2011 Just A Prelude to 2012

Have you ever seen any year compared to 2011? Since the Cardinal T-Square in July 2010 we’ve had BP Oil Disaster, Arab Spring, European Riots, 1700 U.S. cities with ongoing OWS protest, historical level of flooding, record droughts, record wildfires, record level of tornadoes, heat waves, along with 13 Deadly Earthquakes. Only 9% Congressional approval, with 85% of Americans believing the nation is on the Wrong Track. Also, the European debt crises along with the Japanese tsunami followed by the Level 7 Nuclear meltdowns.  The rise of the China with the quick and progressive  decline of the West. In many ways, this year’s been like a walk through the Book of Revelations that leads to the doorway of Mayan prophecy. If 2012 lives up to just half of the hype it’s getting, we are definitely in for great change!

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