Financial Astrology 

“Strategic investors remain calm and collected, avoiding panic even in tumultuous times. However, they must use their foresight and imagination to identify and monitor significant shifts that will impact them, while others around them may continue with “business as usual,” failing to recognize or acknowledge the looming changes.”
-William Stickevers  

Navigate the complex world of finance with the astute guidance of William Stickevers, a masterful blend of astrological expertise and economic acumen. The secret weapon of successful clients worldwide, top fund managers, and savvy investors. 

As a renowned financial astrologer, William harnesses the synergy of cosmic forces and macroeconomic trends to offer unparalleled insights into financial markets and economic forecasting. With decades of experience in astrological study and a keen understanding of global economic dynamics, he provides strategic foresight for investors, business leaders, and financial professionals. William’s profound knowledge of financial astrology empowers you to make informed decisions, seize lucrative opportunities, and steer through the uncertainties of economic cycles with confidence.

The exclusive insights and masterful analysis in William’s financial astrology presentations and reports can illuminate your financial path and guide you towards prosperity and success in an ever-changing economic landscape.

Regulus Financial Astrology
Quarterly Forecasts

Sophisticated Astrological Analysis and Assessment To Anticipate of Future Trends and Make More Informed Investment and Financial Decisions

Financial Astrology Consultation

Minimize Risk •  Maximize Opportunity • Make Decisions with Sophisticated Astrological Analysis As Your Secret Weapon. Discover the power of a Financial Astrology Consultation with William Stickevers and apply the cutting-edge and profound astrological and financial insights to your investing strategy. 

Forecast Webinars

In-depth analysis | astrological expertise | real-world economic and geopolitical data

The best investors understand that the geopolitical and macroeconomic climate affects their investment portfolio. Get the edge in your investing with global insights and a more robust understanding of world events through world class astrological analysis and application to global events and economy. 


“William really has a unique level of insight on financial and political astrology. I’ve worked with other astrologers to help navigate the best ways to approach the future, but nothing was giving me the confidence I needed to really take action. I’ve been able to move forward in SO MANY WAYS with SO MUCH SUCCESS.”

-Brooke, GTA Member

“My investment portfolio advisor says I’m his only client who hasn’t lost money since 2016.”

-Retainer Client

“I’ve been an astrology customer for the last 30 years, and indeed, never found a professional like William before. No one has been able to give me a picture of the real world situation like he has, and with his extended research on almost everything, the outlook is always complete on the majority of aspects.”

-Ric, CEO of an International Corporation and a GTA Member

“What I get from GTA that I can’t find anywhere else: deep dive of mundane astrology combined with actual knowledge of geopolitics and the market.”

-Patrick Doty, GTA Member

"GTA is constantly helping me see the big picture, the big cycles, the outer planet transits to understand the global macro environment, as I have clients who seek portfolio allocation advice from me. Very few astrologers are good or know much about financial astrology, that is why I came to GTA."

-Ron, GTA Member

“I have recommended GTA to the CFO of our organization.”

-L.S., GTA Member

“The gold chart you did when it was $273/oz was eye opening! I’ve never seen anyone analyze it that way.”

-Ray, GTA Member

“GTA provides thorough detail information combined with William’s exceptional knowledge of astrology. You can’t get this anywhere else.”

-Robyn M., GTA Member

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