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“Due to William’s experience: the BlackBox, use of horary, and the confidence that William has, it’s very different from most free astrology,
in fact, none of my tutors have said much in relation to what William has said. Sometimes it’s almost too much 🙂
But it’s very compelling, interesting and mainly spot on. I’m surprised how Woke, free astrology has become,
they’re not saying what needs to be said. I call it popcorn astrology. I applaud William for calling it out.”

-GTA Member, January 2022

“It has been an excellent resource. Very few astrologers say it like William. It’s real, refreshing and I learn a lot. I find it inspiring.
Some insights, such as house prices, crypto for sure, but insights related to geopolitical, have absolutely influenced me in some decisions we’ve made,
like selling our house, moving, and buying crypto. It’s great content.”

-GTA Member, January 2022

“I get much more depth and broader insight in GTA than the free astrology content online. I haven’t seen anything remotely comparable.”
-M.M., GTA Member, January 2022

“The propaganda news cycle has been weakened by knowing the astrological activity as it points me to what’s actually
relevant in the world today. I appreciate the lens to the world that you provide.”

-S.R., GTA Member, January 2022

“GTA helps me have a top view understanding of what’s happening on earth. That info helps me not act rashly and be calm and rational navigating these historic times. The history that William shares is also just fascinating as it echoes what is happening currently.”
-B.H., GTA Member, January 2022

“Clarity, honesty, and no bullsh*t.”
-GTA Member, January 2022

“Yes, GTA has helped me. I feel more prepared about current reality and the future. Financially and emotionally!
I’ve relocated, invested and have become more confident with my decisions.”

-M.M., GTA Member, January 2022

“GTA is giving me a good holistic overview of developments and trends, based not only on astrology but also on history, cycles and economic political insights.”
-A.D., GTA Member, January 2022

“William really has a unique level of insight on financial and political astrology. I’ve worked with other astrologers to help navigate the best ways to approach the future, but nothing was giving me the confidence I needed to really take action. Situations where I felt I was just waiting for “the right time” to pursue changes, they all seemed so shaky until GTA armed me with the proper info on when the right time was. I’ve been able to move forward in SO MANY WAYS with SO MUCH SUCCESS. Life really feels lighter now that I’m prepared for whatever might happen next.”
-B.B., GTA Member, January 2022

“Free astrology does not connect it to history. There’s one woman I follow on youtube who does vedic astrology, I enjoy her and she is honest and dips in politics a bit like William, but I wouldn’t pay for her content and I don’t take away as much as GTA, honestly I use it to see where it aligns with William so I’m not getting all my info from one source, that seems unwise no matter how solid the source is.”
-B.H., GTA Member, January 2022

“Being given the opportunity to learn from William’s breadth and depth of knowledge of history, current events on a global scale, and
their relationship to astrology past and future has been incredibly valuable to me. And especially during this time of great change and discord.
I find William’s deep knowledge of astrology and his ability to convey its relationships to happenings in the world not only intensely interesting but
also helpful in navigating the times we’re all in. It enables me to better visualize the challenges ahead and plan a path forward.”

-S.A., GTA Member, January 2022

“GTA has helped me to triple the value of my investments since May of 2020. I’ve studied astrology for years, but
William’s insight has given me a fresher analytical perspective on how transits can be used to affect positive changes,
even (and sometimes especially) when the future looks bleak and full of doom.”

-B.B., GTA Member, January 2022

“William is an incredible guy who knows this stuff better than anyone I have ever discussed it with.
In the few years of interviewing him for our show, he has been so darn right about everything it is chilling!”

-J.W., GTA Member, January 2022

“Hardest working astrologer I’ve seen in a long time.”
-M.M., GTA Member, April 2022

“I definitely appreciate the tempered, non-partisan perspectives. It’s rare to find clarity in the age of blind astrologers. Much appreciation for your work and what you do.”
-K.F., GTA Member, November 2021

“The inverted totalitarianism call was basically spot on.”
-P.D., GTA Member, September 2021

“I love everything that I learned (and am still learning) along the way after being introduced to you about 3-4 years ago. Love your groups, your websites, presentations, and resource page.
Interesting topics. Real news. So many spot on predictions and price points. You show your work and back it up with real data – that is the most important and compelling to me.”

-M.F., GTA Member, September 2021

“The most important forecasting and statements you will ever read.”
-S.Z., GTA Member, September 2021

“Wow! William, you called it.”
-T.M., GTA Member, September 2021

“The September 3rd GTA webinar was great, informative and timely. Thank you, William!”
-M.R., GTA Member, September 2021

“I wasn’t awake until I joined GTA in September 2020.”
-July 2021

“I really love being part of your CAG/GTA groups, as you are spot on with your predictions!!”
-A.A., GTA Member, July 2021

“Wow! This is nowhere in the news.”
-K.S., GTA Member, July 2021

“I gotta rewatch, it’s so much info in those webinars, I have to listen a handful of times.”
-P.D., GTA Member, May 2021

“The gold chart you did when it was $273/oz was eye opening! I’ve never seen anyone analyze it that way.”
-R.R., GTA Member, April 2021

“Thank you for all you do. It’s been crazy for me the last few months and your amazing insight proved invaluable to us during this time.”
-S.D., GTA Member, March 2021

“Always informative and relevant. Especially now.”
-K.S., GTA Member, January 2021

“I am new to GTA. I had a consultation with William, but listened to him for more than 60 days and researched what others had to say about him. He is one SMART guy.”

