Live the Law of Attraction with the

Venus-Jupiter Talisman Program

A 5-Week Talisman Program 
July 22 – August 19, 2023  (see schedule)


Step Into Your Personal Power and Create a Life of Success, Abundance, and Joy
with the Cosmos As Your Ally

Welcome to a realm where the wisdom of celestial wisdom and cognitive science converge, forging a powerful vortex that reshapes your personal universe and worldview. We invite you on a transformational journey to re-energize your psyche and actualize the Law of Attraction through our meticulously elected and crafted Venus-Jupiter Talisman.

This talisman is not just a conduit of archetypal potency; it symbolizes your unwavering commitment and determination to amplify the richness of your existence. Whether you’re navigating the waters of entrepreneurship, developing a new business venture, launching your dream business, optimizing your financial framework, or pioneering a vibrant new chapter in your life, this talisman, suffused with the magnanimous and captivating archetypal forces of Venus and Jupiter, equips you with a resilient mindset, indispensable tools, and game-changing strategies. These empower you to flourish and gracefully innovate, creating an abundance that stands resilient against any economic circumstances or societal wave.

Embrace this transformative process for 5 weeks and witness how our talisman significantly curtails your learning curve, nurturing your personal evolution and amplifying your personal mastery and authority. This talisman will recalibrate your psyche for a remarkable improvement in the quality of your life, instilling the moral fortitude to forgive, release, and construct a life that harmonizes with your most profound aspirations.

Venus-Jupiter Talisman Program

July 22 – August 19, 2023


  • Consecrated Venus-Jupiter in Pisces Paper Talisman
    A paper talisman consecrated at a powerful and sophisticated election based on the Picatrix and work of Agrippa.
  • Venus-Jupiter Ritual Kit
    Incense powder, bath crystals, planetary oil, 100% pure beeswax candle.
  • Vision Coaching Consultation (45 min) with William Stickevers
    Part of what makes these talismans so powerful is the coaching process to help you clarify your talisman vision during a private 45-minute consultation.
  • Astrological Election
    Masterfully selected astrological elections for the most auspicious time that works with your schedule and specific location to begin working with your talisman to ensure the greatest probability of success.
  • Venus-Jupiter Talisman and Law of Attraction Workshop
    Approach each talisman with a deeper understanding of the law of attraction in relation to each talisman.
  • Paraliminal mp3
    Powerful and empowering meditative recording infused with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, preconscious processing, and Holosync technology, designed to help your nonconscious mind learn new ways of responding to what is going on in your world. Sent to you from Learning Strategies Corporation.
  • 2 Office Hours/Group Coaching Sessions
    Bring any questions about the talisman effects and process.

 “Events have definitely manifested in alignment with my Talisman visions. Opportunities for work, fated meetings, and opportunities have occurred since using the Talismans; for example, the possibility of working in a healing center and teaching reiki is directly attributed to the Venus-Jupiter Talisman. Most importantly, the Talisman has given me a greater sense of well-being and belief to manifest my vision, a feeling of being in a constant state of evolution, climbing to greater heights in life.”

-T.G., Colorado
Talisman Program 2022

Our Venus-Jupiter Astrological Talisman serves as a catalyst, igniting a transformative process:

  • Encourages a magical worldview that empowers your existence: Ignites the enterprising spirit within you, giving you the confidence to start your dream business or earn that long-awaited promotion at work.
  • Cultivates heightened self-awareness, offering fresh perspectives on life: Strengthens bonds with loved ones, finds resolution in ongoing familial conflicts, or deepens your connection with friends and colleagues for a more harmonious social life.
  • Fosters habits that sustain positive experiences and invite abundance: Improves your financial decision-making skills, opening doors to potential income growth, effective saving strategies, and a clear path to becoming debt-free.
  • Develops a personal blueprint for effortless success, fostering consistent wealth creation: Develops an understanding of your true self, boosts your self-confidence, and enhances your decision-making capabilities to make choices that serve your highest good.
  • Helps clarify intentions, ensuring every stride you take aligns with your envisioned outcomes: Enhances your stress management skills for a calmer mind, improves your sleep quality for a more rested body, and increases overall vitality and energy for a healthier you.

“I love how powerful these talismans are. It was a great experience.
I was ready for the learning and expansion.”

-A.S., Oregon
Talisman Program 2022

How is the Talisman Created?

Unlock the secrets of celestial alchemy. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey into the realm of celestial alchemy, where the powers of Venus and Jupiter converge to create a transformative talisman. Every step in the creation of our Venus-Jupiter talismans is infused with profound meaning, meticulous care, and unwavering dedication to harnessing the cosmic forces that shape your destiny.

Picture this: a carefully chosen moment when the celestial bodies align in perfect harmony, as if the universe itself is conspiring to manifest your deepest desires. It is during this auspicious astrological configuration that we begin crafting the talisman, guided by ancient wisdom and the art of electional astrology, according to the Picatrix and work of Agrippa.

But the talisman is more than just a work of art—it is a conduit, a channel through which the celestial energies flow. We inscribe it with symbols that speak directly to the depths of your soul—planetary glyphs, sacred sigils, and other emblems resonating with love, abundance, and growth. These intricate markings become the language through which your intentions are encoded, bridging the gap between the heavens and your earthly desires.

Once the talisman takes shape, a profound ritual is performed, infusing it with the vibrant energies of Venus and Jupiter. Each talisman becomes a living embodiment of their cosmic powers, radiating their essence with unwavering intensity. Imagine the very fabric of the universe whispering its secrets into the talisman, charging it with a transformative energy that becomes a beacon of attraction and manifestation.

