Astrology Consultations - Strategic Actionable Advice

Small Group Reading for 2018
January 21

Make the Most of the New Year - Strategic Actionable Advice in a Small Group Setting
  • A big decision about Business / Career / Relationship / Health
  • “Should I take my career/business in this new direction?
  • When should I start this project?” (NOTE: This is not an election for the exact time to begin)
  • “How will this project go?
  • etc.

Personal Astrology Consultations

Straight-forward, no-nonsense, strategic counsel with expert knowledge of astrological trends and transits both for the world and in your natal chart and/or the chart of your business.

Walk away with a plan to navigate these uncertain times to create a successful outcome.

Strategic Guidance and Precise Information  to Achieve Your Goals,  Move Through Challenges Gracefully,  and Make the RIGHT Decisions.

Depression Era Self-Defense Consultation

As the nation sinks deeper into recession, there is tremendous pressure being exerted on ordinary Americans as job losses increase, housing foreclosures accelerate, and housing prices quickly rise. Using both classical ancient techniques and modern astrological applications for delineation, the Depression Era Self-Defense Consultation will address how much you will be affected by the global economic crisis and provide specific strategies to proactively deal with it over the next several years.


“I had never met an astrologer that I had much confidence in, that I felt was truly competent. William is the real deal. Having worked with him for several sessions now, I consider him a trusted advisor. He has a wealth of knowledge which he freely shares and has helped me with some significant decisions. I truly respect his counsel.”
-R.M., Illinois


“Your consult was right on, confirmed what I felt inside, but you also provided excellent advice on practical steps to move in the right direction. Very focused, intelligent, spiritual and practical at the same time.”
-K.T., New Mexico

“The 'Go To' Astrologer. I am sending all my clients who want an astrologer to William. He has been a great help to me in my strategic life and business planning. I am a successful spiritual medium with 1,000 clients on wait list, but it's not so easy to read for myself. That's why I trust William. Proven results and compassionate, direct style.”
-Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium


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“The most remarkable astrologer I have ever discovered... branching out into all sorts of important subjects from history and religion to current events and future trends of our global tides and currents. Keep up the good work.” -J.T.

“I have been following you closely for some time now and your accuracy never ceases to amaze me. You are certainly gifted...” -R.B.





“One of the few public voices that is openly willing to talk about what is actually in process concerning the EU and its impending contraction.” -M.S.