC: Right.

WS: What about me? What is it about? And people want to know if they’re on track with their life. A lot of people come to me and say, Am I on track? Or you put them into hypnosis and they meet with their spirit guides or the Council of Elders, the very entities that help design the life that they currently chose to live in. They want to know if they’re on track.

So, this is where astrology can really work with the metaphysical side community and in a more empowering way where it’s not so much about freewill versus determinism, which is the way astrology was framed in this post-modern worldview, Where does the astrology end and freewill begin? That complete approach is flawed because we know that the universe is not deterministic and we know that freewill is something that is not encouraged or trained or very schooled or people have very few models of what free will is. We see this with people who exceed, break the odds, who achieve high positions in life who end up not just doing one thing but five things successfully. We know. We see those in the 1 percenters, I call them — the 1 percent of top, the top people who achieve no matter what their schooling is, no matter what their background is. They seem to know and execute the same things regardless what timeframe, what period. They all have something very consistent about them.

So I’m going to talk about that within a spiritual context that when people are off track and they’re binge watching on Netflix and are eating lots of Cheetos and they’re 30 pounds overweight, you know, these are all symptoms that they are off track with their soul’s code and calling. They are not in alignment with what has been agreed upon which they agreed upon —

SC: Mm-hmm.

WS: — to do in this life. So, these are all symptoms. All of this opioid crisis, right, this is a spiritual, a moral failure not just on the part of government but by society and by people in general and by the very institutions – this has to do with the soul sickness because we are off track as a civilization, not just people. We’re off track. We’re not where we need to be, where we should be technologically, socially, ecologically. Look what we’re doing to the planet. Look how we utilize all the fossil fuel resources to the point where the next war will simply be about that and unless we gain change it. This has nothing to do with the lack of technology or a lack of skills or lack of anything. It has to do with a moral failure that we are off track with ourselves and we need to get more rigorous about that but we need to get more informed. And that’s part of what I’m going to be talking about.

SC: Excellent. And just a couple minutes left. Can you just talk about your website? There’s a lot that you have there and how people can get in touch with you because I know you have a Facebook page too, LinkedIn, YouTube channel.

WS: Right, I’m on Facebook, YouTube,, all my services are there. I have a lot of good information on my blog. I talk a lot about what’s happening with the world from an astrological viewpoint and make predictions. I make a lot of predictions because I know the proof in the pudding, right. If I don’t make a prediction, if 80 percent or greater my predictions don’t come to pass, you know, astrology really doesn’t have any relevance.

SC: Right.

WS: I’ll be including more of the PSI element, I’ll be talking about more about remote viewing, the astrology of remote viewing is one of one of my projects. Also, one of my focuses is going to be taking a deep dive in advance controlled precognition. I’m going to be working very hard on that and integrating that more into my blog, into my communications on my social media and getting people informed and giving them the perspective. The most important thing is to have the perspective like, Why the hell is everything seeming to be falling apart, or Why are we in this tumble? We seem to be going through this type of unraveling process. So I feel like one of my passions as well is going back to that is talking about what’s happening in the world from a larger perspective that goes way beyond mainstream media pontification and partisan bickering, looking at it from a broader view to understand how everybody’s playing a role. If you’re alive today, you have decided to somehow play a role in this global transformation.

SC: Pretty cool.

WS: You have to realize, everyone has to realize that there is the breakdown before the breakthrough. So, whether it’s going to be a breakdown and a complete collapse or a breakdown and a transformation and a Renaissance-to-follow is really up to all of us, all of you listening. You need to play your part and that means you need to get on track, stay on track with your life, make spiritual health and fitness as important as going to the gym. So, really I think the bigger message in what I’ll be putting on my website more over the forthcoming year.

SC: William, thank you so much for being our guest today

WS: You’re very welcome. I appreciate the opportunity to speak today. I look forward to talking to you again and meeting you.

SC: Yeah definitely. And it’s interesting. This is episode 304 and this is our first talking about astrology. So, what a fantastic person to have delivered this message. And it is my stand that more people know about this because it may not be what we thought of astrology when we were kids and it’s much more than just an astrological sign. I mean, this is a great science and a great resource for living life powerfully so thank you again.

WS: Thank you, Sandra. Again, it was a pleasure and I really look forward to meeting you and doing this again with you sometime in the future.

SC: We will definitely do that. And for our listener, thank you for spending this time. A reminder to go to, you can find all kinds of great information there. Our home base is and we now have 304 great episodes, not just about the afterlife but as you can see by this episode about living life. And if you’d like to join our Facebook group you can find We Don’t Die Listeners on Facebook also and WeDon’ You can join what I call the Insider’s Club, that’s just our mailing list and I don’t send you too much e-mail but I send you some good things from time to time. But as a gift I’ll give you my free audio called How to Survive Grief. I’ve got a PDF called My 19 Reasons To Believe In the Afterlife, and it says read several chapters of my book, We Don’t Die but as my gift to you it is the whole book. So, it’s there. So, in closing my name is Sandra Champlain and I’m always so happy to be your host on We Don’t Die Radio. I do believe that life is an education for the soul and that your life here on earth is important. So like William said, take action on your decisions. That’s so important. Really want to thank you for listening, and we’ll see you soon.

William Stickevers is an astrological consultant, hypnotist, life coach, and business strategist, advising clients from 28 countries for over three decades with strategy and insight to live a more fulfilled life according to their soul’s code and calling. A trends forecaster, William’s annual global forecasts are backed by a deep study of economies, geopolitics, archetypal cosmology, and modern astrological forecasting techniques.

Continuously interested in the most effective approaches to self-discovery and transformation, William has studied Jungian psychology, holotropic breathwork, and Life Between Life hypnotherapy and has been immersed in the Tony Robbins Mastery University, enabling William to counsel his clients with expertise few astrologers have on the economy affecting the client, psychology, the psyche, metaphysical and transpersonal growth, and effective strategy according to the client’s natal chart, transits, and economic environment.

William has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory (four times, including the 2019 annual New Year’s Predictions show), The Unexplained with Howard Hughes, Sandra Champlain’s We Don’t Die Radio, Spiritual Explorers with Susanne Wilson, The Jerry Wills Show, and Alan Steinfeld’s New Realities. An international speaker, William has lectured at the New York Open Center, Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), the United Astrology Conference (2018), and two Funai Media events in Tokyo, Japan.

More information on Consultations and Forecast Webinars are at his website



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