Personal Astrology 

Step into a World of Personal Empowerment with William Stickevers:

At the heart of every life journey lies the quest for personal fulfillment and spiritual awakening. William Stickevers, a master astrologer with a global reputation, stands as your guide on this quest. With his deep understanding of astrological principles and their profound impact on personal life, William offers bespoke consultations that cater to a wide array of personal matters. From aligning with your soul’s code and calling to navigating complex health issues, career path decisions, and spiritual quandaries, his clients look to his expertise as a beacon of light in the maze of life’s challenges.

William’s approach is not just about predicting your future; it’s about empowering you to shape it. By synthesizing your unique astrological blueprint with his extensive knowledge in psychological, spiritual, and metaphysical realms, he crafts strategies that resonate deeply with your individual experience. This personalized guidance helps you to not only understand the cosmic forces at play in your life but also to harness them in a way that propels you towards growth, success, and inner peace.

Whether you are seeking clarity on your life’s direction, facing a pivotal decision, or simply yearning for a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey, William Stickevers is your strategic ally. His counsel, rooted in decades of study and practice, transcends mere predictions, offering you a transformative experience that aligns your personal goals with the celestial rhythms. Embrace the opportunity to illuminate your path and influence your destiny with one of the world’s most esteemed astrological advisors. 


Empowering Success in Business, Finance, and Personal Growth. William Stickevers’ Astrological Consultations offer precise insights to help you navigate life’s complexities with greater confidence. By understanding the influence of celestial bodies on human affairs, you can make informed choices that consider not only monetary aspects but also time and energy investments. 

Astrology Reports

Astrology Reports are available periodically when the report shop opens: Astrological Natal Reports, Solar Return Reports, and the powerful and popular Personal Blackbox Graph and Advanced Transit Report (One-Year). 

Programs and Workshops

Transformational Astrological Talisman Coaching Programs, Regulus Financial Astrology Group Program, Second Saturn Return Workshop, and more.


“Over the last 2+ years, I can’t say enough about how William’s work has helped me to create a solid foundation in both the financial and personal areas of my life.”

-M.G., Rhode Island

“William triangulated a strategy that will work best for my needs and I look forward to many changes. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

-R.A., Santa Barbara, CA

“I needed answers and confirmation on specific questions I had regarding heath and finances. You answered both with the blackbox guidance and told me something I was not aware of. Last year would have turned out to be a crash year without the info you provided me.”

-B.S., Mississippi

"The Scope of your general Knowledge base and Mastery of a broad Spectrum of Astrological Measurements and Systems impressed me as a fellow Professional Astrologer. Your genuine dedication and Candid Kindness was far more motivational than I expected. I received the Expert Guidance and Strategic Clarity I sought and much more. My Consultation was truly informative and Inspiring. I look forward to booking many more."

-S.R.D., Spain

“I’ve been an astrology customer for the last 30 years, and indeed, never found a professional like William before. No one has been able to give me a picture of the real world situation like he has, and with his extended research on almost everything, the outlook is always complete on the majority of aspects.”

-CEO of an international corporation

"I've known William for 30+ years and have received numerous consultations and invaluable strategic guidance. He has never been wrong. Never."

-R.G., Illinois

"As always, did surpass my expectations with remarks and information that helps a great deal on my decision process for different life situations."

-R.R., Sao Paulo, Brazil

"William’s level of detail is what I would call immaculate. I appreciate William’s matter of fact, sharp, and uncluttered approach."

-E.H., South Carolina

"You were right about my mother, her kidneys and calcium needed to be checked, and the doctor ask her how she did know about it… lol"

-Client, Florida

"All of it was interesting but Willliam eventually went to the crux of the matter – my job situation. I was left rather speechless for the rest of our talk when he pinpointed to that precise central issue, because I knew he was right, however uncomfortable the subject was. My job affords a lot of security and leaving it isn’t an easy decision. Soon after we talked I did some careful thinking, taking pen to paper, and realized I had been fooling myself, and would be able to make the same money and possibly more, and offer my family the same security by working on my own. The decision then crystallized over the summer. I will be leaving my job of 18 years in a few months. Although it’s too early to thank William and proclaim victory, I’m certain it is the right decision, and I have him to thank for his honesty and most acute perception."

-J.U., Switzerland

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