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Get a high-level perspective on global events
through the lens of mundane and archetypal astrology
so you can get the edge and not only survive but
thrive during this period of global transformation.


The media has failed you, and most astrologers aren't talking about what's really going on
in an unbiased way or with deep research.


In this modern age, no one should be left in the dark about what the astrological portents augur.

A comprehensive outlook on geopolitical and economic events that will
affect your life, business, and investments IS POWER.

Then imagine understanding them from an astrological perspective.


OCTOBER 3, 2019

OCTOBER 19, 2020

JANUARY 27, 2020



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"I would recommend GTA to others so they may gain insight and understand better about our current events and prepare for the future!"
-J.B., GTA Member


"GTA is an excellent tool to help keep people informed of national/global trends from a cause & effect lens. It helps to keep one's focus out of the polarization and more focused on creating a lifestyle more aligned with the future world (not the world that's falling away)."
-L.J., GTA Member


"I have recommended because I believe the information given is accurate and important to know in order to deal with the current and coming events, especially in this country. Not everyone is ready, or maybe it is prepared, to listen though."
-L.W., GTA Member


"GTA is insightful and most of the people I know could use someone besides me with a different perspective than MSM. Maybe they would listen to William!"
-GTA Member


"I’d recommend GTA because William is so knowledgeable on so many levels far surpassing probably every other astrologer out there. It’s not just his astrological knowledge, he is well versed in finance, history, pop culture which adds a lot of depth to the whole 'package'."
-C.J., GTA Member


"It is an incredible resource of guidance and updated information on how to go forward."
-A.C., GTA Member


"It keeps you abreast of current events and strategies for bringing abundance and information/understanding into life. William brings a unique perspective with astrology and his other talents to our current world situation."
-S.K., GTA Member


"I would recommend and have recommended GTA to others because it's the best way to keep up with the times unfiltered."
-GTA Member


"I would recommend GTA so that more people can be informed and make good decisions."
-D.W., GTA Member


Webinars by the Mundane Astrologer with an
86% Accuracy Track Record for the U.S. General and Midterm Elections since 2008


2018 U.S. "Closely Contested"
Midterm Elections

80% Accurate Track Record

2016 U.S. Presidential
General Election

Accurately Predicted the Outcome

2016 U.S. Presidential
Primary Elections

87% Accurate Track Record

2012 U.S. Presidential General Election
Electoral College

88% Accurate Track Record

2010 U.S. "Too Close To Call"
Midterm Elections

83% Accurate Track Record

2008 U.S. Presidential
General Election

Accurately Predicted the Outcome




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Get Informed and Get Ready for This Radically Transformative Period


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