Military Discount

Special offers for Active Military and Veterans, with gratitude and appreciation.


REQUIRED: Verify your military/veteran status here.
You will be able to verify your status with a .mil email address or by uploading an appropriate ID.
Upon verification, you will receive a confirmation email.
Forward the confirmation email to to receive a discount code for the products and services below.


15% off consultations. Periodic raffles for a free consultation.

Strategic guidance and precise information to achieve your personal and business goals, move through challenges gracefully, and make the RIGHT decisions.

Astrology Reports

15% off astrology reports.
Written insight into your natal chart, forecast reports for personal and business focus, compatibility, and more.


50% off webinars.

Online presentations on significant astrological events and how they are likely to play out on the world stage.
"You're the only truly objective astrologer I've found in a long search about what is going on in the real world, and I've been looking for a long time."


20% off astrology classes.

Taught live in a small group setting online. 
“William is a fountain of esoteric, economic, historical, and political knowledge about the world situation -- past, present & future. [His classes are] unlike any other astrology class I have ever taken, and I have taken many."

Astrological Talismans

20% off astrological talismans.

Astrological Talismans are powerful transformational tools that can be used to align yourself more closely to your natal horoscope, to live a more authentic and fulfilling life from a more elevated consciousness. 


10% off paraliminals.

Peak Performance, Deep Relaxation, Anxiety-Free, and more. Break-through technologies of neuro-linguistic programming and whole brain learning coupled with over two decades of research and field work by Paul R. Scheele, founder of Learning Strategies Corporation.

Custom Astrological Flower Essence Blends

20% off custom astrological flower essence blends.

Custom Flower Essence Blends according to your natal chart to support you during challenging planetary transits, progressions, and transformational crisis.


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