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When it comes to cryptocurrency, most people…

  • Lack a macro perspective to make informed decisions
  • Buy & sell based on hype from people looking for more views, clicks & followers
  • Make poor investments by following the herd
  • Influenced by stock traders who don’t know anything about crypto, Bitcoin or blockchain
  • Confused about who to believe among all the pundits, noise & hype
  • Not sure what portion of their portfolio should be crypto

And… are swayed by now-casting, poor-predicting, techno-phobic, arm-chair quarterbacks.
Many that aren’t even invested in cryptocurrency! No wonder millions are baffled.

But not you. Not anymore.

Truths, perspectives & forecasts for the Crypto-hungry

Backed up by financial astrology, multi-layered analysis & Artificial Intelligence. 
Why should anyone settle for less?

Be crypto literate

Make informed cryptocurrency investments with insights that’ll floor you

Welcome change

Learn how crypto is influencing a new & changing world and how to avoid being left behind

Build a plan

Create a 4-5 yr, crypto investment strategy from an astrological perspective

Gain clarity

See crypto in more thoughtful ways than ever before to gain confidence about your future

Filter out hype

Cut through feat, uncertainty & doubt to know what’s really going on around crypto

Spot the winners

Know which cryptocurrencies are likely to outperform others in the market

“I haven’t found anyone to reveal the insights like William regards this, only a few astrologers give insights on BTC. The info is fabulous… There’s so much info related to the industry that it’s incredible really.”

-J.D., CAG Member

Ready to see how astrology works with cryptocurrency markets?

Ready to demystify crypto complexity? Ready for analysis & forecasts you can bank on? Read to trust an expert? All in 3 simple steps.


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Crypto is growing. Are you?

There’s a global currency crisis going on.

People are working for less—and don’t even know it. The things we buy are more expensive, while the money we make is less valuable.

We lack the purchasing power of yesteryear.

Think about it… Not that long ago, middle class meant people could afford to pay their mortgages. Pay for family medical. And put their kids through college. All that was available for the masses. But not anymore. Discouraging, huh?

That is… unless you become part of the Crypto story.

You might think, “Is cryptocurrency for real? Is it here to stay? Or just a fad?


Depends on who you listen to, right? There’s so many spreading bad info, giving bad advice, making bad predictions.

But cryptocurrency is the future.

Ever hear of the The Bank of International Settlements (BIS)?

The BIS is the central hub that determines overall global policy for all banks. Even the Federal Reserve adheres to the BIS.

They believe in crypto and blockchain. Because…

It’s growing at an exponential rate. Faster than any marketing in the history of the world.

Where the blockchain network has grown 173% per year over the past 12 years. Faster growth than The Internet over it’s first 12 years. Faster than the growth of PCs. And iPhones.

The BIS announced that all central banks should hold 1% of reserves — in Bitcoin.


That translates to trillions.

Cash, gold and now Bitcoin has become part of the financial infrastructure of the world.

Last year, 58 million people owned a cryptocurrency.

This year? 87 million.

By 2024? A billion.

And by 2026? 4 billion people will have their stake in crypto.

You might wonder, “But wait, the price of Bitcoin and others have plummeted recently.”

Understood. What you should understand is to pay more attention to the growth of the network than the price of the currency.

That’s the real indicator. And the BIS certainly understands this.

Crypto is not going away.

And it can be your inflation hedge.

Ready to understand how astrology affects cryptocurrency markets? Ready for an astrological approach to invest in crypto with more confidence? With an astrologer that has a long & proven track record?

You should be. That’s why I created the Crypto Astrology Group membership.

About William Stickevers

Astrology + Experience + Tech

Consulting Astrologer since 1989
  • 22+years with a career in computer science & engineering
  • Early Bitcoin investor, since 2010
  • 24 correct crypto predictions from Apr 2021 to Apr 2022
  • Featured guest on radio shows & podcasts with 10M+ of listeners
  • First astrologer to invest, talk & post about Bitcoin and blockchain
  • Using the most advanced astrological financial software to analyze & make forecasts

All that together arms you with the insights & clarity to invest in the future for you & your family.





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