Personal Astrology Consultation

Your birth chart is the blueprint
of what you are here to be, do, and experience.

If you are not living according to your truth, your soul's code and calling, you will suffer from depression, chronic malcontent, etc.






As a consulting archetypal astrologer, I'm often in the role being a philosophical midwife to my clients. Philosophical Midwifery is the art where you can help a person see the most fundamental problematic issue in their life (that is often based on deeply-held false and disempowering beliefs) which they have no idea, nor did they suspect its presence.
Navigating life with a strategy provides an immense advantage to creating a successful outcome.
As a client, you receive to-the-point, tell-it-like-it-is counsel with expert knowledge of astrological trends and transits both for the world and in your natal chart.
We do not live in a vacuum and the state of the world and our environment affect us.

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“William, I believe, is the most accurate astrologer I have even spoken to. Words cannot describe the level of ability William has. He has helped me in ways I never dreamed were possible. Thank you, William, for sharing your amazing gift with me. My now go-to astrologer.”
-C.B., Whittier, CA
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“William is the real deal. Having worked with him for several sessions now, I consider him a trusted advisor. He has a wealth of knowledge and has helped me with some significant decisions. I truly respect his counsel.”
-R.M., Illinois

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Personal Astrology Consultation*
*Not for Financial or Investment Strategy. For Financial Strategy, schedule a Depression Defense Financial Consultation.

2-hour Consultation: $575
Payment plans available. Email me to inquire.


  • Video Recording of Your Consultation


Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether also accepted.

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3) Your redemption code to bypass payment in the online scheduling system will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours, but usually within hours.
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About Your Personal Astrology Consultation

To ensure accuracy going forward, the first part of your Personal Astrology Consultation will be verifying that the chart works based on your natal data provided, in correlation to your life events, determining key turning points and chapters in your life from the horoscope based on the natal data. It is very important that we do this because by taking the time to verify this in our initial consultation, we can go forward with confidence and certainty in making accurate forecasts and prediction for your life. An incorrect birth time which produces an incorrect horoscope and therefore the transits to that incorrect horoscope may not work well in forecasting for a person. Clients, even those who have been getting astrology consultations for 20 years, usually find this verification process educational and of interest.

Using GoToMeeting for Your Consultation

NOTE: You do NOT need to have your own paid GoToMeeting account; you will be sent a link to join me online, with no need for your own account, trial subscription, nor paid subscription to GTM.

All Consultations not done in person will be via GoToMeeting Video Conferencing. I give a great deal of precise information, and my goal is always to help my clients get the most out of my consultations. Using GoToMeeting so that you can see my computer screen live and have a recording of my screen and our conversation for your review is the best way for you to get the most out of the consultation. End-to-end encryption is employed for high security. More information on GoToMeeting security and confidentiality practices can be found here.

If you've never used GoToMeeting before, I strongly suggest that you join the GoToMeeting session before your appointment so that we don't waste valuable consultation time trouble-shooting audio issues. You will be sent a custom meeting link in your consultation confirmation email with 3 options to join the meeting (in your web browser - no download, in GoToMeeting, or in the GoToMeeting app).


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“William continues to surprise me; I learn SO MUCH from him! He's open, easy going, intelligent, friendly, has a great sense of humor, etc... and all this comes through when you get a chance to speak with him one-on-one. This is the second MIND-BLOWING consultation I've gotten from him, and while it was totally different from the first one, it was AMAZING in every single way!”
-J.R., Oregon
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Work with your natal transits, be conscious of them. If you ignore them, they will manifest in other ways externally to force you to deal with that aspect's energy and lesson.

Challenging transits met head on, consciously, and proactively offer a more gracious and graceful transformation, though still not necessarily "easy." But wouldn't you rather be prepared.

Knowing how to experience planetary transits with awareness (and acting on that knowledge) helps prevent the following from turning into crisis:

  • Relationship issues
  • Family issues
  • Career and work
  • Health issues
  • "Soul sickness"
  • "Dark night of the soul"

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“Your consult was right on, confirmed what I felt inside, but you also provided excellent advice on practical steps to move in the right direction. Very focused, intelligent, spiritual and practical at the same time. You have my wholehearted endorsement!”
-K.T., Santa Fe, NM
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Knowledge of your transits also helps you increase your productivity and success factor when you are aware of the productive, expanding, elevating transits in your chart.

You will likely simply feel "good" and confident and take steps toward success, but if you know your good transits, you can take advantage of them and ride that wave of expansion and elevation accordingly.


Your Natal Horoscope Gives Insight to Your Innate Desire for Cosmic Expression to Manifest Through You

Your psyche is another element of your human experience. (We may or may not touch on this in your consultations but where you are on your path of individuation is included in the picture.)


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“I am so happy that I made the decision to have my reading. My consultation was extremely helpful and gave me the direction I needed and confirmation as to how, where, and why I was moving forward in my life. You were very easy to listen to and converse with. I felt like I was being given guidance with genuine care and concern. I feel energized to get on with my journey.”
-K.L., Montana

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Achieve Your Goals with Strategic Astrological Guidance

William provides his clients with strategic guidance to achieve their goals, move through challenges gracefully, and make the RIGHT decisions. With vast knowledge of both "real world" circumstances and spiritual truths, William counsels his clients with expertise few astrologers have on the economy and how it affects the client; psychology, the subconscious, and the psyche; metaphysical and transpersonal growth; and effective strategy according to the client’s natal chart, transits, and economic environment.


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“William's breadth and depth of knowledge elevate his readings, and his ability to create realistic solutions and strategies in order for me to achieve my goals is outstanding. ”

-M.G., San Francisco, CA
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