Regulus Astrology Group Program

A One-Year Program to Leverage the Wisdom of Sophisticated
Financial Astrology to Inform Your Investment Decisions

Registration for the one-year program has closed, but  
the Regulus Financial Quarterly Forecasts are still available here.

In the Program

  • Starts September 2023
  • One-Year Personalized Financial Astrology Program with Master Astrologer William Stickevers
  • Two (2) Private Financial Consultations on Zoom
      • In Sep/Oct 2023 and Feb/Mar 2024
  • Four (4) Group Meetings on Zoom: Quarterly Financial Forecast Presentation and In-Depth Q&A Session
      • Q4 2023 | Q1 2024 | Q2 2024 | Q3 2024
  • Recordings of all Individual Consultations and Group Meetings
  • Private Portal for Group Meeting Recording Access
  • Secure Encrypted Email to Download your Individual Consultation Recording
  • Signatory Non-Disclosure Agreement for Group Meetings

About William Stickevers

With a global reputation as a leading financial astrologer, William Stickevers consistently provides insights that echo the innovative strategies of financial pioneers like Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins — but with the added layer and insight that a financial astrologer can provide. A professional astrologer since 1989, William has been making waves in financial astrology since 2007, leveraging a broad-based knowledge of global financial markets and geopolitics. 

His unique approach combines the science of planetary patterns and cycles with a deep understanding of macroeconomics and real-world financial data, offering a holistic and forward-thinking perspective on financial investing. This synthesis allows William to capture the complexities of the financial forecasting world through the insightful lens of astrology.

A consistent advocate for the practical application of astrology, William’s work resonates with individuals seeking to navigate the unpredictability of financial markets. He takes pride in empowering clients, arming them with the strategic insight they need to confidently manage their financial future.

Why Choose Regulus Astrology Group?

Regulus Astrology Group provides a unique fusion of deep financial expertise and astrological insights that you won’t find anywhere else.

When you choose this program, you don’t just get generic recommendations. You get:

  • Personalized Financial Analysis: Delve deep into your financial portfolio in a one-on-one consultation with William Stickevers, studying your unique circumstances, to provide actionable strategy tailored just for you.
  • Risk Management: With both cutting-edge financial and astrological analysis, William will meticulously evaluate your financial risk and provide strategic recommendations to minimize potential losses.
  • Individualized Strategies: Leveraging the uniqueness of your horoscope, financial background, and risk profiles, work with William to design strategies tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.
  • Interactive Learning: In-depth question-and-answer sessions after each quarterly forecast meeting facilitate peer learning, offering you a more engaging and immersive experience.

When it comes to your financial future, don’t settle for generic guidance. Choose Regulus Astrology Group for insights as unique as you are so that you can make the most informed decisions.

Registration for the one-year program has closed, but  
the Regulus Financial Quarterly Forecasts are still available here.

“The info you present about the macro and crypto market environment has helped with making long-term investments, and obviously, the astrology chart and planetary cycles behind each asset and asset class make your approach unique.”

-M.R., Member, Regulus Astrology Group Program, May 2023

Who is this program for?

This program is best suited for individuals seeking to make informed financial decisions and improve their life conditions through a mix of financial insights and astrological foresights.

Are you confident in your current investment strategy?
With in-depth and cutting edge astrological analysis, you’ll receive a comprehensive consultation to help you formulate an effective strategy for future market trends taking your natal horoscope into consideration.

Do you feel like there is a missing piece to your current investment strategy?
This program combines financial acumen with astrological insights, giving you a holistic and uniquely personalized approach to your investment strategy.

Are you holding your wealth in cash?
With the insights in this program, you can better navigate inflation and optimize your asset allocation.

Do you have the flexibility to adjust and manage your investments?
Remember, you don’t need a massive portfolio to benefit from this program. All you need is the ability to make informed decisions and adjustments based on the unique insights and strategies explained in the program.

Are you a novice investor?
No matter if you’re just beginning your journey or have already accumulated years of investing experience, the power to direct your portfolio is what matters. The world class astrological analysis in this program can offer a new perspective, lighting your way to a flourishing financial future.

Are you a seasoned investor?
Your experience in investing, whether it spans a few years or several decades, combined with the flexibility to manage your portfolio, can benefit immensely from the unique astrological insights in the Regulus Astrology Group. Register today to illuminate your path to increased prosperity and financial stability.

Note: If the majority of your portfolio is in a 401K, this program may not be ideal due to portfolio management limitations.

“Excellent consultation regarding upcoming financial events. Detailed information was given regarding the basis of his financial prediction and how it relates in particular to every aspect of your money, along with his recommendations. I’ve followed his predictions on the economy, and he has proven to be correct.”

– M.K., Arizona, Financial Consultation Client

“Sometimes we all need a little push in the right direction to take care of things which otherwise would languish… most importantly, our financial plan. William provided the motivation to re-focus financially with compelling insights and forecasts which will hopefully pay off in the years ahead. One attraction is that William does not get any commissions so his suggestions are unbiased. I was looking for that kind of honest information. The fact that his point of view is based on astrological trends and historic cycles such as the 4th turning, gives his advice deeper significance. The Regulus Astrology Group program was very helpful and well worth the investment.”

– C.W., Texas, Regulus Astrology Group 2022

Secure Your Financial Future with Regulus Astrology Group

Don’t let the collapse of the largest financial bubble of all time catch you off guard. With only 12 spots available, take advantage of our one-of-a-kind year-long program for personalized astrological and financial analysis to position your assets for the next Bull Market.

Remember: Staying 100% in cash is not advised due to rampant and persistent inflation.

Don’t miss the next Regulus Astrology Group Program. Register today.

Registration for the one-year program has closed, but  
the Regulus Financial Quarterly Forecasts are still available here.

DISCLAIMER: William Stickevers is not a financial advisor. The information provided in your consultation and in this program should be treated as a guide for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for independent professional advice. You should seek independent professional advice relevant to your particular circumstances.

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