2016 presidential election prediction

Still Underestimating Donald Trump?

To everyone who has been telling me since December 2015 that my astrologically-based predictions are false and that Donald Trump will fade and go away, I want you to watch this short video below. Almost every so-called world class astrologer predicted a Jeb Bush nomination, telling me over and over again that I would be wrong. […]

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2016 Presidential Election Winner: Analysis

As the Primary race transitions into a General Election campaign, I have to say something before a certain astrologer puts words in my mouth about the election. So please bear with me here. Based on my political black box model forecast projections and the excellent mundane forecasting work of Theodore White, it’s highly likely Trump will

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Trump vs. Cruz: GOP Nomination

Even though Donald Trump has been dominating the polls over the past several weeks, many establishment conservatives and pundits still insist that either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz will end up winning the GOP nomination.  However, the predictions markets (what Vegas oddsmakers use to bet on the outcomes of political contest) state Donald Trump odds

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