Bitcoin and Crypto Astrology 

“Strategic investors remain calm and collected, avoiding panic even in tumultuous times. However, they must use their foresight and imagination to identify and monitor significant shifts that will impact them, while others around them may continue with “business as usual,” failing to recognize or acknowledge the looming changes.”
-William Stickevers 

Discover the Astrological Edge in Crypto with William Stickevers:
Blockchain Wisdom Meets Cosmic Insight 

Step into the dynamic world of cryptocurrency with William Stickevers, a visionary at the intersection of astrology and blockchain technology.

As a master astrologer with a rich background in IT network systems engineering in NYC/Manhattan and Silicon Valley, William uniquely blends his deep understanding of blockchain technology with his expertise in financial astrology. This rare combination empowers him to not only forecast crypto market trends with astrological precision but also to discern the technological integrity of emerging coins, distinguishing genuine potential from mere hype.

Delve into the realms of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, where William’s profound insights provide a strategic advantage in navigating this revolutionary financial landscape. His unparalleled acumen in both the technological and astrological spheres makes him a singular authority for those seeking to align their crypto investments with cosmic insight. Subscribe to William’s Crypto Astrology analysis, insights, and forecasts to illuminate your path in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, to help you make informed decisions towards prosperous outcomes.

The Crypto Astrology Group (CAG) Membership is now the:

Crypto Astrology Report

Gain unparalleled crypto insights and strategic foresight for an asymmetrical advantage in crypto investing.


"William - Thank you for your last webinars. They were so great and I really enjoyed everything you had to share - especially your knowledge and enthusiasm! It is so hard to find someone like you who is confident about the crypto market at a time when everyone seems to be off-kilter. I appreciate/trust you and I am so happy that you are knocking it out of the ball park. You remind me of what they say about Warren Buffett and other great investors. 'They buy when others are fearful.’”

-Jenny Lynch - Astrologer NYC, April 2024

“I’ve been interested and invested in cryptocurrencies since 2013 and finally, after all these years, can better understand their relationship to all the world changes we are all experiencing. I learned from a remote viewing group that many deep influencers in cryptocurrency origins are very much using astrology in their planning. So, I looked for someone that could tie astrology to current financial events, and luckily for me, I found William. His deep knowledge of finance, history, politics, astrology, current events, and cryptocurrencies has been immensely valuable. The knowledge I’ve gained has helped me to rebalance my portfolio for a sounder and more hopeful future and has also helped me have the courage to continue this investment even with all the volatility.”

-Sheela, Crypto Astrology Group Member

“I haven’t found anyone to reveal the insights like William regards this, only a few astrologers give insights on BTC. The info is fabulous, especially the horary charts. There’s so much info related to the industry that it’s incredible really. I’ve bought coins because of it, got Yubikey, and learned a lot from the resources, so thanks. I find it inspiring and want to learn more. I think it would be great info to teach millennials. I try to discern accordingly, but get quite caught up in it, and tell others about it, without really having the proper knowledge. I’m trying my best to not follow blindly, but the content is so compelling and interesting, it’s hard not to!”

-Crypto Astrology Group Member

“SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT! So many people are purely speculating or warping their astrological perspective to fit the narrative of established crypto talking heads. CAG is NOTHING like that!”

-B.B., Crypto Astrology Group Member

“CAG gives me the general market outlook not based on hype and pumpamentals like the free crypto content online.”

-K.R., Crypto Astrology Group Member

“Background, logical content anyone can understand, predictions, reason, and plan to action recommendations.”

-R.P., Crypto Astrology Group Member

“The info about the crypto macro environment has helped with making long term investments, and obviously the astrology chart behind each digital asset [makes CAG unique].”

-R.W., Crypto Astrology Group Member

“CAG has helped me with awareness and proactive action. I haven’t found any other trusted astro crypto content online.”

-Crypto Astrology Group Member

“The digital world is complex. The financial world is complex. Governance and regulation are complex. Blockchain projects and trends are complex. William brings understanding and clarity to this evolving technological universe. He brings light and insight into a seemingly unnavigable digital space.”

-M.E., Crypto Astrology Group Member

“William arms me with enough info to understand the crypto market and invest wisely. When i dive into the resources it’s always great content.”

-B.H., Crypto Astrology Group Member

“Truth based on the astrology from a clear thinker.”

-S.T.J., Crypto Astrology Group Member

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