Astrology Consultations

Personal and Business Consultations

Straight-forward, no-nonsense, strategic counsel with expert knowledge of astrological trends and transits both for the world and in your natal chart and/or the chart of your business. Walk away with a plan to navigate these uncertain times to create a successful outcome.

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Horary Consultations

Get specific answers to a specific question, no natal horoscope required. Horary is a specialized application of astrology that answers questions by using the time of birth of a question, rather than the birth of a person by judging the strength, position and aspects of the planets at the time of a serious question. The horary astrologer can accurately judge the corresponding events here on Earth. 

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AstroLocality Consultations

Discover empowering directions or locations that correspond to the planetary positions in your natal chart at that point on earth to procure new business, meet a lover, get a job, or relocate to improve the quality of your life.

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