Federal Reserve Analysis

by William Stickevers
August 5, 2009

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Federa lReserve


The Federal Reserve is the central banking system of the United States. It was created by Congress and enacted as the Federal Reserve Act which was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson on December 23, 1913 at 6:02 pm. The Federal Reserve banking system is a quasi government entity that is composed of 13 private member banks. The purpose of the Federal Reserve was to ensure monetary stability, and to prevent bank failures during times of financial panics. In order to achieve control of the nation’s money supply, Congress granted the Federal Reserve the power to print money, regulate the national interest rate, have power over member banks' reserve requirements, and have the power to conduct marketplace operations.  In essence, the Federal Reserve has the power to determine the direction and use of money in the American economy.

Controversy about the Federal Reserve Act of Congress and the establishment of the Federal Reserve banking system existed prior its passage and continues to this day.

The Federal Reserve horoscope can be broken down into the following portents:

  • Mars/Neptune conjunction rising in opposition to Jupiter
  • Sun/Pluto opposition squaring the Aries "World Axis" Midheaven
  • Mercury/Saturn opposition squaring the Nodal Axis
  • The Moon's Via Combusta position
  • The Moon/Mars Mutual Reception by Rulership and Trine

Mars/Neptune Conjunction Rising in Opposition to Jupiter:
Imprudent Ideas, Instability, and Misdirected Power

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Federal Reserve Chart


In the horoscope Mars is rising. Mars is in detriment, retrograde, conjunct Neptune and in opposition to Jupiter.The Mars-Neptune-Jupiter configuration is symbolic with the debate and controversy that existed prior and during the passage to the Federal Reserve Act of Congress. In 1910, plans for the Federal Reserve were drawn up on Jekyll Island, a resort island off the coast of Georgia that was privately owned by a group of billionaire bankers. During this period, the United States faced severe problems with banking in individual states, and voters were demanding reform. But instead, a cartel was created under the guise of a government agency to serve to benefit members of that group.  The Mars-Neptune-Jupiter configuration also signifies disappointments in otherwise fortunate conditions due to imprudent ideas, symbolic of how the Fed’s expansive use of its powers to prop up the financial system as it finds necessary. In general this configuration is an indication of weakness and instability and infers the Fed’s ability to harm through misdirected power.  

Sun/Pluto Opposition Squaring the Aries "World Axis" Midheaven:
"A Powerful and Enigmatic Institution"

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Federal Reserve


The Sun’s rulership of the 2nd house is representative of the Federal Reserve's supervision and control of the nation’s bank monetary resources. The Sun-Pluto-Midheaven configuration signifies a powerful and enigmatic institution that lacks any form of transparency and strives to maintain dominance and control. Interestingly, the Fed is essentially a privately held corporation that consists of member banks whose controlling shareholders remain secret. This setup, backed by government authority, gives the Fed the power to create money and allocate it to whomever they wish, under any terms, with no meaningful oversight or accountability.

Mercury/Saturn Opposition Squaring the Nodal Axis
Long-Term Maniupulation, Corruption

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Federal Reserve


The Mercury-Saturn-Node configuration is symbolic of the staging and application of long-term plans and the manipulation of resources by a dishonest and corrupt group. The Fed essentially acts as the fiscal planning hub for the nation’s ruling elite. Thus, the Mercury-Saturn-Node configuration supports critics’ argument that the Fed’s micro-mismanagement has increased the frequency and severity of periodic recessions by injecting massive amounts of newly created money into credit markets while artificially lowering interest rates, creating economic boom-bust “bubble” cycles that destroy large amounts of wealth through massive malinvestments (on the part of investors who misallocate resources into sub-optimal sectors of the economy) that benefit dishonest bank executives, political operatives, and Wall Street fat cats.

The Moon's Via Combusta Position
Aggressive Expansion Policy

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Federal Reserve


The Moon is in the 5th house of the inception chart which symbolizes the Federal Reserve's open market operations which function to control the value of the U.S. dollar. The Moon’s mutual reception to Mars by rulership and trine supports the Federal Reserve’s expansionary policies of driving the economy. The Moon in mundane astrology rules the common people of a nation. The Fed’s power over the money supply and the value of the nation’s currency has a major impact on the populace. The Moon’s mutual reception to Mars by rulership and trine infers the aggressive expansionary policy of the Fed that driven the American economy since its inception. However, the Moon’s via combusta position (a malefic) is symbolic of the victimization of the American consumer by the Fed’s boom-bust policies which have systematically created inflation as the price of homes, goods, and services continue to rise, outstripping wages  and reducing the standard of living. Historically, inflation has always benefited those with first access to money - that being the governments, the banks, and the wealthy.

The Moon/Mars Mutual Reception by Rulership and Trine

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Federal Reserve


Many Americans today erroneously believe the Fed is part of the national government.  The Fed is neither federal in any governmental sense, nor a reserve of any kind. In fact, the Fed is an ultra-powerful banking autocracy that operates outside of any Constitutional framework, acting as a cartel (Sun-Pluto-Midheaven) to protect large private banks. The Fed’s erroneous and aggressive policies (Mars-Neptune-Ascendant) and lack of supervision of the banking sector (Mars-Neptune-Jupiter) have allowed member banks (who are allowed by the Fed to have only 10% in reserves and lend up to 90%, creating fiat money out of nothing), to gain unwarranted power by allowing them to take outlandish risk while providing undeclared assurance to intervene to resolve any crisis they may have created.


  • The Federal Reserve System operates outside the legal framework of the U.S. Constitution.
  • The Federal Reserve is essentially a private banking cartel that that serves the self-interest of a corrupt and powerful group, that employs a fraudulent banking practice method known as fractional reserve lending.
  • The fallacy of the Federal Reserve System is that it needs to continually expand the money supply, regardless of the ramifications to economic stability, in order to create the facade of growing wealth and prosperity.
  • The Federal Reserve supports policies of inflation (devaluation of the currency) that benefits those groups with first access to money: governments, banks, and the wealthy elite.
  • The monetization (the creation of money out of thin air without the necessity of production) of the money supply by the Federal Reserve is ruinous for the nation’s market economy.