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Master the Crypto Market with Astrological Expertise –
Secure Your Financial Future Amidst the Global Financial Reset

From the Master Astrologer and Former IT Professional who predicted the rise of Bitcoin in 2010 and
understands the blockchain technology, geopolitical and financial influences on the crypto markets

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In a world of confusion and misinformation, the Crypto Astrology Group (CAG):

  • Provides a comprehensive understanding of informed decision-making in the crypto space.
  • Offers expert, hype-free analysis backed by astrological insights.
  • Empowers members to make wise investments based on a 4-5 year astrologically informed strategy.
  • Delivers unmatched expertise that transcends traditional stock trading and incorporates the nuances of crypto, Bitcoin, and blockchain technology.
  • Cuts through fear, uncertainty, and doubt to reveal the truth about crypto.
  • Anticipates trends and identifying cryptocurrency categories poised to outperform.
Unlock the Secrets to Profitable Crypto Investments with Expert Astrological Insights & Forecasts

As the Global Financial Crisis escalates and the imminent financial reset looms, there’s never been a more crucial time to protect and grow your wealth.

Harness the power of astrology and navigate the cryptocurrency markets with confidence. Don’t miss this opportunity – join the Crypto Astrology Group (CAG) membership today and embark on your journey toward exceptional returns and lasting wealth in the crypto market.

“I’ve been interested and invested in cryptocurrencies since 2013 and finally, after all these years, can better understand their relationship to all the world changes we are all experiencing. I learned from a remote viewing group that many deep influencers in cryptocurrency origins are very much using astrology in their planning. So, I looked for someone that could tie astrology to current financial events, and luckily for me, I found William. His deep knowledge of finance, history, politics, astrology, current events, and cryptocurrencies has been immensely valuable. The knowledge I’ve gained has helped me to rebalance my portfolio for a sounder and more hopeful future and has also helped me have the courage to continue this investment even with all the volatility.”

-S.A., CAG Member

Join the Crypto Astrology Group – Stand Out in the Crowd with a Proven Astrologically-Informed Approach

When you become a member of the Crypto Astrology Group, you gain exclusive access to a wealth of insights, including financial astrology, multi-layered analysis, and artificial intelligence.
With CAG, you will:

Develop crypto literacy

and make informed cryptocurrency investments.

Stay ahead of the curve

as crypto reshapes our world.

Create a solid investment plan

based on astrological insights.

Gain clarity and confidence

in your future investments.

Discern reality from hype

in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

Know which cryptocurrency categories

are likely to outperform

“The digital world is complex. The financial world is complex. Governance and regulation are complex. Blockchain projects and trends are complex. William brings understanding and clarity to this evolving technological universe. He brings light and insight into a seemingly unnavigable digital space.”

-M.E., CAG Member

Ready to Harness the Power of Astrology in Your Crypto Investments?

Take the first step towards demystifying crypto complexity and gaining analysis & forecasts on which you can rely. Trust an expert and transform your crypto game in just three steps:


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Be Crypto Empowered:
Ignore the hype.

Discern what’s real • Make smart, data-driven choices

So many people are purely speculating or warping their astrological perspective to fit the narrative of established crypto talking heads. CAG is NOTHING like that!”

-B.B., CAG Member

As the Global Financial Crisis accelerates, fueled by relentless inflation, one thing is certain: 

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency will play a crucial role in the ongoing paradigm shift.

Are you prepared to harness the power of astrology to navigate the cryptocurrency markets?
Eager to adopt an astrological strategy for confident crypto investing?
Ready to collaborate with a world-class astrologer with an extensive and proven track record?

Embrace the future and secure your success with the Crypto Astrology Group (CAG) membership today. Click here to join and start your journey towards outstanding returns and lasting wealth in the crypto market.

“CAG gives me the general market outlook not based on hype and pumpamentals like the free crypto content online.”

-K.R., CAG Member

About William Stickevers

Astrology + Experience + Tech

Consulting Astrologer since 1989
  • Over two decades of experience in computer science & engineering
  • Early Bitcoin investor, starting in 2010
  • An impressive record of 24 accurate crypto predictions from April 2021 to April 2022
  • Frequent guest on radio shows & podcasts, reaching over 10 million listeners
  • Pioneering astrologer to invest, discuss, and post about Bitcoin and blockchain technology
  • Utilizes cutting-edge astrological financial software for comprehensive analysis and forecasting

Empower yourself with insights and clarity to invest in a prosperous future for you and your family.

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