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Regulus Financial Astrology
Q3 2024 Forecast

July 24, 2024 
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Geopolitical and Financial Astrological Insights  Macroeconomic Analysis  Real-World Data
No Astrology Knowledge Needed To Benefit

Get the Asymmetric Advantage in Your Investing Strategy

Anticipate of Future Trends and Make More Informed Investment and Financial Decisions
with Sophisticated Astrological Analysis and Assessment

Equip yourself with our in-depth astrological analysis to forecast future trends.
Make investment decisions based on a perspective that transcends the ordinary.

In a world brimming with economic, political, and social disruptions,
your business, finances, and life are directly affected.

Stay one step ahead with our insights into the
significant, yet elusive events unfolding on the global stage.

An Excerpt from the Regulus Financial Astrology Q4 2023 Forecast:

About William Stickevers

William Stickevers, a globally recognized financial astrologer, delivers insights that resonate with the strategies of financial trailblazers like Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins. The Regulus Financial Astrology Forecasts, an intelligent blend of financial astrology, macroeconomics, geopolitics, and real-world financial data, are unparalleled in their depth and foresight.

Regulus Financial Astrology Quarterly Forecast vs. GTA (Global Transformation Astrology) Membership
Regulus Financial Astrology Quarterly Forecast

A comprehensive quarterly analysis, merging economic trends, market fluctuations, and astrological financial forecasting. Gain the critical insights you need to adjust your investment portfolio effectively.

Global Transformation Astrology (GTA) Membership

An expansive approach that blends secular trends and astrological insights within the context of global geopolitical, social, and spiritual evolutions. Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the world’s underlying dynamics. Learn more

Register for the Regulus Financial Astrology Q3 2024 Forecast
and Gain the Edge in Your Financial Decision-Making

Hear from Our Clients:

“William really has a unique level of insight on financial and political astrology. I’ve worked with other astrologers to help navigate the best ways to approach the future, but nothing was giving me the confidence I needed to really take action. I’ve been able to move forward in SO MANY WAYS with SO MUCH SUCCESS. Life really feels lighter now that I’m prepared for whatever might happen next.”

-B.B., GTA Member, January 2022

. . .

“The depth and detailed knowledge that William shared went far beyond my expectations. I feel like this helps me to be so much more prepared both financially and psychologically for what this year and beyond may hold. I learned a great deal, surprising possibilities & probabilities for the upcoming year that I would not have known otherwise.”
-Sheela, Global Outlook 2023 Webinar Attendee

. . .

“I’ve been an astrology customer for the last 30 years, and indeed, never found a professional like William before. No one has been able to give me a picture of the real world situation like he has, and with his extended research on almost everything, the outlook is always complete on the majority of aspects.”

-CEO of an International Corporation

Register for the Regulus Financial Astrology Q3 2024 Forecast
and Gain the Edge in Your Financial Decision-Making

A Timeline of Some of William Stickevers’ Accurate Predictions

  • 2007: Predicting the 2008 Financial Crisis: William foresaw the impending financial crash that would shake the global economy in 2008. His members were well-prepared for the market fallout.

  • 2010: European Debt Crisis: William accurately forecasted the European Debt Crisis, demonstrating his ability to identify and warn about potential economic challenges.

  • 2011: The Rise of Bitcoin: William saw the potential of Bitcoin early on. He forecasted the meteoric rise of this cryptocurrency, enabling his members to invest when Bitcoin was merely a fraction of its peak value.

  • 2015: Brexit and Trump’s Victory: William foresaw the momentous British Exit from the European Union and Donald Trump’s surprising victory in the 2016 U.S. elections against most polls and popular opinion.

  • 2017: Bitcoin Boom and UFO Disclosure “X Event”: In mid-2017, William warned his audience of an imminent Bitcoin boom. Those who heeded his advice enjoyed substantial financial gains. He also predicted the government’s disclosure of UFO information, underscoring his ability to tap into future revelations.

  • 2019: Hollywood Box Office Crisis and Globalization’s Evolution: William predicted the challenges faced by the Hollywood Box Office, revealing his understanding of the changing business models in the entertainment industry. He also accurately predicted the breakdown of international supply chains and the shifting dynamics of globalization.

  • 2020: The Coronavirus Pandemic and Global Economic Crash: William foresaw the disruption of the Coronavirus pandemic as early as 2019, alerting his members to a significant shift in the global landscape. He also accurately predicted the global economic crash due to Covid-19, showcasing our understanding of economic cycles.

  • 2021: Crypto Market Insights and DeFi Revolution: William provided precise price predictions for Bitcoin and Altcoins from April 2020 to April 2021. He also predicted the decentralized finance revolution, highlighting his grasp of emerging trends in the financial sector.

  • 2022: Russia-Ukraine War and Global Economy Rebound: William predicted the Russia-Ukraine War, demonstrating his understanding of global conflicts and their implications. He also accurately forecasted the swift recovery of the global economy post-pandemic.

William’s reputation for precise forecasting is unparalleled. From calling Donald Trump’s unforeseen 2016 victory to recognizing the ascent of Bitcoin, predicting the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and even foreseeing the breakout of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, he’s consistently proven our accuracy. His commitment to meticulous analysis and innovative ‘outside the box’ thinking guides his members as they confidently navigate their financial futures. Join the community and leverage the transformative power of financial astrology.

Praise from Our Clients:

“My investment portfolio advisor says I’m his only client who hasn’t lost money since 2016.”

-Retainer Client

. . .

“The gold chart you did when it was $273/oz was eye opening! I’ve never seen anyone analyze it that way.”

-R.R., GTA Member

. . .

“Concise, unbiased, well researched and thought out information giving me knowledge to understand what to expect and what could occur in world (and local) events.”

-Teresa, Global Outlook 2023 Webinar Attendee


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Regulus Financial Astrology 
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