KABOOM! August 21st Total Solar Eclipse Forecast

August 20, 2017

Learn how this Total Solar Eclipse will galvanize social unrest and geopolitical conflict; accelerate and intensify the culminating Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square Alignment; impact Central Banks policies, interest rates, the U.S. dollar, the U.K. pound, the Chinese renminbi, and the euro; and much more.




Recorded Live: April 2, 2017

Areas Across the Globe Where We Can Anticipate the Powerful and Volatile Archetypal Earthquakes and Shifts That Are Likely to Occur Over the Forthcoming Astrological New Year, and more.



with Theodore White, Matthew Stelzner, and William Stickevers

Recorded Live: March 18, 2017

Aries Ingress 2017 Forecast by three world-class Mundane and Archetypal Astrologers.

The Astrological New Year, based on traditional sources, starts when the Sun Ingresses into the Sign of Aries. 
"... the true time from whence judgement is to be raised for the exact knowledge and predicting of future natural events in the Elements for any year, is when the Sun enters the first point or minute of Aries." 
- William Ramesey, Astrology Restored, 1653


based on the Planetary Cyclic Index and Leading Mundane Astrology Indicators

Recorded Live: January 1, 2017

Get the First Look at the Global Forecast for 2017 by the Mundane Astrologer who

  • Accurately Predicted the Outcome of the U.S. General Election
  • Has an 87% Accurate Track Record for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Primary Elections

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"A tour de force of non-stop 3-hour commentary on historical cycles, the planetary cyclic index, Trump’s first term as next U.S. President, and the blackbox forecast for the top 10 major power countries, as well as a host of other very important topics for our times. Whew! Good stuff. I came away with a better understanding of why Trump is the vehicle for change, like him or not."
-G.V. (California)

"Mind blowing. Thank you for such a wide and specific overview. Your historical references were eye-opening."
-N.R. (Hawaii)

"Wow is all I can say... The amount of information was amazing. It was so well researched and organized... brilliant."
-D.K. (California)

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