2012: With another Recession On The Way It Is Time to Get Defensive

With the growing economic uncertainty due to the financial instability in Europe, the growing political instability in the Middle East, the swift decline of leading economic indicators, and the out-of-control sovereign debt crisis, is enough to motivate me to get even more defensive with my long-term investment portfolio. Keep in mind no matter how bad things got people will always need things like pharmaceuticals, consumer staples, and utilities, which hold up well in a recession. Therefore I plan to add a no load mutual fund to my Roth IRA, that has a low expense ratio, provides a decent dividend paying yields, with lower volatility then a high-flying tech fund, and has at least 3 years of bullish astrological indicators to its First Trade  horoscope. The winner and my final pick: Vanguard Dividend Growth Fund -VDIGX: May 15th 1992, 9:30 am EDT, New York, NY

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