Small Group Reading - U.S. Military

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“The small group reading surpassed my expectations. I really enjoyed the small intimate setting. Thanks again. I thought this format was fantastic.”
-D.I., Small Group Reading Client, August 13, 2017
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for active and veteran military personnel of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard.
Proof of military service is required.

In this small group reading, each person receives a personal 20-minute reading in a shared online meeting. For client privacy, only first names or pseudonyms are used, no last names are said or shown. Natal charts will be seen, however, but only with the name used in the small group reading. Ask up to 3 of your most pressing questions, such as:

  • A big decision about Business / Career / Relationship / Health
  • “Should I take my career/business in this new direction?
  • When should I start this project?” (NOTE: This is not an election for the exact time to begin)
  • “How will this project go?
  • etc.

Read client reviews below from past small group readings.

Small Group Reading - U.S. Military

Sunday, June 10, 2018
3:00pm PDT / 7:00pm EDT
- FULL -

Small group size, no more than 6 people.
First names only or pseudonyms will be used for client privacy.

“You were spot on! Incredible you knew me and what I am experiencing in my life and that you were able to quickly articulate it. I was concerned about having a group reading and my concerns vanished with your offer of my using a pseudonym. I highly recommend a group session and an individual one-on-one consultation with William.”
-R.R., Small Group Reading Client, September 17, 2017

“William was very clear and insightful in my reading. What I most appreciated was his honesty and directness regarding timing and when to take action. I also appreciated hearing other's readings; I found it fascinating to hear William's guidance and how it helped everyone gain clarity and direction. If anyone is considering joining the small group reading - don't hesitate. Do It!!!”
-J.H., Small Group Reading Client, September 17, 2017


“William gave me specific advice as to how to address a longstanding problem. I left the reading feel excited and hopeful, as I now had specific strategies I could employ to improve my situation.”
-D.F., Small Group Reading Client, September 17, 2017

“William is an astrologer's astrologer. I've studied astrology for many years, but William always brings new insights into chart interpretation.”
-D.F., Small Group Reading Client, September 17, 2017


“I had no idea that something I have worried about for years would be evident to William. He is very gifted.”
-A.Q., Small Group Reading Client, August 13, 2017

“William is fantastic, and was very helpful. He knew exactly what was going on with me just by looking at my chart. Thank you again, William!”
-C.P., Small Group Reading Client, August 13, 2017


“This was excellent for me and gave me the necessary info to make upcoming important life-altering decisions.”
-B.S., Small Group Reading Client, September 26, 2017

“The consultation gave me the needed information, was direct, answered my questions as to what, why, when and where. The group was kept small enough to not be boring and kept quickly moving.”
-B.S., Small Group Reading Client, September 26, 2017

Using Zoom for Your Consultation

NOTE: You do NOT need to have your own paid Zoom account; you will be sent a link to join me online, with no need for your own account, trial subscription, nor paid subscription to Zoom.

All Consultations not done in person will be via Zoom Video Conferencing. I give a great deal of precise information, and my goal is always to help my clients get the most out of my consultations. Using Zoom so that you can see my computer screen live and have a recording of my screen and our conversation for your review is the best way for you to get the most out of the consultation. End-to-end encryption is employed for high security. More information on Zoom security and confidentiality practices can be found here.