PRESS RELEASE - October 20, 2020

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Las Vegas, NV (October 20, 2020) The astrologer with a 92% accuracy for predicting the Electoral College since 2008 announced his prediction for another Trump victory in the 2020 Presidential Election. Master Astrologer William Stickevers published an update to his projections for the 2020 Electoral College map on his blog with Trump winning 285 electoral college votes, more than the 270 needed to win the presidential election, using an astrological divination technique used most famously deployed to shape the winning strategy of the First English Civil War of the 17th Century.

“The political pundits and many popular astrologers are making forecasts based on polling data that is essentially unreliable if you look at their track record,” says William Stickevers, who correctly predicted 47 of 51 states’ electoral college votes with 92% accuracy in the 2016 general election. “These false proclamations by pundits and pollsters are causing public anxiety, stress and confusion, because many people can sense that something isn’t right with their forecast. People deserve to know the truth and be given information from sources with a reliable historical track record, not what fits a desired establishment political narrative.”

Stickevers’ unique approach to election predictions starts with looking at the betting markets to determine which candidate is favored to win, followed by a deep analysis of the state’s political landscape and voting history, before finally applying the astrological technique called Horary.  Horary uses the time a question is asked by the astrologer and does not require the usual birthday, time, and place of birth of a candidate. For the 2020 election, Stickevers’ methodology currently projects that Trump has an 80% chance of winning re-election with 285 Electoral College votes.

Between now and the day the winner of Electoral College vote is announced in mid-December, because it will be unclear who had won in a number of key battleground states that will require   recount in some states, we will likely see increased public uncertainty and chaos. Therefore, it is imperative for everyone to consider where they are getting their information and ask if this is a reliable news source that has good track record, or if the source has a political bias and agenda to shape the outcome.

William Stickevers, an astrologer with a 92% accuracy track record for Electoral College predictions since 2008, forecasts another Trump victory in the 2020 election. Stickevers adds, “In 2016 we saw the polls got it embarrassingly wrong, and independent forecasters got it right, which should prompt most people to question, how accurate is their source of information and should they continue to rely on it in the future?”

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