The past does not equal the future...

IF you have a plan.

Time since the Mayan Calendar End Date
(December 21, 2012)

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"The truth will set you free, but at first, you will hate it."
~Dr. Steven Greer


We are in a full-blown geopolitical crisis.
Where are we going from here?

"William Stickevers on the Financial Crisis Happening Now & Astrology"
"Planet Soul" Radio Show with Heather Horton
July 4, 2014

"World Events, Astrological Alignments, & the New Renaissance with William Stickevers"
"The Best People We Know" Radio Show with Deb Scott
May 20, 2014

"I think everything you're saying is something
that needs to be heard by the public.

-Alan Steinfeld of "New Realities"

Second Stage of the Cardinal Cross, Third Stage To Come
"New Realities" Radio Show with Alan Steinfeld
April 22, 2014

"We the People" and the Stars - 2013 Video Series

In June 2013 I participated in an online astrology event with "We the People" and the Stars hosted by Nick Anthony Fiorenza. Nine other astrologers and I each gave a live presentation on the future of the United States for those attending the online broadcast. Video recordings of each presentation were made.

My presentation "The Economic and Political Future of the United States based on the Barbault Cyclic Planetary Index " is available here. You can also purchase the collection of video presentations from the entire event.

"I believe what you're seeing is the breaking down and death of an old paradigm, and a new system that is struggling to emerge, that is being birthed, at the same time. What we're dealing with is a collective psycho-spiritual death-rebirth process, but we're seeing more of the death than the birth."
-From the "We the People" and the Stars presentation by William Stickevers

Watch an overview of the online event here.
William Stickevers video presentation on We the People and the Stars 2013 Video Series





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