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December 12, 2012

Radio Show Guest: Robert Phoenix “Navigating the Astrological Matrix”
Free Association Radio

Invited back on Robert Phoenix’ radio show for 12/12/12, along with fellow astrologers Molly Hall and Theodore White.

 Listen to the podcast here.

From Robert Phoenix:

“This will be the last day that we will ever see with digits all matching in consecutive order. It’s a portal for the all-important, 12/21/12 date, just ten days out. So on such a special day, we have to have a special show and this one promises to be absolutley epic. I’ll be joined by three of my favorite astrologers; William Stickevers, Molly Hall and Theo White. All three are at the top of their games and offer unique insights into modern astrology. William specializes in Horary, Black Box and predicitive astrology with an emphasis on the economy and geo-politics. Molly Hall is the astro-guide at and weaves understanding and knowledge of ancient mystery traditions which honor the sacred feminine and the female face of God. Theo White’s “Globalastrology” blog is recognozed the world over for its in-depth charting of the outer planets and their major cycles, focusing on the hard cardinal squares coming at us over the next decade and how it will impact all aspects of life on Earth. And here’s the kicker; William (Aries), Molly (Cancer), Theo (Capricorn) and myself (29 Libra) form a Cardinal Cross. We’ll occupy four points of cardinal energy and form an initiatory mandala. Don’t miss this unique, two hour special as we explore the astrology of 12/21/12 and beyond.”

December 4, 2012

Radio Show Guest: Sharita Star’s What’s Your Sign? I Have Your Number
WBCR-LP 97.7FM – Great Barrington, NY or

Tune in to hear Sharita’s Star Secrets, where astrologer Jenny Lynch and I will be discussing 2012, the Mayan Calendar and what it all really means. Do You have a Question? Don’t hesistate to ask it!

 Listen to the podcast here.

November 14, 2012

Radio Show Guest: Robert Phoenix “Navigating the Astrological Matrix”
Free Association Radio

Invited back on Robert Phoenix’ radio show. “Looking at the solar eclipse/new moon as well as Mercury Retrograde and how it might play a role in what’s happening with the spate of military sex scandals as well as facts that might emerge from the past election.”

 Listen to the podcast here.

October 18, 2012

Lecture: Astrological Society of Connecticut: “The U.S. Economy, the 2012 Elections, and Beyond”
Wethersfield, CT

The 2012 presidential candidates will debate the quality of the economic recovery and which candidate can more effectively restore U.S. economic health. With 270 electoral votes needed to win, the success of the campaign will hinge on the candidate’s ability to relate to the economic concerns of ordinary Americans. Also the mundane astrological indicators in regards to the current economic crisis will be considered to forecast the economy for the next U.S. President.

Keeney Memorial Center in Wethersfield, CT
Members of the Astrological Society of CT: FREE | Non-members: $10

June 13, 2012

Radio Show Guest: Robert Phoenix “Navigating the Astrological Matrix” Free Association Radio

From Robert Phoenix: “William fuses computer science and astrology to come up with boldly predictive models. We’ll take a good, hard look at the current economic trends as they relate to the upcomng cycles, particularly the Pluto/Uranus square, as well as the election and see where the big money will land on either Obama or Romney and if we’ll even have an election.”

 Listen to the podcast here.

February 25, 2012

Lecture: “UFO Disclosure and the National Security State”
Tokyo, Japan

Sponsored by Funai Media.

February 23, 2012

Lecture: “Mayan Calendar: Transition to the 5th Age”
Tokyo, Japan

At Eight Star Diamond.

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