Geopolitics, Macroeconomy, and Astrology 

Delve into the intricacies of global outlook with William Stickevers, a leading expert in geopolitics, macroeconomics, and astrology

Leveraging his extensive experience, William seamlessly blends astrological forecasting with the analysis of global trends and economic changes. His deeply insightful analyses marry the cosmic with the earthly, offering a singular perspective to understanding the shape of the future. Armed with a distinctive comprehension of astrological principles as applied to world events, his astoundingly accurate predictions and strategic advice make him a sought-after guide in this field.

Whether you’re struggling to decipher macroeconomic complexities or understand geopolitical shifts, William’s expertise provides the knowledge needed for both individuals and businesses to navigate and flourish in our rapidly changing world.

Global Transformation Astrology (GTA) Membership

and GTA Report

Get Clarity on World Events, Free from Mainstream Bias and Full of Detailed Insight and Forecasts from a Master Astrologer. Monthly Webinars, Exclusive Q&A Sessions, Private Member Community, Resources, Special Member Events and Benefits.
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Global Outlook 2024 

8th Annual Forecast Webinar

Geopolitical and Macroeconomic Trends That Will Shape 2024 and Affect Your Business, Finances, and Life. Research and Analysis Synthesized with a Mundane and Archetypal Astrological Perspective.
Non-Astrologers Welcome.

Forecast Webinars

In-depth analysis | astrological expertise | real-world economic and geopolitical data

The Astrology of the Fatima Prophecy and the Russia-Ukraine Crisis (2023) | The Astrology of E.T. Disclosure (2018) | Rise of the Red Dragon: Can America and Chine Escape the Thucydides Trap? (2019) | Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction 2020 | and more 
Non-Astrologers Welcome


“The depth and detailed knowledge that William shared went far beyond my expectations. I feel like this helps me to be so much more prepared both financially and psychologically for what this year and beyond may hold. I learned a great deal, surprising possibilities & probabilities for the upcoming year that I would not have known otherwise.”

-Sheela, Global Outlook Webinar Attendee

“Accurate mundane astrology that isn’t biased or super woke. Also really excellent predictions about the financial markets. Watching these webinars helps me to improve my own mundane astrology skills as I do pick up some odds-and-ends with the techniques William uses throughout.”

-Heather Eland, GTA Member

“Concise, unbiased, well researched and thought out information giving me knowledge to understand what to expect and what could occur in world (and local) events.”

-Teresa, Global Outlook Webinar Attendee

“What I get from GTA that I can’t find anywhere else: deep dive of mundane astrology combined with actual knowledge of geopolitics and the market.”

-Patrick Doty, GTA Member

“Very detailed and very informative. Appreciate William breaking down the very complex world economic events in the past and present.”

-Ursula, Global Outlook Webinar Attendee

“William’s presentations on mundane astrology have broadened my view and comprehension of astrology, history, and geopolitics in a vast way. Someone (WS) willing to go against the dominant paradigm and ‘tell it like it is’, few others do that. It’s hard to emphasize how rare this is.”

-Finnska, GTA Member

“No one delivers the astrology, history and ties it all together while making predictions like William. The scope and depth are always appreciated!”

-L.P.M., Global Outlook Webinar Attendee

“GTA provides thorough detail information combined with William’s exceptional knowledge of astrology. You can’t get this anywhere else.”

-Robyn M., GTA Member

“William presented actionable information that is usually unavailable or hidden by mainstream sources. The black box forecasts, planetary cycles, eclipse events and much more relating to the year ahead were presented in a clear and compelling way.”

-Chris, Global Outlook Webinar Attendee

“GTA helps me understand what may be going on in world events and gives warnings, with frank and understandable information backed by astrology… the real world wording of explanations help understand the astrology, even though I don’t know much about astrology!”

-Bruce, GTA Member

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