-C.F., GTA Member, November 2020

“I’ve been an astrology customer for the last 30 years, and indeed, never found a professional like William before. No one has been able to give me a
picture of the real world situation like he has, and with his extended research on almost everything, the outlook is always complete on the majority of aspects.”

-CEO of an international corporation, November 2020

“Everything you’ve said is coming to fruition! Knocking it out of the park. Again! My friends have been so nervous tonight, but I’m not. It’s happening. Just like you said.”
-K.K., GTA Member, November 2020

“A big fan, you’ve been spot on.”
-R.V., GTA Member, November 2020

“I am overwhelmed and amazed at the same time. William, you have guided me, given valuable information on how to survive the future for years now.”
-B.R., GTA Member, October 2020

“GTA is an excellent tool to help keep people informed of national/global trends from a cause & effect lens. It helps to keep one’s focus
out of the polarization and more focused on creating a lifestyle more aligned with the future world (not the world that’s falling away).”

-L.J., GTA Member, October 2020

“I think it gives you almost a head’s up of what could happen . It also helps you prepare for what’s ahead.”
-D.C., GTA Member, October 2020

“GTA is insightful and most of the people I know could use someone besides me with a different perspective than MSM. Maybe they would listen to William!”
-GTA Member, October 2020

“I’d recommend GTA because William is so knowledgeable on so many levels far surpassing probably every other astrologer out there. It’s not just his astrological knowledge,
he is well versed in finance, history, pop culture which adds a lot of depth to the whole ‘package’.”

-C.J., GTA Member, October 2020

“I would recommend GTA to others so they may gain insight and understand better about our current events and prepare for the future!”
-J.B., GTA Member, October 2020

“Astrology can add whole new dimension to financial information. William introduce me to mundane astrology that goes beyond personal and individual astrology.
I am not interested in learning astrology but I do thing that he is very generous to the astrology community that belongs to this group.”

-N.N., GTA Member, October 2020

“I have recommended GTA to the CFO of our organization.”
-L.S., GTA Member, October 2020

“I have recommended because I believe the information given is accurate and important to know in order to deal with the
current and coming events, especially in this country. Not everyone is ready, or maybe it is prepared, to listen though.”

-L.W., GTA Member, October 2020

“The excellent scope of work is worth sharing.”
-N.J.R., GTA Member, October 2020

“William is the real deal.”
-R.D., GTA Member, October 2020

“It is an incredible resource of guidance and updated information on how to go forward.”
-A.C., GTA Member, October 2020

“It keeps you abreast of current events and strategies for bringing abundance and information/understanding into life. William brings a unique perspective with astrology and his other talents to our current world situation.”
-S.K., GTA Member, October 2020

“I would recommend so that more people can be informed and make good decisions.”
-D.W., GTA Member, October 2020

“People need to accept the fact that there is more to the universe than they realize . Also I think people need to understand
there are rational ways to understand the times we live in historically and astrologically.”

-D.K., GTA Member, October 2020

“I would recommend and have recommended GTA to others because it’s the best way to keep up with the times unfiltered.”
-GTA Member, October 2020

“There is a lot of useful information provided.”
-A.R., GTA Member, October 2020

“Yes I would definitely recommend GTA. I resonate with William. I can hear the passion in his voice when he’s delivering a webinar.
He is authentic and you can tell he cares and loves and believes in his work. His predictions are accurate. He doesn’t sugar coat anything … he’s real!”

-K.H., GTA Member, October 2020

“Your information is resonating with people who are in tune with the fact that changes are coming. It helps to hear your perspective so
I pass on your info to some family members. Others are turned off by the word astrology!”

-C.K., GTA Member, October 2020

“Thank you for your work. It’s brilliant.”
-N.V., GTA Member, August 2020

“GTA is so worth it. So informative and he predicts a lot. Very detailed, a lot of slides. The best news source around.”
-M.F., GTA Member, August 2020

“Once you see the efficacy of William’s work and advice there’s no turning back.”
-P.D., GTA Member, August 2020

“You just said a couple days ago on your last webinar that Lebanon could have problems and here we are…”
-F.D., GTA Member, August 2020

“I watched the 7th June recording. It was amazing. I am so glad to be a member of GTA. Thank you, William.”
-D.C., GTA Member, June 2020

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