As you embrace the talisman in your life, its power becomes your power. It emanates a magnetic force, drawing opportunities, synchronicities, and abundance into your orbit. It harmonizes the forces of love, beauty, prosperity, and expansion, creating a symphony of transformation in your journey.

Working with your Venus-Jupiter talisman is not just a process; it is a sacred act of cosmic collaboration. It is an invitation to co-create with the universe, to align your intentions with the universal forces that shape the very fabric of existence.

Are you ready to step into this mystical journey and unlock the secrets of celestial alchemy? Join us on this extraordinary path of transformation and manifestation.

Aphrodite, Zeus, and the Law of Attraction

Now, envision the might of Aphrodite, the revered Greek goddess of love, magnified by the bounty of Zeus, the sovereign of Olympus. These cosmic energies, encapsulated in our talisman, harmonize with your intentions, reflecting the Law of Attraction’s principle: ‘Like magnetizes like.’

As your heart resonates with the frequencies of love, beauty, and prosperity—energies encapsulated by our Venus-Jupiter talisman—your life begins to mirror these vibrations. This alignment with the Law of Attraction principle magnetizes ideas, attitudes, people, and resources that bolster your pursuits, fostering a contagion of positive experiences.

Yet, the true potency of our talisman lies in its balancing power. Amid the joy of abundant attraction, there’s a risk of overindulgence. Our talisman ensures equilibrium, serving as a constant reminder of the need for self-reflection and gratitude amidst newfound success and comfort.

By synergizing the Law of Attraction with the celestial energies of Venus and Jupiter, this talisman empowers you to co-create with the cosmos. It provides the most efficacious pathway to activate the Law of Attraction principle, serving as a cosmic conduit that links your individual desire to universal abundance. Through this powerful synergy, you’re invited to manifest a life that mirrors your highest aspirations and truest self.

Venus-Jupiter Talisman Program

July 22 – August 19, 2023

About William Stickevers

Over three decades, William has guided clients worldwide through their personal and spiritual transformations. His deep understanding of astrology combined with a keen intuition allows William to be a compassionate guide in your journey of self-discovery and deliver insights that are profound, actionable, and tailored to your personal journey.

William has been creating powerful and effective astrological talismans for his clients since 2002 according to the Picatrix grimoire, after apprenticing with Renaissance Astrology’s Christopher Warnock. The astrological elections William finds are extremely sophisticated and powerful. 

Since February 2002, William has elected and consecrated 130 talismans around the world, from New York City to San Francisco to Tokyo. 

Empower Your Internal Guidance System with the Law of Attraction

This talisman, designed under William Stickevers’ expertise, is more than a conduit of archetypal potency; it’s a symbol of your commitment and determination to amplify the richness of your existence. Suffused with the archetypal planetary force of both Venus and Jupiter, it can empower your internal guidance system that works in accordance with the Law of Attraction.

By synergizing the Law of Attraction with the celestial energies of Venus and Jupiter, this talisman empowers you to co-create with the cosmos. It provides the most efficacious pathway to activate the Law of Attraction principle, serving as a cosmic conduit that links your individual desire to universal abundance. Through this powerful synergy, you’re invited to manifest a life that mirrors your highest aspirations and truest self.

“Since working with the Venus-Jupiter talisman, I now see a complete identity shift, different body, different marriage, and more of an alignment than a force as possible. Also, I signed up for some other courses (that I would not have prior to the Talisman) that are more in alignment with my beliefs and purposes and have up-leveled my business and life. Now I look at things differently from a fresh angle and question more, which is giving me a different and improved result.”

-Wendy, California
Talisman Program 2022

Take Charge of Your Transformation Today!

Are you ready to transform your psychology and awaken your potential? Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to co-create with the cosmos alongside William Stickevers, a leading figure in the world of astrological magic.

Program Details

Limited to 9 people.
Registration closes on July 12th or when the program is full.


Week 1 – Jul 22

Saturday, 11am PDT

Venus-Jupiter and Law of Attraction Webinar (appx 2 hours)

Week 2 – Jul 28-30

various times

Vision Coaching Consultation (45 min), to be scheduled after registration

Week 3 – Aug 1-5

various times

Your Personal Ritual, at the time discussed in your consultation

Week 4 – Aug 12

Saturday, 11am PDT

Office Hour/Group Coaching Session (1 hour)

Week 5 – Aug 19

Saturday, 11am PDT

Office Hour/Group Coaching Session (1 hour)

The Talisman and Ritual Kit will be shipped on July 15th by United States Postal Service Priority Mail for U.S. addresses and by UPS for international addresses. You will need the talisman and ritual kit by July 28th for your consultation to review the materials. 

Due to the extreme rarity of astrological talismans, there are no refunds for this program.

The Vision Coaching Consultations are an important ingredient for the successful results reported by my talisman clients over the past 20 years. Due to the limitations of my schedule, Vision Coaching Consultations cannot be rescheduled if missed. The only exception is in the case of an emergency (on a case-by-case basis).

Don’t miss this opportunity to step into a life filled with abundance and success!

Venus-Jupiter Talisman Program

July 22 – August 19, 2023


DISCLAIMER: The information provided in your consultation and in this program should be treated as a guide for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for independent professional advice. You should seek independent professional advice relevant to your particular circumstances.

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